Sometimes, I get the impression here on Inward Quest that some people think that with manifesting, one gets something for nothing...Just believe, and poof! You receive!

I don't know about this! It seems to me that "God helps those who help themselves"; in other words, I am not so sure that the Universe is truly wired to dole out something for nothing.

I have a real-life example to share: A young couple I know decided that if they went to California's Silicon Valley, that they would get jobs that made great money and hit it big-time. They truly and honestly put everything into this dream. So they climbed on a bus, and traveled 3,000 miles to California, got off the bus, and within a week, they were reduced to living in a donated tent on the street. It seems that the folks in Silicon Valley were not open to the idea of hiring a guy who said he was a whiz on computers, but never bothered to finish high school, had no college degree in Information Technology, or had never, ever held down a job...(Minor details, it seems!).

Why else would there be sayings such as, "Being in the right place at the right time" or even, "All it would take is a little elbow grease and it would be as good as new"???

I have been plugging away at my college degree, one course at a time, since 2007. I am pleased to say that I will graduate in May 2012...I only have four classes left. I have written a paper a week for five years! That works out to be some 250,000 words... (Here's the math: 5 years of papers, at 50 weeks a year, times 1,000 words a paper...Just in case you think I am kidding...) That is about the equivalent of five good-sized novels. I am NOT trying to pat myself on the back; my point is this: if I wished and wished for a college degree as hard as I could, truly believed and waited, the Universe would have laughed in my face.

So: Where does all this fit in with Manifestation??? Stingray? Help!

Blessings as Usual,


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God gives us what we want but we need to be prepared. We need to look at what we want and see if there is a balance of what we want and our ability to have what we want.

Example: I want to win a gold medal in the Olympics for shooting pool. For one thing I think pool is not an event in the Olympics, the second thing I never played much pool! So as I want this manifestation I must first learn how to play pool well. As I learn to play pool well, I gain the skill necessary that I could win a gold medal shooting pool!

Now I look at my skills my training is it balanced with my want? Well I have worked my way for years up to be a master pool player but there is still the issue of "Pool is not an Olympic event." But I have this manifestation, I believe can be so I gain training in politics and committees and boards and finely join others in working to get pool recognized as an Olympic event! I see this I believe it I pray about it believing and acting on it and work with others until Pool becomes an Olympic event!

Now I look at my training, is it balanced with my want, YES! All the pieces are in perfect balance I am now in position to complete the dream I had for all those years to win that first gold medal in shooting pool! I have prayed and believed and acted as though I had received in full faith I have celebrated and thanked God for making this happen.

Now everything is set the training is balanced with the desire, the pieces can fall into place and I now know what to do with those pieces. I compete with full confidence knowing I had won this medal thousands of times already in rehearsal this moment. Everything is set I compete and win that gold medal!

This is happening right now for someone, Pool is being pushed to be an Olympic event and I'll bet those pushing want to be the first to win for the United States, England, Japan all countries that play Pool or Billiards.

The most important thing is is the training balanced with the desire?

Listen to the "Your Wish is Your Command" cd set by Kevin Trudeau.


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Wade Casaldi

wade we should go play pool one day.

(20 Nov '11, 04:35) white tiger

Lol agreed, it would be fun White Tiger. :-)

(20 Nov '11, 05:13) Wade Casaldi

Great answer Wade.

(20 Nov '11, 11:38) Paulina 1
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Hi Jai, not long now and you will be the proud owner of a degree. Pat yourself on your back girl for you have worked hard and deserve this degree. You have in fact manifested the circumstances leading to this degree as you went along but yes a person can't just sit on their behind and wish and wish and wish for all the wishing in the world wont get you there unless you get up and go for it.

Inspiration moves us to action and every little forward move that we manifest (certain people that can help, certain benovalance and circumstances) bring us that bit closer to our goal. You have workes hard for yours and it will be all the sweeter and dearer to you when you finaly hold that degree in your hand. Good for you for now you have become an example for all who want to follow in your footsteps.


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Paulina 1

Sweet answer! <blush> Thank you...It has been a lot of very hard work! Bless you!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(20 Nov '11, 12:49) Jaianniah

It depends on what it is you want and what you believe about it and about having it. With your example of wanting a degree, first, you have to ask, what is a degree? Well, it is something that you earn by taking classes. Then you ask how does one usually get that? In this case by taking classes and earning it. The only other way to get a degree is to get an honorary degree. An honorary degree is given to someone who has a life accomplishment that allows them to "challenge the class" so to speak. They didn't take the classes, but they did something in life that was found equally worthy of the degree. So you then decide if it's the college education that you want, or the honorary degree. If it is the education that you want, the you take the route of taking classes to earn the degree. So now what you are manifesting is going to class. What stands in your way? Money? Desire to do the work? Then that is what you are manifesting is the money to go to college. So you have to get to the actual target of manifestation to know what you are manifesting. You need the money to go to college, if you don't have any limiting beliefs boom you get a full ride scholarship. Did you have to apply for the scholarship? It depends on your beliefs. Maybe you are so good at manifesting, that people will offer you scholarships. Find your limiting beliefs, fears, etc... Eliminate them with EFT, focus blocks, etc...If you decide to go with the honorary degree, then you have to look at what you have done that would qualify you for one. What stands in your way? Belief that you are worthy of one? What if you decided that you were going to get an honorary degree for being awesome? What stands in your way of that goal? Limiting beliefs? Based on the LOA, it seems to me that if a person doesn't have any limiting beliefs about the matter, they can receive an honorary degree for being awesome.


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Fairy Princess

Good answer Fairy Princess you are right circumstances will apper that one can use towards that degree and it is those circumstances that one mnifests that will eventually lead to the degree.

(20 Nov '11, 11:43) Paulina 1

Fairy Princess are you saying you are making an honorary degree for Jai for being Awesome? ;-) Actually that is not bad if we started doing that for all our friends and family I think a lot of unnecessary depression could be averted. :-) Have you ever read the story of the award of appreciation that saved a boy's life?

(20 Nov '11, 20:09) Wade Casaldi

No, I haven't..

(20 Nov '11, 20:27) Fairy Princess
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