...or are they all pretty much the same?

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All religions (read: beliefs) promote the same idea that there is 'something to do' and 'somewhere to go' and 'someone to become', so yes, they are all fundamentally the same distraction from the "truth" that is "no truth".

Anyone craving 'authority' please open your Bible to Ecclesiastes 2.


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Hu Ra

hoora! free at last!

(08 Dec '10, 22:43) riley

I was about to say that Buddhism was different but it is not really a religion. More of a study on how the mind works. Very little dogma. Buddhism is more of a science and spirituality mix.




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Buddhism requires the belief that 'All is suffering'. Anything with a belief as a foundation qualifies as a religion to me.

(08 Dec '10, 03:38) Hu Ra

Same Source, similarly enlightened Masters but different routes.


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I Think Therefore I Am

To quote an old fat man, "there is only one religion, the religion of self."


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yes, each has the truth of who we are why we are here and what will happen to us when our bodies can no longer sustain physical life.
so how are there to be so many?


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In the same token that there is one people, one nation, and one destiny, it is the same in religion, since there is only one creator that has created what we call the earth, heaven, and the universe. There is only one true creator, regardless of the different religious beliefs, or the different religious names given to the creator, therefore there is only one true religion!

In my opinion, there is no difference to the believer, or the unbeliever, and it is the same with religion for there is only one truth. So, if one choose not to believe, he is right in his belief, and if one choose to belief, he is right in his belief, in theory they are both right, and we have what we call a win/win. But the truth of the matter is regardless of which side we choose the end result will be the same for all of us, one destiny, regardless of our religion. The true understanding of Religion and its’ role in our society remains a mystery to an unlimited few!

What is so unique about religion, the philosophy, teaching and approach may differ in term of the message, but in essence, the message is to do good, or evil, to serve man, Satan, or our one and true creator, whoever you may choose to call him in your religion!


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Basically, religion is an activity through which man attempts to see the meaning of his life. It is a construction based on deep psychic knowledge. No matter what the name it might go, it represents man's connection with the universe.

Source: The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events (A Seth Book)


answered 12 Dec '10, 22:26

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