I have been intrigued with this question "How do I can have faith?" I somehow believe that I can have it with direct experience of God, something like miracle that is being discussed here in IQ as well. How can I have faith is my question - would be glad to see your experiences and opinion. Thank you.

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I gave a long detailed answer to this question HERE


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Wade Casaldi


Wade, that was really inspiring. I got to try that one. In my meditation i begin with silent affirmation where i ask guidance from Jesus, krishna, and few guru of Parmahansa yogananda and himself too. And i had put specific qualities to each and they seem to work in bringing qualities that i ask into me to some extent.

(22 Apr '13, 17:50) abrahamloa

There are various ways to this. Research and use different ways and come up with your way that resonates most to you. But i can give an example of how i have been doing and my faith has gotten stronger:

1) I do believe to start with that Universe / Source energy or God can guide us if we allow that.

2) Practice to strengthen that believe the way i do is with daily meditation for 15 mins. I try to do that twice a day minimum. But end up doing at least once a day. I use some inspiring uplifting music. When i meditate i use a 3rd eye Light visualization meditation. I have the intention and affirmation that this connects me to the Divine Energy and i believe that every day doing for a brief time, then the Divine will guide my life in all other activities. Its like these 15 mins soaks you in the Divine. Its like getting oil change for your car regularly to keep the car going.

3) When i do any activity i try to remember and affirm within myself - that i leave the results to the Divine Will and not my ego will. 4) Gratitude list- i do a small gratitude list everyday for the whole days' experience. 5) Help others when you can and be compassionate to everyone. Love is big difference as we know. 6) dont judge anything and be easy and take positive meaning from anything and everything as much as possible.

If you do this constantly and give it a chance by being patient for a period of time - you will be startled to see the transformations.

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