I had many bad people do or try to do many bad things to me.

I stood up for myself and protected myself from worse thing. When I told my mom, much later, what had happened to me, her response was, "I allowed you to talk back to grownups."

So, she took credit for it. I didn't buy that, it didn't sound right to me. Then, an old friend reminded me of a time that I was getting out of the backseat of a car, as a young adult, when a guy pulled a knife on me. I yelled at him and he ran off.

I was thinking about this and remembered that growing up, my dad, whom I saw on some weekends, told me to not ever let anybody do anything I didn't want them to. He said to protect myself even if it meant killing the person who was attacking me.

He told me to prepare myself in my mind, to visualize myself protecting myself. I don't remember exactly what he said, or how old I was the first time he said it, or even how many times he said it.

However, now that I am aware of the LOA, I wonder, did I create the opportunities to protect myself? If so, how do we teach our children to protect themselves without creating the opportunity to use what we learned, or attracting the situations themselves?

Also, does preparing for natural disaster, attract the disaster? Can we rise above the disaster by not aligning with it vibrationally?

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Fairy Princess

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You can't prepare for a disaster without attracting the disaster closer to you vibrationally.

When you are preparing for disaster, you are focused on the vibration of the disaster and whatever you give your predominant focus towards will eventually manifest.

So, ironically, those parents who teach their children to be fearful of what could happen to them in the name of protecting them are actually setting their children up to attract those things.

Of course, those parents are not trying to harm their children on purpose, it's just a misunderstanding of how "life" works.

So what do you do instead?

...you allow the thought of the disaster to make you realize what you want instead (the opposite of the disaster) - and you focus on that, and take any inspired actions that come to you while you are aligned with the "state of being" of what you want.

Focusing on what you want instead deactivates the vibration of disaster.

As a general rule, you can never not focus on something, you can only focus somewhere else instead.

All of what I've said above applies to the Law of Attraction when applied to individuals.

When applied to groups "preparing" for disaster, things become more interesting as you may discover from reading this question and the associated answers: Does knowledge of ‘The Law of Attraction’ make armies obsolete - even ‘alien’ ones?


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Good answer Stingray it truly is best to focus on good.

(10 Sep '11, 07:34) Paulina 1
(10 Sep '11, 17:54) Fairy Princess
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It is true that if we focus on something we can attract it to ourselves providing that our subconscious mind has acepted the fact. In your case Fairy Princess you focused on protection. Only if you impressed your subconscious mind with this fact the subconscious will provide you with circumstances in which you will need to protect yourself.

Our vibrational freequency will attract that which we habitualy focus on only if our subconscious is in agreement.

I agree with Stingray focus on the good things happening to you and if you need to prepare yourself for any defence think of it as an exercise program to enhance your bodys speed and reaction. By thinking of it as an exercise for self improvement you don't focus on the need for protection. That way it will do you good without any negative effects and in case you ever need to protect yourself you will be fit and ready.


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Paulina 1

I didn't take a self defense class. Just imagined myself being attacked and deffending myself. Then, I had plenty of opportunities to practice deffending myself from creeps.

(10 Sep '11, 15:28) Fairy Princess

Let's look at this another way - do you feel like you attracted the attacks or only attracted how you would defend yourself if attacked?

(16 Jan '12, 01:17) ele

As in all manifestation belief and doubt must weigh into the equation. I imagine myself getting into a situation where I must defend myself, I see the steps I take ,the moves I make to defeat my aggressor.But after the scenario is done I believe that this will never happen. I will never be in that situation. Thus the thought becomes a nonthought (?) Much the same way one dreams of winning the lotto and all things they would do with the winning and then cancels it out with doubtful thoughts.
I spent the first 35 years of my life in an earthquake prone part of the world.There you must be prepared, you must be able and know steps to take to survive. As scouts say "Be prepared"
And as you commented on Stingrays answer "focus on good".This eliminates the negative. As one candle lit eliminates darkness.


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I think this is an excellent question.

When I was security coordinator for a large financial group, one of my duties was to be sure that the employees and visitors performed disaster drills..e.g. for tornadoes, terrorism, fire, etc. A few of the buildings were high rises and had many hundreds of people inside. The mass consciousness of so many people thinking about and planning for disaster used to trouble me in a way, as if we could bring this upon us by focusing and imaginging it. I would feel uneasy while this was at the forefront of people's minds for a few days.

Thankfully there were never any major catastrophes under my watch, but I think this may be related to your issue of planning and preparing for something without being overly expectant or bringing it upon us through the LOA.

I have no answer for you; I apologize, but I do think about this a lot and am curious at to what others think.


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LeeAnn 1

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I like your answer LeeAnn for it makes me think too.

(10 Sep '11, 07:30) Paulina 1

preparetion is always good. but what will preparation give you if you do not live in the now and you panic and lose control when the situation comes?

(10 Sep '11, 08:47) white tiger

Preparation is useful in saving lives. (Statistics show that some will panic under stress no matter how many times they have drilled though)

(10 Sep '11, 16:11) LeeAnn 1

Thank you Paulina. Best wishes....

(10 Sep '11, 16:12) LeeAnn 1
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I moved near to Biloxi, Mississippi in 1998. I never even gave hurricanes a thought until then- and I certainly was not prepared in any way for my first, Hurricane George, which almost flooded out our house and forced our evacuation...nor did I imagine Tropical Storm Allison, which dumped 23" of rain on us in twelve hours, and flooded the entire six-acre valley behind our house...or for Hurricane Ivan...

But then came Katrina...I was starting a new job in Biloxi and because it was for a helping agency, I had to report for work two days after I returned from evacuating...to a nightmare of gigantic proportions. Biloxi was utterly destroyed. New Orleans got all the press, but actually, Katrina came in just west of Biloxi, and reduced the town to toothpicks. I especially will not forget the houses, marked with spray painted numbers that indicated whether a dead body or bodies had been found inside. My personal devastation was also bad- the storm did major damage to my home, which i was forced to live in...I had three major holes in the roof, covered in just tarp, when along came yet another storm, Rita, on the heels of Katrina...we had used large logs cut from our downed trees to anchor the tarps, but during Rita, they just rolled back and forth in the wind, and the rain poured into the house despite the tarps...

What caused Katrina? I feel that it is because of Global Warming, which a lot of folks are ignoring, or calling a hoax, or whatever. The USA is a major factor in global warming, and our own consumerism and denial will continue to bring more and more bad weather to the USA until we face what we are doing, and deal with it.

How do you prepare for disaster without bringing it on? I just do not have an answer to this. I cannot fight global warming alone... I just went through the major flooding from TS Lee now that I am here in Pennsylvania, and just last week, Irene also hit PA hard. I just could not look at the pictures of the bad flooding here, because of my memories of Katrina...I know exactly what the flood victims are going to face.

Your question is a very good one, and I have no great and wise answer. Stingray has already provided that, and it is dead on.

What I do know is that you just take it a day at a time; you prepare and than let go; and you do your part to help prevent disaster. That's about all anybody can do until our mass consciousness shifts. Pray for this to happen.

Dedicated to all who have been harmed by Tropical Storm Lee.... Jai


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the weather you describe does not only stop at the US borders.

(10 Sep '11, 08:54) ursixx

One active volcano puts out more Co2 and chemicals than the EXISTENCE of man. And if Yellowstone blows(Years Long), we won't have to worry about it.

(10 Sep '11, 14:39) The Knights Alchemy

It is difficult to educate without scaring and creating more fear.

(10 Sep '11, 15:32) Fairy Princess
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What ever we become fixated on is what will attract. You can acknowledge danger by making preparations or training in self defense without being fixated. By fixated, I mean an expectation. Setting up expectations is future picking. Stay in the moment and plan, then go about your business. Expect you will be fine, and you will be.


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The Knights Alchemy

Save a little money for a rainy day and sure as sh--t it rains. But I feel there is a mature approach. Keep emergency money and supplies. Flash lights were invented for a reason. After you have managed a small stash stop thinking about the disaster, but every once in a while add something like a can food, water etc. So is this the way I do it, Hell no. I figure it's not going to happen to me like everyone else.


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it is always the same teach him good. do not scare him. but tell him the truth. as for disaster one should not prepare for it. just live in the now be calm and make the right choice. you should be able to handle annything. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger


What about having a first aid kit, extra food, pottable water, emergency candles, etc...?

(15 Jan '12, 10:42) Fairy Princess

that goes in living in the now. fairy princess. if you go build a house you will carry your tools for the task at end.but why worry for disaster? your worry will not help you the disaster might never come or if it comes it could be worse that you have though. so all that that that you have worried you could have spend it doing something else. experience and enjoy.

(15 Jan '12, 17:44) white tiger

You can prepare and not worry.

(21 Jan '12, 09:29) Fairy Princess
  1. The disciples said to Jesus, "Tell us, how will our end come?"

Jesus said, "Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for the end? You see, the end will be where the beginning is.

Congratulations to the one who stands at the beginning: that one will know the end and will not taste death."


(22 Jan '12, 01:50) white tiger
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I explained to my son how to stay above the disaster, then I saw this video that proved how it worked for real people during huricane Sandy.


answered 30 Nov '12, 10:40

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Fairy Princess

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