I've heard of the power of working with intention or pure intention and was wondering if I could use the daily tasks I dread as a prayer or healing session. I understand the part about aligning with your true self, but I would like to know if there is a way to clear energy even when I'm busy doing something important such as work, studies, chores ect...

I would like to change the way I see and look at work. I wish I could see the purpose in everything. I know it's there.

Somehow I've become obsessed with the energy healing methods because of the peace and clarity that follows.

I would like to know if there is way to clear energy while doing something that requires a lot of attention. I was thinking something along the lines of meditation or mindfulness of the task at hand.

Who knows maybe productivity could become a hobby.

I understand the importance of letting go and surrender and you probably don't have to take action at all, but I was wondering if this method of work as meditation with intention could bring results just as fast.

I think this would work for people who want to have more active lives:

1.set the intention/create your own lane

2.take action & trust yourself in the present moment

3.Surrender the outcome

4.Act on inspiration as it comes

5.Appreciate the beauty around you.

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Hi @TheCreativeOne I'm writing in this "clear" space onto which I'm projecting my energy in the form of symbols, allowing my thoughts to be expressed :)

(06 Feb '16, 00:58) jaz

My two cents: Sounds like you are really intrigued by this stuff so here is a test for you:

Join a real life community, social circle or meet an energy healer practitioner. You will learn considerably more through that mode compared to an online forum. If you end up doing something like that, then the test serves to see if you are really serious about learning this sort of stuff.

If not its probably just an idle fascination that will serve its job of entertaining you.

(11 Feb '16, 09:46) Nikulas
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I would like to know if there is way to clear energy while doing something that requires a lot of attention

I don't use tasks to clear energy but I certainly use tasks every day as a way of raising vibrations...which effectively negates the need to "clear energy" in that moment.

After all, you don't need to shovel the darkness out of a room before you turn on the light :)

alt text

The idea behind this approach is that there is an invisible vibrational thread connecting all the tasks on your To-Do list. If you follow the thread by doing the things you feel the most enthusiastic about doing in any moment, you get the physical things done that really need to be done physically and you simultaneously set up synchronistic events that allow what you want to flow more easily to you.

I always find it fascinating how, for example, something I don't feel like doing but need to do (because of deadline situations I've got myself into) can generate no enthusiasm at all for it at one point during the day and yet at another point in the day, I feel totally inspired and enthused to engage with the same task.

In this way, tasks that you dread (your word) can become tasks you enjoy just by following that invisible thread of enthusiasm/excitement, which basically means just following the guidance of your bigger/broader Self.

Here's the method I'm talking about: How can I become more disciplined and consistent in whatever I do?

You'll need to try the approach out for a few days at least (a week or two would be better) to give your vibrational sensors a chance to reset themselves and start interpreting physical tasks as excuses for alignment rather than excuses for hard physical action (which may or may not lead somewhere of value).

If you are really interested in delving deeper, Bashar talks about these ideas in more detail in a recent seminar called The Formula.

See if that approach gives you any insights into your own situation :)


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Thank You for this answer.

(06 Feb '16, 11:58) TheCreativeOne

@Stingray, thank you so very much both for this answer, and the one by the link! Exactly what I've been thinking about! :)

(11 Feb '16, 09:41) Olga Farber

@Olga Farber - You're welcome :)

(17 Feb '16, 17:33) Stingray

@Stingray Some time ago you asked, "What does the phrase 'Take it as far as you can' mean?". I would like to know what your own answer would be today. I'm still not sure what Bashar means by that. In "The Formula" he says that one should exhaust the exciting task at hand by using all of one's skills and imagination.

(18 Apr '16, 21:41) releaser99

That doesn't make much sense to me since I could, for example, go for a walk (if that excites me at the moment) for hours... or longer if I took a bottle of water with me. How does one define the point of exhaustion? I've used intuition before to decide when it's ready to switch tasks but I would like to know what you think it means.

(18 Apr '16, 21:42) releaser99

@releaser99 - "How does one define the point of exhaustion" - According to Bashar (in that video/audio), even if you haven't felt an overwhelming urge to switch tasks, your physical reality will find ways to prevent you taking further action on the task. So in your example of walking, your mobile phone may ring and you may need to be somewhere else. Or you may be distracted by something else and decide to forego the rest of the walk. But while you are walking and nothing stands in...

(19 Apr '16, 12:10) Stingray

@releaser99 - ...your way, you just keep walking :) I was highly skeptical that this sort of "keep going until you can't go anymore" idea would work but - having been bashed into being open-minded over the years :) - I started giving it a try some months ago and I've been impressed with the results in my own life compared to just intuitive task-switching. I implement the approach using the Pomodoro Technique so that I stay mentally sharp/alert over long periods of concentrated effort on...

(19 Apr '16, 12:14) Stingray

@releaser99 - ...one activity. I even do vibrational work this way now. It's been months now since I've been doing this and I'm quite happy to continue doing things this way. This is one of those situations that (for me, at least) I was sure wouldn't work before trying it. So I've been pleasantly surprised :)

(19 Apr '16, 12:16) Stingray

@Stingray Thanks, that's interesting and sounds "counter-intuitive" :). So you let some kind of synchronicity tell you when to stop. What about when using the Pomodoro Technique and feeling resistance building up after 17 minutes? Do you stop right there or would you "exhaust" the task for another 8 minutes (and longer) until it's done or until some synchronicity tells you to stop?

(19 Apr '16, 14:15) releaser99

@releaser99 - "So you let some kind of synchronicity tell you when to stop" - What I also do (most of the time) is that during the breaks, I do a One Moment Meditation for a few minutes and often lying down. If something else should take priority before the next pomo starts, I usually get an intuitive nudge during that or slightly afterwards.

(20 Apr '16, 03:14) Stingray

@releaser99 - "What about when using the Pomodoro Technique and feeling resistance building up after 17 minutes?" - It doesn't seem to happen that way. After doing enough pomos, you just get into the mental habit of not even questioning what you're doing for 25 minutes. It's only during the breaks that you open up to a higher-level view again. (And, of course, pomos are just a more controlled and defined version of Abraham's "Segment Intending" technique)

(20 Apr '16, 03:21) Stingray

@Stingray That's very enlightening, thank you. All in all, it sounds like something I was doing some time ago (i.e. working in focused chunks of time + short meditations) without fully understanding the dynamics behind it. Now that it's clear, I'm going to do that again. Thank you.

(20 Apr '16, 08:28) releaser99
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Hi :)

I think there is something in your suggestion to use the work activity as a meditation, especially when it requires lots of focus. Yet it may depend on, what relationship you developed with this work activity.

But I think you answered your question yourself, kind of. When you do your energy work, even a bit, before the activity you engage in, then you'll be able to appreciate the beauty while you're doing the work.

You can also mind your thoughts during the activity itself, choosing those that feel a bit better.

To do the energy work before and to have in mind some better feeling thoughts you don't need to apply too much effort in finding, you could use my new book, 33 thoughts to feel better.

Be happy :)


answered 05 Feb '16, 05:41

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Olga Farber

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