I'm sure everyone of us here on Inward Quest and everyone who has experience with deliberate manifesting knows the "voice of the ego" that keeps denying the desired manifestation by saying things like:

"You don't deserve xy"

"It's impossible to get or have that"

"This stuff doesn't work anyway"

"Abraham/Bashar cannot be trusted, they are just kidding you, how can you be so naive to believe these ideas"

"Life doesn't work like that, life isn't that easy/nice/enjoyable"

As I have learned, the ego keeps telling us these things to "keep us in the game" and to allow us to play with the illusion the physical reality provides.

In my own experience, I still hear these things from my physical mind every day (even though I would call myself an "advanced deliberate creator") and if I'm not mindful and ignore these sentences, it sweeps me up and gains momentum.

Now my questions:

Is it "normal" that the ego tries to deny everything the higher mind knows or does (like with the examples above)? Or does it go away with time (when you become a "master deliberate creator")? And why is it so consistent in doing this (even after a lot of vibrational work)?

Do these examples mean I still have some limiting beliefs about certain desires or is it just normal that thought like this pop up (especially when not in the vortex)?

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Hi @spacemetalfantasy here's something you may find useful


(25 Dec '16, 04:08) jaz

This is a great post. For information you can look at the Bashar seminar entitled "The Black Box" which is all about negative beliefs and the tricks they play

(19 Aug '18, 23:09) Nikulas
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No, there is nothing inherently negative about the ego. The ego is just a mechanism for existing in physical reality, and that involves the holding of beliefs, and the experiencing the reality that corresponds to them. If the beliefs are negative, the reality is negative, and if the beliefs are positive, the reality is positive. The ego, the belief-holder, is completely neutral. Except, perhaps, slightly tilted positive in that beliefs can be changed.

Therefore, yes, since the ego is completely neutral and every-so-slightly tilted positive, any negativity you experience comes from a negative belief that is still active.

The blaming of the ego for the negativity, which can go so far as to seeing physical reality as inherently negative, is just an emergency defense mechanism the negative belief activates when you are getting close to uncovering it. Uncovering it would dissipate its power, because then you would recognize it as a belief rather than a fact. Since it is negative, it would automatically dissipate then, because negativity doesn't survive well in the open. It needs to stay hidden to survive.

So what you are experiencing is a good thing- it means you are hot on the tails uncovering another negative belief.

Besides, the idea that you "should have no more negative beliefs" is itself a negative belief. I'm mainly a Bashar and Huna guy, but how does Abe put it? When the disallowing won't go away, you ask: "Where does that come from?" I overlooked the power of this statement for very long, because it's so simple.

So I feel bad because I think I should have no more negative beliefs. Now where does that come from?


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My sense is that the ego is actually trying to "keep us safe." In the cases you cite-- safe from disappointment. Ego is the part of us that is more aligned with mass consciousness.

My parents were like that, especially my mom. She would quash my hopes and dreams. She just didn't believe they were possible. Didn't mean she didn't love me.

When I was 15 or 16 I showed her magazine photo of a woman with lovely shiny shoulder length hair. I told her I wanted my hair to be like that. She looked at me with pure disbelief and assured me my hair could never be that beautiful (because I had the family trait of fine, thin hair). Well guess what, I let my hair grow, brushed and washed it religiously, and I proved her wrong. :) In a way she was part of that, because her attitude made me more determined.

I do still struggle with limiting beliefs, myself, especially when it comes to "going for" my creative dreams in art and writing. I did let Mom's discouragement influence me there. Ego will say: "You've had a busy day, why work so hard, just relax and watch a movie/TV show." Which is fine of course, but my New Year's resolution is to strictly limit the amount of time I spend on passive entertainment, and increase focus on my projects.

Abe says ego is neither good nor bad, but is the interpreter of our world. Make friends with ego and trust it will expand along with us.

I recommend the Ho'oponopono cleaning practice when the cynical, disbelieving voice comes up in us.


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ego, self identity,
of who we are in this
third density matrix, how
personalized from that real


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ego can not stand present .It survives on past or future.It has utility to survive in practical world.Tense present is ego.present without tense is peace.


answered 06 Dec '18, 14:19

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