I've always wondered if reincarnation is true then what have famous people from history reincarnated as in present time? For example what did Hitler come back as? and want about Alexander the Great etc. It would be really neat if one could actually track the path of rebirth and see how the whole story unfolds.

I know many nutters think they are some famous personality or the other reincarnated but do you know of any such exapmles having emerged from proven past life regression sessions?

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I Think Therefore I Am

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This same question popped in my mind yesterday!!!!! My further line of thoughts were about, if Mahatma Gandhi and Vivekananda were reborn, they must have been born to be better than what they were in the previous birth. In that case, where are they? How come we havent heard of such big statured people there after?(Though possible that my knowledge is limited.) Look forward to other's comments.

(16 Aug '10, 07:15) AVBhat 1

In those two cases and those of other highly evolved people, maybe they will not reincarnte,maybe they go further and upwards in the spirit life, passing down thier teachings through "channels"

(18 Aug '10, 16:34) evelyn

There is a movie out called Kundun. It is about the rencarnation of the present Dali Lama. Proably my favorite movie ever...

(14 Apr '17, 09:55) Roy
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I became interested in Reincarnation many years ago and there are cases that seem to be documented cases. The Pattern that interested me was when a life was cut short then there seems to be a Spontaneous remembrance of the last life. I read somewhere that the soul takes a 40 year rest sleep then comes the review. Then the next experience is preset, before reincarnation and forgetfulness. Historic figures! Only Edward Cayce. I would be doubtful of great Noble, Moral personalities reincarnated in a lesser consciousness. Here is the best documented case. There is currently a case similar to the one below in America.

Spontaneous Past Life Recall

The internationally acclaimed Shanti Devi case is one of the most spectacular cases in the history of spontaneous past life recall. This was a case in India that began in 1930, long before Dr Stevenson began doing his own research. However, he did review the case from the available extensive documented information and stated that Shanti Devi made at least 24 accurate statements of her memories which matched confirmed facts (Reincarnation International, Jan. 1994 No 1 Lon).

At the age of four in 1930 in Delhi, India, Shanti Devi began to mention certain details about clothes, food, people, incidents, places which surprised her parents. Briefly, Shanti mentioned the following which were later verified to be true. She:

• identified herself as Lugdi who used to live in Muttra, 128 kilometres away • spoke the dialect of that area without having learned it • claimed to have given birth to a son and died ten days later, events which it was later found did happen to Lugdi • when taken to Muttra recognized her husband of her former life, Kedar Nath, and spoke of many things they did together • was able to identify with accuracy a number of landmarks where she used in live in the previous life in Muttra • was able to correctly state how the furniture was placed when she used to live there in her home • knew that in her former life where she had hidden 150 rupees in an underground corner of a room for safe keeping in the house. The husband of the previous life, Kedar Nath, confirmed that although the money was not there he was responsible for taking it himself • correctly identified Lugdi's former parents from a large crowd.

This case was so impressive to the authorities that a committee of prominent persons, which included a prominent politician, a lawyer and a managing director of a newspaper, was formally organized to investigate it. The committee was more than satisfied that Shanti knew things that she could not have obtained knowledge about by cheating, fraud or in any illegitimate way. None of the members of the committee knew Shanti or had any connection with her in any way whatsoever. Their definitive verdict was in very clear terms that all the evidence was conclusive proof of reincarnation.

The case became internationally known and attracted the attention of many, many sociologists and writers. For example, in the 1950s a Swedish writer, Sture Lonnerstrand, traveled to India to meet Shanti Devi and to continue to investigate for himself the documented facts. He too came to an irreversible conclusion that the Shanti Devi case is a foolproof case for reincarnation (Reincarnation International, Jan. 1994 No 1 Lon).


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There's a couple of fairly fundamental issues to consider when asking/answering this question that one could argue could make this question quite tricky, if not almost impossible, to answer.

  1. Consciousness is a stream, not a clump

  2. All the lives you are projecting yourself into are happening at the same time. Past, present and future are all happening now. Linear time as we experience it in our ever-shifting physical reality is just how we are choosing to unravel all those different perspectives. And there is no reason why you cannot experience future lives before past ones. It's a little bit analogous to sitting at home with a pile of DVD movies to watch. All of those movies have already happened but you can choose what order you wish to view them to make any of them your now reality...or you can view bits at a time...it's all a matter of personal choice from your broader perspective. Linear time only exists on the physical plane.

Bearing in mind what I've said above, Abraham have stated on a few occasions that the consciousnesses currently streaming into Jerry Hicks, Esther Hicks and their daugther all used to make up the consciousness known as Samuel Adams in a previous incarnation, though I've never heard Abraham say that there were not also others involved in that personality.


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Your point No:2 is hard to comprehend though I have heard it explain before as outside of lineal time. Point one that consciousness is a stream. Are people like connecting to the Mass Consciousness and downloading experiences, thoughts, feelings,and memories that other souls may have had?

(16 Aug '10, 15:22) G16

I'm sure you've heard the cliche about we are all one? I would say, at some level, it is literally true.

(17 Aug '10, 08:37) Stingray

I remember an episode of Twilight's Zone where this Klu-Klux-Klan guy gets killed somehow. He wakes up to find all his Klan buddies around him. He is happy to see them until he realizes they are yelling, "There he is! Get him!" He finds out these friends are now his worst nightmare as they are going to hang him for being black. He realizes he is now black and tries begging them as the man he just killed was begging him. Of course they just laugh as they say string him up! He dies again and wakes up in Germany, Hitler is the ruler he feels at least he is now with people that understand him, but wait he finds out real quick that he is not a German, he is a Jew! Again he is chased and hunted as he tries to show he is one of them! He even agrees with them but not him, all those other Jews! Again he realized yes they are coming for him, the men he used to so admire and agree with!

I think if Hitler were to reincarnate, he would be something like this Twilight's Zone episode. He would feel very judged and prosecuted for being different than those that persecute him.


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Wade Casaldi

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There is a good video about how each of us reincarnates at different calibrations of energy when we are born (Inferring that we all come here at different levels of consciousness/challenges) http://youtu.be/tZVSXXeq-38

I was fascintated listening to that lecture. Its by this guy who wrote a book called power vs force and its actually really awesome, it explains so much about the world

I guess a second part to my answer is that a few months ago I set up a meeting with the Channeler Rob (For TREB bor yit ne) and I can say when treb described to me some of my past lives- it wasn't so much the imagery and the content of them that shocked me but the fact that the main challenges of my past lives were basically residual- and I left those past lives having not fully healed some of the challenges, and actually they WERE still the main challenges of my present life- in a way that was very precise and uncanny. It was almost like talking to someone who I had never met before and he understood my whole history and exactly the issues I have been trying to grow through in this current life.


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Barry Allen ♦♦

I've had several past life readings and when I got to a "chronological gap", I asked for a reading of the life from about 1710 to 1785. I wasn't consciously aware of this, but it came back that I was Frederick the Great. Even though I am female in this life, I do have a resemblance to him. Also, I've had past life memories since I was a baby, mostly of Cornwall but also one (which didn't make sense until I had the reading) being in a spacious building in a cold country and having a good friend who was a soldier (von Katte, if you know the story). A man I've known for over 4 years was von Katte, and he bears a strong resemblance to him. Going back to being a young child, I also "remembered" Voltaire, although at the time wasn't aware who it was. I've contacted 2 past-life regressionists/authors about this and the next step is for me to go for an actual hypnotic regression, then somehow go public with the details. Frederick kept Italian greyhounds; before I knew this, an unusual set of events led me to my cat, Suzi (a rescue cat) and an animal psychic told me that she had once been with me as "another animal, but not a cat or a human". I always put something on her when I think she's cold and I only recently found out that Frederick said "throw a quilt over her" when one of the greyhounds was shivering. Don't take any notice of people who say Hitler was Frederick the Great- I can assure you that this is not true!!


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I can remember befor I was born ofcourse something very devestating maybe I was murdered or just afraid to die but not sure I remeber that terriffiying feeling like afraid to die then like in another second that all went away and everthing made sense then..... everything id ever known family, memmories, was being erased as I was pulled out of my moms stomach. That feeling.... id have night terrors till I was 7 . Im 25 and will still cry if I see a kids crying at night I mean like that they say you don't remember but the some of us rememeber some-some of the time. Funny thing is I question it so much most of the time I call myself a non-believer but I'm looking the stuff up Android it says he'll give you a second chance to be educated on him so I think iv been reincarnated. I need more info on this I v got a couple bad habits do you but wow that would really stink if I did worse the second time around! Omg my daughters father is I totally make fun of him all the time calling him a holy roller and a bible thumber I think he's going to be a preacher when he gets out in 2016 hmm maybe that was god's. He definetly looks down on the Crystal Meth but if it got the girl that got the guy who did the crime so now the time so he could be a preacha and a teacha momma how ta not burn up.... okay our kid is a bible thumper to naturally?? I sent her to vbs by herself for abe. And myself I'm not the antichrist I just feel like the church might fall down or some people might recognize me. Do you see I am a gemini also to? So if there's a god there must be astro dude. And my daughter is probably your grandfather lol I seriously think as I was losing my memory/punished blessed possibly I probly was guy And jesus was probably telling me your gonna be a chick And I didn't want to be maybe he told me I had to give birth because there was definetly a sick twisted I am not capable, demented feeling in the (I. Backspaced to far I cnt place a wor there now) hmm but yeah some 37 year old mexican woman died on my birthday I am not against but definetly not for! I'm still stuck at like 15-16 and. I'm 25 so that's not me I'm definetly nice. Hmm. Everyone says I'm very odd they make me feel odd its odd in a good way so thy say; ) right but I don't really take anything seriously cept my babe a you know.


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The most interesting one i've heard was a man from texas that he had gone through periods were he was convinced he use to be picasso. The guy is in his mid thirties now and runs a cattle ranch. Spends a lot of time sorting young bulls. One of his former ranch hands now works for my grandfather and says the guy speaks spanish from Spain. but if you correct him he will make a consorted effort to respond in our tex mex. The story gets stranger though. as his grandfather (now passed) used to speak of being Akbar the great. and would recognize soldiers souls in the cattle. But getting back to the guy that might have been picasso. He apparently does make art and did go to a school for it NY. I have friend from Long Island that satisfied my curiosity and tracked the school down and some of his teachers in hope of seeing some of this guys work. Apparently he had kept this picasso thing a secret. All the teachers knew who he was...(maybe a small school) Most teachers were quite impressed with his talents, and they spoke of him a rather as an enigma. The teachers were most impressed with his foreign language abilities. On the internet i couldn't find to many photos of him or his work...but his girlfriend/wife sure does look like marie therease walter, one of picasso's mistresses.


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It is interesting that you quote Shanti Dev from Ian Stevenson's book Twenty Cases Suggestive of reincarnation. But you also don't state that Ian Stevenson himself was never convinced that he had "proven" reincarnation occurs. And the reason is simple. He found anomalies. Now non-scientists will pick on one case to claim their point proven, but a scientist will see a single anomaly and know that until it is explained, they have not proven anything.

Funny enough that very book has the anomaly. It is the boy Jaspir. At age three and a half he became very ill and recovered to claim that he was now Sobha Ram. Great? No because they traced Sobha Ram and he died when Jasper was three and a half. Ergo they lived contemporaneously. So what caused this? Ian Stevenson had no idea, but I do know. Its spirit possession, and far moe common than you might think. (I have had cases of spirit possession myself.) And if you read my book that covers this very case, plus every different "proof" of reincarnation that I have come across (not cases - issues such as the young Dali Lama and so forth) you may begin to see that there are good answers to all these things. My book is called "Is Reincarnation an Illusion" and it represents over 15 years research.


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