Let's assume for a moment that some form of intelligent non-human life exists that does not originate from Earth - it doesn't matter for the purpose of this hypothetical question whether it really does exist or not.

And let's assume at some future date, this alien race decides to make its presence known generally to humanity.

My (perhaps mistaken) impression is that mainstream religion would adopt a generally unwelcome (perhaps hostile) view to such an encounter, being of non-human origin. (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.)

If that's the case, does that mean that such a verified extraterrestrial contact would spell the end of the mainstream religions in their current form?

asked 18 Jun '10, 22:17

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Nice question :-)

(23 Jun '10, 01:51) Eddie

I don't know that it would necessarily mean the end of religions as we know it. As a species we are generally afraid of the unknown or alien so I think some of those said religions would probably become more tightly knit denouncing the aliens as some kind of demons or evil entities.

As a race I don't think that we're ready yet to welcome aliens on to our planet. If you look at the world, we're still having a hard time treating our own species with integrity and respect. In some countries and cultures if you're not a native you're often viewed as foreign or alien. I do believe this is changing slowly but until we can accept all of our own species being one, I think we've got a way to go before we can accept extraterrestrials.


answered 19 Jun '10, 01:36

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Well isn't abraham and other nonphysicals extra-terrestrial.


answered 20 Jun '10, 08:51

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I don't really know the answer to your question Stingray but your question poses another question, if there is a Universal Truth then wouldn't that apply to the entire Universe i.e. if the existence of God is a Universal Truth then wouldnt the aliens also subscribe to that as well? Perhaps they have another religion and we will have a religious conflict of an inter galactical level rather than just the earth bound versions of the past few thousand years :-)


answered 18 Jun '10, 22:23

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I Think Therefore I Am

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That certainly would be an interesting dilemma...if aliens had their own religions.

(19 Jun '10, 09:10) Stingray

Like anything new, feared, different or misunderstood, there would be those who would denounce the aliens as "bad" and those who would be more welcoming and would use the opportunity for greater understanding and learning. I would imagine some religious leaders would fall into the first category and some into the latter, depending on their level of tolerance. It's hard to say "Yes they would do this" or "No, they wouldn't do that" since there is such a lack of agreement.

This is a little off-topic but on the subject of religion and tolerance I saw something nice at the pharmacy today. One of the pharmacy techs is a young Muslim lady who wears a pretty scarf to work every day, covering her hair. Beside me in line were 2 Catholic Nuns, also with head coverings. The nuns asked the Muslim girl if she takes any teasing about her scarves and if so, how she handles it. They said they were sometimes teased in public, and the girl admitted that sometimes she was too. There was a lot of friendliness between all three. The elderly nun took her hand and kissed it. She said, Bless you, you are always the nicest girl. I like to come here just because of you!" Some people are tolerant and some aren't!


answered 18 Jun '10, 23:12

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LeeAnn 1

I love the story LeeAnn

(19 Jun '10, 01:42) Michaela

Why would it spell the end of religion? If anything, I think religious people would dive even more deeply into their belief systems in search for answers.

Religion is, in large part, the search for meaning within meaninglessness. People who find relief in religion find it because religion gives structure to their otherwise chaotic existence. It does this by applying morals, values and principles to their daily lives. It gives them a belief in something larger than themselves (healthy, for the most part). It gives them a community of fellow believers with which they find something in common.

If aliens came to our planet, most people would still need something like religion to anchor themselves against the sea of chaos that would ensue.


answered 19 Jun '10, 01:05

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I'm curious Vesuvius - could you elaborate on what you mean by "Religion is,in large part, the search for meaning within meaninglessness."?

(19 Jun '10, 01:42) Michaela

@Michaela: OK. A person who lives life with no direction is like a ship without a compass. Not only do they not know where they are going, they don't know how to get there. Religion provides a framework by which people can live their lives based on a set of foundational principles. Many people find comfort in that. To those people, constantly questioning their existence or how they should do things is frightening. They need to pursue their happiness within a framework of stable assumptions and beliefs.

(19 Jun '10, 01:58) Vesuvius

Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash." -- Matthew 7:24-29

(19 Jun '10, 02:02) Vesuvius

Ok - I totally get what you're saying in your answer but I still don't understand why someone who knew this would belong to a religion if they viewed it as a "search for meaning within meaninglessness" - maybe I'm misinterpreting something here?

(19 Jun '10, 02:13) Michaela

@Michaela: I'm not sure that people who follow a religion for these reasons consciously see it this way. After living for years in the misery of being buffetted by forces that seem beyond their control, and by the bad life choices they have made, they are simply looking for relief. The structure and safety of a religion gives them that relief, in the form of principles that, if followed, help them live their lives in a more productive way.

(19 Jun '10, 03:07) Vesuvius

Thanks Vesuvius Ok, on a personal level, can I ask why you belong to a church if you view it as a "search for meaning within meaninglessness"? From all you've said, I don't think you need relief or the framework it provides ( and I mean that sincerely as a compliment ).I'm just curious - is it the sense of community?

(19 Jun '10, 13:40) Michaela

@Michaela: I went to our church for the first time several years ago, and the music captivated me. I'd never experienced anything quite like that. The pastor is an intellectual, so both sides of my brain were quite happy. The people at the church are good people, with a strong sense of moral character. I got to work closely with one of these people in a business capacity, and with the church as part of their sound ministry. I saw the best of people (and sometimes the worst). So the church was an important part of my life for a number of years.

(21 Jun '10, 00:36) Vesuvius

All very valid reasons - as I said, I was just curious. Thanks for the answer :-)

(21 Jun '10, 00:54) Michaela

@Michaela: You're welcome. If you're interested, there's more info about my church experience here: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/2469/is-it-necessary-to-practice-a-religion-to-be-considered-a-spiritual-person/2472#2472

(21 Jun '10, 01:23) Vesuvius

I fully agree with your sentence - "I feel that church is ultimately something you should outgrow, at least from a spiritual standpoint." I just can't imagine adhering to such a tight framework and limited set of beliefs anymore, although I agree that it plays a valid role for some at a certain point on their journey.Thanks for directing me to that question - somehow I had missed it previously and I loved Traveller's story.

(21 Jun '10, 11:51) Michaela
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Dear Stingray, Greetings, I was asked that question in 1976 and I still believe the answer that I gave then is valid for me now. Religions could collaspe, but the living faith that man has in his/her heart would bloom. Never mixed up Faith with religion. Always have Faith in the goodness of the Universe the source from where we all come He/She/it Loves us all. Faith is different from man-made religion. Religion is cultural teachings around a set of beliefs. Religion attempts to tell you about the Mystery of God it doesn't do a very good job. Faith allows us to to grow and not be locked down in dogma, or believing in things we don't understand. The aliens may have their own religions if they are segmented like us. Then they would also be warloving conquerors we could be in trouble. But if they have empowered themselves through Oneness (Unconditional love for the ALL) then Joy, Peace and Happiness will be the reality they live.


answered 19 Jun '10, 20:52

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Great answer G16 I love the distinction between religion and faith.

(19 Jun '10, 21:35) I Think Therefore I Am

Once upon a time, some humans on planet Earth began to wake up to the reality that they’re not alone. They began to realize that the world in which they live in is not, after all, a giant mechanical machine as was proposed by early philosophers, and seemingly confirmed by Newtonian physics.

Once the spark of curiosity and interest arose within humanity and individuals and groups of people began to earnestly inquire into the true nature of reality, answers to questions began to filter through to the population. During that time there was still a lot of confusion and uncertainty, but in answer to this a plan was formed.

A plan was needed to offset the potential panic and fear that had been instilled in man for thousands of years, by certain religious and other groups. In the early days, those groups had their reasons for preaching as they did, but for whatever reason they failed to move with the times and flow of life.

Upon that time of the great plan and first real contact, the civilization that visited Earth, which was from one billion years into our future, came to reveal, explain and clarify Universal laws for those who had asked.

Those advanced beings knew that the largest percentage of the population was still self-hypnotized by outdated and fear driven belief systems. They also knew of the difficulty in breaking cycles of self-imposed lack and fear, particularly in those individuals who totally lack the awareness that any and all realities are their own creations.

While hanging out in our solar system in their cloaked (out of vibe-sync) ships, they scanned Earth’s vibrational frequencies looking for those individuals or groups of people, who were asking and wanted to know more. People who were ready and willing to be receivers of and downloader’s of new and updated information concerning the nature of reality.

These extra terrestrial families, our brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, had all been through the stage of not knowing and then remembering certain greater truths. And just as in their perceived time of need, when others had visited them; they were now returning the favor. This was a natural kind of balancing of a one billion year Universal karmic cycle or the effect of a former cause.

Some of the first channeled information to be received was confirming what Earth’s quantum physicists had discovered around 1925. That physical reality doesn’t really exist absent the observer. And due to this fact, all realities are virtual realities. Our advanced new friends knew how powerful this knowledge was to us as it put the power of creation firmly back into our hands.

They understood that once people truly grasped this fact and integrated it into their being, their lives would begin to change and a new age of understanding would soon follow.

However, they understood and respected everyone’s free will and by contacting us through the medium of channeling; doorways of disbelief were there for those who preferred or for those whom it served to continue living their life based on self-imposed lack and limitation.

Many were asking and so through the law of attraction or what you put out is what you get back, answers were now flowing abundantly, to those who’d asked. One such question was:

Would extraterrestrial contact mean the end of religion as we know it?

To answer that question, our new friends understood that we’d need to understand another fundamental Universal truth that, in essence, we’re all one and not separate from whatever we call the Source, Universe, God, etcetera, but rather we’re individualized aspects or points of view of it.

There can only be one of the all that is because it is all that is. And because you exist, you are it.

Once beings have that level of awareness they have moved beyond the need to believe in deities that exist independently or separately from them, because that’s not how existence actually is at that experiential level of reality.

Additionally, to fully answer that question our new friends knew the importance of considering the idea of parallel realities. That’s not too hard if we’ve already allowed for the possibility or even confirmed for ourselves that physical reality is illusion. If all realities are illusion, then right now we can choose which of the probable realities, just up ahead, we want to experience.

In that way, we can choose to experience a version of reality where humans now understand ultimate reality and hence, religion is no longer followed, practiced nor necessary.

Or we can choose to believe in and experience a kind of NWO/Orwellian reality, in which everyone lives in total fear and isolation and in which much knowledge is suppressed or hidden.

Or we can choose to believe in and experience a reality whereby individuals voluntarily hand over all of their power to middlemen; who know what’s best for them and who interpret the word of God for them.

The choice will always be ours as individual aspects of all that is. And what we choose must be so, simply because that’s how the mechanics of reality work.

Our new family also advise seeing the various realities as movies. Because of the now moment, all movies exist simultaneously. We choose any movie and if we don’t like it, we can change our mind anytime and choose another movie. We can even choose to experience the same movie over and over if that’s what we want.

Coming from an advanced level of awareness and understanding, our extra terrestrial family fully understand the nature of existence. And so, they choose to exist in a state of gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation; because of their awareness that those vibrational states, through the law of attraction, help to keep them in a place of feeling good, a place of love. And that’s all good.

Although those transmissions or downloads have always been available they intensified around 1987, due to the upcoming end of this galactic cycle or age. Depending upon which reality we individually decide to choose to believe in and experience, they may not be available for much longer.

They simply will not be available in those realities where the general vibrational frequency is so far out of sync or harmony to be able to continue the attraction of and connection to them. It’s like a window or a period in which we get to decide and choose the direction of the collective future that we individually now wish to experience.


answered 23 Jun '10, 01:44

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Deep, thought-provoking stuff, Eddie :)

(23 Jun '10, 23:04) Stingray

There is a religion I know of that acknowledges other beings apart from us. The Baha'i Faith isn't very old but has some amazing principles and writings which are relevant to our world NOW. I don't believe in following a religion as nearly everything is corrupt but i do spend time reading and studying writings. This religion has principles which include UNIVERSAL ideas. It is very interesting to read about and speaks about "learned" ones, which through my study and understanding could be aliens. Just a thought anyway but worth a good look into if you have an open mind. :)


answered 07 Mar '13, 04:12

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