The biggest draw for me in reality creation/law of attraction is being able to tune into certain frequencies and somewhat becoming those frequencies, feeling them to the core of my being. I have to be honest though and say that the last time I experienced this sense of being an empty channel and thus being able to download/tune into these frequencies with ease was a couple of years ago.

Since then, I have felt certain resistances come back and I feel them 'sticking' to my system, so that it's tricky for me to focus on top of this discomfort in the body. I'd say some negative aspects of personality reasserted themselves.

As sort of a sideways question within the question, is it possible that alcohol intake makes it easier for negative patterns of fear to 'come back'? I'm not sure that was the sole reason, but whenever I drink, I find it harder to let go of certain patterns of thought I thought I'd dealt with. Thoughts/emotions become sticky and that's the thing that I most want answers to.

Anyway, I am someone who has a very high resonance with music and certain vibes/atmospheres. That's one of the things that I'm attracted to exploring in my timeline.

I would like to know whether anyone here ever connected to a song so deeply that they found themselves living that 'vibe' for a while and how was the experience? I often have the experience of listening to a song and the depth of emotion is so awesome that it leaves me with a melancholic sense of - oh that's only a song, life itself could never live up to that depth of feeling (if that makes sense).

I would like to connect and get answers from people who have had experiences of really being in the same vibe of a song and attracted experiences that somehow matched that song.

Also, when we listen to a certain song, do we actually quantically tap into the subjectivity of the writer or is it a purely individual experience, what association YOU bring to the song?

My dream is to live my life like that, like for instance this week I want my life to have the flavour of this or that song. Just as a sidenote, I'd like to start with this one :)

Thank you very very much!


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How about immersing in the Duck Like Rains song ?

(19 Mar '16, 11:01) kakaboo

what if I told you that you are the one that experience all this are you more then one intense experience? or are you the total of all the experience you have? yes you can get in touch with the emotion of the one that wrote or made the song on some level on other it could be totally different for you since some experience are lived and experienced differently from one person to the next. or it could be in the depth of the experience it self. being experience to a higher degree by some and a lower by some other. yet it is all good you experience and enjoy.

you say:oh that's only a song, life itself could never live up to that depth of feeling (if that makes sense).

well if that make sense life itself is even deeper then any experience you will have and contain all of them. see it that way life itself made you in to is image as a child. a spirit that took flesh to pass by in this world experience and enjoy. you see everything was created for the one that experience, if no one would experience any thing created would have no existence of it self since there would be no one to experience it.

not only can you experience but you can also create. since you are made in is image like all of us that are passing by in to the world for just a little while. what a great gift it is. use the time imparted to you wisely.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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