Hello everyone,

A couple of months ago some sad events started to happen in my life. First my grandma almost died, then my mother lose her job. I used to know and apply LOA and quantum physics. So I knew that was my fault to attract those events.

So I started to study more and more about this and I ended here. I read a lot of questions and do a lot of researchs about it. I really tried to focus myself, be positive... even hear 432 hz musics to test the effects. I list some objectives and focus on that... but then... more sad events happened and I'm sure I was really positive on the time...

I had to sell my beloved car to help my mother and grandmother... and yesterday my girlfriend, one of the lights in my life, broke up with me and she doesn't even seens to know why. Again, it must had been my fault 'cause sometimes I found myself thinking and been afraid of losing her. But I also had hard thoughts and emotions even stronger of been in a family with her, marrying, etc - with much more frequency.

And now... nothing. I want to believe that all this can be fixed but with so many things happening in a single row, it's very hard to focus.

Now I'm kind of empty. Don't want nothing and looks like I don't have any feeling for nothing else... neither good nor bad.

So my question is: I thought that I was vibrating positivity before and all those unfortunate events happened. Now I really don't feel like I'm vibrating nothing... how to be positive and grateful with this feeling of emptiness and wanting nothing at all ?

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Be positive being positive, despite of the emptiness. Maybe that emptiness is showing you have been trying so hard to make things work, that you ran out of energy. So first of all, take a break, breathe and allow yourself some time to regain your strenght, before you start over with the vibrating. Let it be for a while.

Once you're back on your feet, reflect on the meaning of being grateful. The situation as a whole sounds like a test of faith, so recognize the value of that, being grateful for the opportunity of perhaps climbing one step higher...

One thing I noticed: out of compassion, you're bringing your loved ones' problems to your focus, and applying positive vibrations to alleviate them, and that is a good thing. But remember that, in doing so, you may be taking from them the opportunity to work that thing out, and maybe, to understand they can go further, aim higher than they thought they could.


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I have had countless events in my life that felt unfortunate, or downright catastrophic at the time --- and when I look back today I see how they made me what I am today. I also see why I needed that event, and I see an overall pattern - a big picture if you like - of how my life has unfolded.

Even when you are generally in a good-feeling place, you should always be prepared that literally anything can happen at any second. The key is to keep telling yourself, "I know anything can happen, but no matter what happens, it will only be a stepping stone and I will handle it". Constant vigilance is absolutely essential.

It is true that in general you should experience less and less of the normal human drama as you feel good habitually, but you also have to allow for the possibility that your higher self might want to take you in a certain direction and it will use whatever path it deems the quickest / most efficient at that moment.

Go where the journey takes you with a curious and open mind.


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I too am going through some difficult changes and sometimes it is hard to see the way ahead.

Leaning on my Abe studies a lot right now. I recommend their Vortex meditations, which are freely available on youtube, on general well-being, abundance, and relationships.
I subscribe to their dictum of "I'm going to make the best of it." Look for things to appreciate in your life here and now, and perhaps record them in a Book of Positive Aspects. This will help change your "point of attraction" toward happier experiences and a happier you.

I also practice Ho'oponopono, wherein all problems are seen as memories replaying in the subconscious. The mantra, "I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you" cleans on the memories so we are not "run" by those programs, and allows the influx of inspiration.

This from a Unity minister also helps me stay positive when it seems everything is falling apart. "A Flood Can Be A Healing": https://books.google.com/books?id=7aF5DAAAQBAJ&pg=PA64&lpg=PA64&dq=Catherine+Ponder+a+flood+can+be+a+healing&source=bl&ots=UL_z_c4opO&sig=oN1wm_nmPvHgBQvBXCnM2D3HUOI&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj-lL_Lg8rNAhVQ-GMKHYwSAkcQ6AEIOTAE#v=onepage&q=Catherine%20Ponder%20a%20flood%20can%20be%20a%20healing&f=false

Take the best possible care of you. Eat well, exercise, drink a lot of water, breathe, and you will get your bearings.


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