2012....its been mentioned on quite a few questions and i dare say will become more and more of a topic. Until 2013 that is!

I remember the fuss about the year 2000 and all the hype that preceded it.

Will 2012 be any different from any other year?

Will all the authors who've made massive predictions about this year admit their wrong when things rock on as theyve always done.

Yep....im a sceptic.


asked 05 Dec '10, 15:45

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Monty Riviera

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Hi Graham - Personally I think 2012 will be exactly what you choose for it to be. I do think as a species we are finally beginning to wake up and a huge shift in consciousness is about to take place. For those who believe and are aware of this, I do think significant changes will happen but for those living unconsciously and still asleep, they will no doubt say it's all a load of rubbish, so their reality will mirror back exactly what they believe is going to happen.

No-one will be right or wrong because for each of us it will be what we expect.Things will "rock on as they've always done" for those who choose that and for those who predict significant changes, I think their reality will reflect those changes.

The only question we should be asking regarding 2012 is "What do I choose it to be?"


answered 05 Dec '10, 16:24

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Yep,that makes sense.Dont get me wrong,i believe each year will get gooder and gooder for me. I know i can choose what happens to me. Its just the whole Mayan,bible,conspiracy theory blah blah blah which baffles me .

(05 Dec '10, 16:38) Monty Riviera

Graham. Watch the Mayan Calendar presentation by 'Ian Xel Lungold.' It's really about the evolution of conciousness and makes perfect sense :)

(07 Dec '10, 00:37) Eddie

2012 will be a year that'll rock your world, or maybe not. I choose to believe it is another beautiful year full of awe and wonder. Though I must share with you that I have progressed myself to about december 21, 2012 noon time and found out it was time for tidying up, cleansing. However you wish to interpret this is up to you. No fear, only love.

Thank you, namaste


answered 05 Dec '10, 16:51

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No fear,Only love. Good mantra

(05 Dec '10, 16:54) Monty Riviera

Hi daniele, how do you "progress yourself" to a time in the future? Is that like the TV series "Flash Forward"?

(06 Dec '10, 05:53) Pat W

I don't have tv and am not familiar with the Flash Forward series. You get into a meditative state where you feel you're within the energy, and then once fully there, you ask for whatever it is you want. It is as simple as that but can't figure out why it is easier to get into that energy on certain days rather than others.Perhaps that should be my next question

(06 Dec '10, 08:32) daniele

Next time your there could you ask for some winning lottery numbers.Its only a thought!!

(06 Dec '10, 08:54) Monty Riviera

Graham,it isn't more money that we need :)

(06 Dec '10, 14:32) daniele

Hi Daniele, your description about getting into a meditative state and then asking for what you want - is that pretty much the same thing as Stingray's Manifestation Experiment?

(06 Dec '10, 16:38) Pat W

It is about using whatever works for you

(07 Dec '10, 18:46) daniele
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i'll let you know in a couple years.


answered 07 Dec '10, 18:32

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2012 works as a great litmus test for a person's state of consciousness. Very nice responses in here!

I think this year (2010) has proved grand. As my years (according to my alleged memory) have improved with each step, I imagine 2012 will prove itself an expanded shade of grand.

No matter the X-ian calendar year, I'm always here and always now (which is just another grand illusion;)


answered 08 Dec '10, 05:02

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Hu Ra

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