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I never really thought about it till I was awakened in April this year during my journey to enlightenment on 26th November I realised that my high self was giving me all the answers and in a previous life I had all ready reached enlightenment.I was told that I am a reincarnation of NIKOLA TESLAR and he had found a way of being reincarnated to help mankind with end times and to show me how to make creation using geometrics and teleconesis.Can anybody tell me if they have had a similar experiences to mine I find it strange to believe I am the only person to be like this,had been told by meny clairvoyant and mediums that this true they seem to have more knowledge than I do but say that end times could be altered its not set in stone.Im told it won't be the suns solar plasma eruption that destroys earth but more like Americas deadly death ray which was stolen from NICOLA TESLAR when he came to his shortened life and was killed this is more about eugenics and depopulation than any other theory

asked 24 Dec '15, 05:51

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Every awakening is unique...embrace it...

(25 Dec '15, 22:09) Roy

After studying reincarnation in much more detail have noticed that there are already a few people claiming to be a reincarnation of NIKOLA tesla which shocked me but after carefully looking in to them they look much more likely to be unlike me after careful consideration the only conclusion I could come up with is since I had been enlightened I must have some how gained some knowledge of him maybe I new him in past life must be some reason for the information I have.Ps might become clear 1 day!

(31 Dec '15, 17:29) Gurutony55

Can you describe your state of enlightement, please? Can it be said that you reached the buddha state?

(09 Jan '16, 11:08) Marin

I have had unraveling of the mind wonderful feeling hard to sleep for the first week I think this week have came to learn that Nicola tesla was just to take notice of my past lives I no I'm not reincarnation of him but did discover that in last past life I died at 17 not sure if it was suicide but I drowned learnt a lot from meditation music for past life ,I know where he lived his name and what school he had attended and name and he died in 1977 I was born in 1978 I think he was nice person

(09 Jan '16, 16:23) Gurutony55

I am going to retry the meditation again to get more information as I got disturbed half way through,I started meditation music to become more clairvoyant as I was at a younger age but it scared me then but over come the fear in September 2014 and started to unlock my chakras I didn't know anything about awakening or reaching enlightenment it just happened but think my past life have been taken over me a bit in way maybe more him than me we are similar in ways but only discovered this lately

(09 Jan '16, 16:32) Gurutony55

Yes, but how does it feel to be enlightened? do you see the world differently?

(10 Jan '16, 07:08) Marin

Yes when enlighten I see the beauty in life it self before I would look a tree and just think it's just a tree but now I see the beauty in its purpose to exist and also the beauty in myself I now take more care of myself but when reaching enlightenment gain a lot more knowledge of life can now answer questions that I never new the answer to I've now become one with everything

(10 Jan '16, 08:48) Gurutony55
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Do I believe in reincarnation? I don't even give it second thought. What comes, comes, what I need to do exists NOW!


answered 25 Dec '15, 15:33

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all of nature is cyclic,
as she nurtures human
unfoldment, a series of
incarnations are standard


answered 31 Dec '15, 14:35

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. I will try to answer your question by approaching it from two significantly different perspectives, the 'human' perspective vs. the 'souls'.

Human beings do not reincarnate. Souls reincarnate. You are a soul, a non-physical 'energy essence personality'* that exists primarily in a reality not limited by the constraints of time and space. As souls, we make a choice to incarnate within constructs of time and space. We do it for the experience, for educational purposes, for the challenges, and mostly just for fun. We generally have a specific intent and purpose each time, usually related to our "soul" maturing processes. This maturing is probably the same process that human religions refer to as 'enlightenment'. When in our natural soul state, we will no longer think of ourselves as human beings. It is also unlikely that we will continue to think of ourselves as Christians, Buddhists, Hindus or party to any other human "ism".

You will, however, share with every other soul what can be summed up in the phrase "I am". From the non-physical perspective of the soul the timeline that, as humans, we see as past, present, and future might be (metaphorically) seen as a sort of cosmic spiral staircase stretching infinitely in every direction within various modalities of space. The soul sees this structure in its entirety with each step dated and teeming with living creatures, human and otherwise. The soul thus has a vast array of "places" and "times" to choose from, to experience, and to play in, all at the same 'time' which, from the souls perspective, is always the ever present now.

As a soul, I Am, and I alone create the reality that I perceive whether it be through human eyes or the vibrational patterns of energy in non-physical environments. With my thoughts, my beliefs and brushes of emotion, I paint my life and my reality on a canvas of time and space.

At some point, the souls' energy level becomes too great for a single human body to contain. It can, however, send portions of its energy into various "bodies" whereby it becomes an "oversoul" existing simultaneously in any number of realities, worlds, dimensions, and "time zones". This is currently the best explanation I can offer. I would only add one thing to consider about the concept of enlightenment and your expressed concerns related to this

"According to Buddhism, Hinduism, Hermeticism, and other religions/beliefs, a human being breaks from the cycle of birth and death once he/she attains enlightenment....How is it ever possible for its existence to depend upon whether I reach enlightenment ... if I become enlightened, after the death .... does it mean that my "future" incarnation, which exists Now in some other dimension, would stop existing after I become enlightened?"

These religions are simply organized sets of beliefs. They are all valid in and of themselves; however, they will only affect your personal reality if you choose to adopt them individually or as a whole. That is your choice. By accepting these ideas as your own, they will become, for you, what Bashar calls a "permission slip". You will be giving yourself permission to leave this cycle of reincarnation provided you reach some undefined state of enlightenment which will likely require a massive amount of commitment on your part in this life or the next, or the next, or the next..... Personally, I'd suggest learning what you can from present day teachers such as Seth, (Jane Roberts) Basher, (Daryl Anke) and Abraham (Esther Hicks).


answered 09 Jan '16, 16:59

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I agree with what you have said don't have any belief in any religion I think that religion is only there to get you on a path to enlightenment now I have reached enlightenment I just believe in god but not as human more of energy like all living things,I have been researching basher and other great teachers which gave me the conclusion that I've been living more of a previous life and living his way and not the way I would like foods I eat would I never used to and my ways have changed

(10 Jan '16, 04:24) Gurutony55

Have already looked in to putting an end to having this past life being so present by looking in to this past life to put it to rest and just go back to my ways thanks for all comments

(10 Jan '16, 04:28) Gurutony55

our reality contains what we decided once upon a time, besides current desires, both form future possibilities. yet each soul has a destiny and free will

(11 Jan '16, 18:17) fred
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