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Hi there! Can anyone answer this question please.

I see myself having a couple of desires, all being valuable to me, while going for one / some of them would cause loosing the other /others. I mean I can't even put them all in the same line so to priorities them ancd focus to achieve them one after another.

Here is an example: if i remain in the country where I live at present I can focus to create a particular meaningful relationship .while on the other hand i can focus to create a good living condition and good money by leave for another country.

Here I can't really be one-pointedly focussed. both thoughts feel good and each of them are equally powerful to take me into vortex. but when I get into one of them soon some part of me reminds me of the other, which causes me to doubt."maybe I should be focussing on the other one. "

Now, what is it called in LOA language ?

I know It is not the "wobble" Abraham says. But is it that I don't know what I am wanting? Also i wonder Why both are in my vortex while seemingly contradicting each other. What could that mean in the eyes of the source? What to do about it?

Please share any insights ,

Thank you

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Everything is always two sides to each inspiration or desire That sets contrasts for understanding clarity; that are want is wanted shall show what is not wanted. It is negative spaces which boarder definition to all coming creation. Your inner being aligns what one allows to fulfill positive manifestation. The beauty is that holding enough focus on what is wanted is aided by your basic communication with your inner being; emotion. With positive feelings.

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It's not your job (from your physical perspective) to figure out how all your seemingly-contradictory desires will harmonize. That's the job of your Bigger, Broader, Inner Self.

If you let it get on with it's job, by getting Vortex-aligned on a regular basis, then you will notice blended manifestations taking place that answer the essence of all your desires perfectly.

But is it that I don't know what I am wanting? Also i wonder Why both are in my vortex while seemingly contradicting each other.

I think if you look "one-level-deeper" into your desires, the seeming contradictions will disappear.

Taking your example, you have a desire for a meaningful relationship but you also have a desire for making more money (and everything that comes with that) which you believe will come about from moving to another country. And you believe those desires can't co-exist.

So let's look one level deeper at the underlying emotions to those desires...(obviously, for the sake of the example, I'm just completely guessing here at the real reasons you want these things).

Meaningful Relationship - Underlying Emotions

  • Connection
  • Love
  • Feeling of completeness
  • Harmony
  • Fulfillment

More Money/Moving To Another Country - Underlying Emotions

  • Prosperity
  • Abundance
  • Freedom
  • Exploration

When you look at your desires one-level-deeper, you will probably notice (like in the example above) that there are no contradictions. How can any of those good-feeling emotions contradict each other?

It's only your physical/logical mind's demands for things to happen a certain way in physical reality that imply contradiction.

But your Bigger, Broader Self only pays attention to the underlying emotions so it will come up with ways to satisfy them all without any contradiction...and you, physically, don't have to do anything about it except get out of the way (by feeling good on a regular basis).


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And your focus on the conflict will surely bring you more conflict.

(12 Jun '16, 14:28) imaginesue

My favorite question of all times. :)

For me, I love when I come to this recognition, usually it's of a bit different flavour - that I have too many desire streams I should work on.

I use it as a cue, to let myself release all control (and what else is trying to work out the energy in order to have the "reality" be set in a pleasant way?), lean back and give in to my Vortex, which already has it all combined and manifested, in and from harmony.

I remind to myself then, that what manifests, reflects, expresses itself back to me in my life - is my state. It's that simple.

It will choose itself the set of circumstances to perfectly express the feeling in, so my job at hand is only to harmonize where I am, because as all roads come to Rome, - all feeling up paths come to harmony. Very peaceful thought all by itself. :)

In this sense I truly recommend Mooji's meditations, this one for example:

Mooji ~ Unbound Peace

If peace is not an interesting feeling, even better! Then it will be interesting for you to define, which feeling you do want to live!

These processes can be of help:

42. Clean slate

43. State of being (works as a reset)

Happy feeling! :)


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first thing you should focus on is to know thyself. then you will find out and know what you desire. many desire you can probably do with out. it will bring nothing good in to your life or it will do it only for a little while. you see often people desire something and will focus on that for a long time once they get it they enjoy it just for a little while then desire something else. some people will never be satisfy they will spend their life running after desire. then dropping that achieve desire for something else. you should also know that each thing as is opposite and going in extreme does not help you. good example is someone that desire to be rich. some people are rich and they are not happy. people like them for their money and the stuff they can buy for them or get them do they like them for them self? do they have real friend in this world? what comes first for you friend or money? if you do not know your self you live in poverty and you are that poverty. you could be the riches person in the world and that statement would still be true.

if you are the one that have those desire and those desire contradict them self does it mean that you are in contradiction and opposition with your self? what is the cause of that division? would it not be better to have desire that go hand in hand? desire that are in harmony. in this world you have many that conform to the world they do the same as other of the world doing war to each other doing bad things to each other to show them self prideful over other. but in fact the things they do to other they would not like having it done to them self. and since they do the same the same will be done to them. so you see many thing in this world are the opposite of what they are or seams to be. is there something to be prideful about when you do bad stuff to other that you would not like being done to your self? or does it only show how low you have fall? know thyself and observe that desire over the surface of the water. the surface of the water is where the living one is looking at is reflection. for the moment there is division and darkness on the surface of the water. that is why the observer and the observed are lost in darkness and lack understanding. how to solve this issue peace be still. observe and understand. it can take over 40 days before the two become one.


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