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does anyone here have any successful stories about thanking the universe in advance.

for example

" thank you universe for providing me with the perfect house"

and it has manifested ?

asked 21 May '13, 06:36

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there is remote viewing and influencing and then gratitude for being in the form you have now

(24 May '13, 18:29) fred

Yes, I have many success stories; however, I don't usually verbally speak the words "thank you". I've found that feeling is the key. For me, giving thanks in advance means finding the feeling of thanks, the feeling of already having whatever is desired.

Saying "thank you" and 'feeling' thankful gives off two very different vibrations.

Example: I was unemployed and desired to travel, I couldn't see how I could make this happen - traveling with no money. This led me to the question 'what would I have to do to travel without money?' I arrived at three conclusions (although I'm sure I could've come up with more). My conclusions were: join the army, become a flight attendant, or marry a very wealthy man.

I seem to have somewhat of a rebellious nature, and what some may call a lack of respect for authority, so joining the army was completely out of the question; and, at the time I didn't have any wealthy suitors knocking at my door. That left me with only one option - becoming a flight attendant. I decided that I wanted to work for Delta Airlines.

Forgetting what I've learned about deliberate creation I went online to view Delta's current openings and was disappointed to find that there were none. I submitted my application anyway and awaited their response hoping that they would consider my stellar resume'. They kindly replied with the response along the lines of "thank you for your interest in our company, we'll keep your application on file should we have any openings that match your qualifications. I began to grow frustrated, but then I remembered how we create our reality.

I told myself that I was a Delta employee and imagined what it would be like to actually be a flight attendant. I pondered the details of the job, seeing myself moving in and out of airplanes, checking tickets, helping people with luggage and so forth. I did this repeatedly throughout the day for approximately one week.

One day the following week I was on a bus an elderly lady boarded who needed assistance with her luggage, I helped her with her luggage and she sat next to me. She asked me what I did, and without hesitation I told her that I was a "flight attendant", she asked me what Airline and I said "Delta". I went on telling her about how I loved my job and my adventures traveling. I had become so accustomed to thinking of myself as a flight attendant that it just came out without a second thought. We parted ways and I didn't think about it again.

Three days later, my sister called to inform me that Atlantic Southeast Airlines was hiring. Initially I told her I wasn't interested, because in my mind I worked for Delta Airlines, however she convinced me to at least apply. I submitted my application, completed the training program, and was hired.

Little did I know, ASA did not have their own planes, at the time they flew exclusively for Delta and United Airlines.

Can you guess which carrier I was assigned to? :0)


answered 22 May '13, 14:26

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wow...mind blowing,,it is..,thank u fr sharing :))

(23 May '13, 04:51) supergirl

No, not really.

I tried this many years ago and was thanking God for stuff i wanted, but didnt really believe i had received. The results were none existent.

Now thanking when you "know" you have the thing or situation infine, but it wont speed up any manifestation. If you dont "really" believe your going to get it then your not. You get your core beliefs.

When you know you have what youv desired there will be a feeling of thankfullness. , or appreciation. But thanking wont " trick" any manifestation.

If thanking helps you to believe things are on there way, or it makes you feel confident or happier then by all means do it.

But to me theres no substitute for a deep inner conviction that things are panning out my way.

And when you have that " conviction" your generally very appreciative of the things you see and the things you know you have , but cant see yet.


answered 21 May '13, 06:47

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Monty Riviera

thx for sharing.. usually for me not asking for specifics has worked as a charm. I have gotten beautiful things but i did not ask for those so i did not know i am going to get it in that form. I think its someway of my own beliefs that i usually i leave out specifics. But i don't have any qualms since life has been good. And i let the Universe deliver whatever it needs to.

(23 May '13, 17:18) abrahamloa

but i do do my part. And not sit idle and do nothing about things. I am a go getter but before i used to worry and look over my shoulders too often. And now since i dropped that part things have been magical. I suddenly am at full throttle in my life!! great feeling.

(23 May '13, 17:19) abrahamloa
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