Most IQ users are exploring and experimenting with the idea that we create our own reality through the Law of Attraction. The idea being that what we individually perceive as 'reality' is simply the manifestation of our beliefs within a medium of time and space. Most of the people who frequent this site understand this idea to some degree and generally ask questions that pertain to creating their own personal reality and the manner in which LOA is affecting that creation.

Bashar recently made a prediction that everything would change in the fall of 2016. He was not the only channeled personality to make this prediction. Taken together, the idea was that while some of those changes would be obvious, others would not be perceived on a conscious level of awareness. My question is about an obvious change that is happening in the realm of US politics with the newly elected president who clearly perceives a reality that appears to disregard "the facts". Is this one of those paradoxes Bashar is always talking about? '

In one of his videos' concerning the current period of time, Bashar spoke about the need for us to choose the reality we prefered. He made the analogy that there are many trains getting ready to leave the station, each destined for a different reality and we needed to choose which one we wanted to be on. Are witnessing in real time, a paradigm shift in reality, as we watch a "Trump train" leaving the station.

Is this a valid explanation for these events as they apply to the "Mass Reality" that is likely to be affected by the personal and perceived reality of the current US president and those who share his beliefs? Many of the pundits have expressed alarm and concern that this new president is creating his own reality and a world of "alternative facts". It would seem that, according to Bashar, they may be correct.

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My opinion, based on intuition and observation, is that at his core, Trump believes that he is fundamentally unlovable. Therefore, he will compensate by putting on a big show about the love he does not have.

In Abraham's terms, he places a tremendous amount of energy in the lack of what he is wanting, which is genuine love. Everything is about him getting loved, but in an awquard way. This is off-putting, for the very fundamental reason that it is about the lack of being loved.

In practice, this plays out as Trump doing all kinds of rather nasty manipulative things which generate the appearance of him being loved, for a while. Then the side effects kick in, and the much greater reaction to the love-grab kicks that catapults him to even greater heights of not being loved.

Instead of being introspective and rooting out the negative belief, Trump cooperates with it fully. He is a prime example of what Serge Kahili King terms a "conscious complex", in which a negative belief expresses itself with the full support and cooperation of the conscious mind, to devastating results.

What makes him interesting is that in other areas, he is quite spiritual. He trusts himself and his intuition above all else. His ability to connect with blue collar workers is very real. He chooses to interpret by himself who he is, with little regard for those who disagree. He has a tremendous ability to define himself and follow through with his identity based on nothing but his own ideas. He is forthright in his display of himself and he not apologize for who he is. In that way he is very authentic and true to himself.

In terms of his effects, I am quite convinced that he is a blessing in disguise. He both as a powerful magnet for the tremendous repressed negative energy holed up in poor people in the United States and elsewhere, and draws out the worst in people, which comes out along the fault lines of the country's checkered past (we killed the Indians, remember?). But then again, he is also an intuitionist who has a very real connection to source, presumably through a type of homegrown inner monolog. Colored through the mentioned tremendous negative belief as it may be, it is very offputting but somehow still unwittingly positive (if only because the negativity is brought out in such a glaring way it is hard to exaggerate in parody).

In other words, the hard-to-argue-with idea that he is bridging the gap between satire and reality is serving as a very real force for positive change.

It is often that the king is the fool, but rarely does a fool become king.


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@cmc, you've made some interesting points. He may have an intuitive grasp of LOA as he goes to great lengths to try to get people to accept his beliefs. In that sense, he "knows" that by multiplying those beliefs, he has a better chance of creating the reality that he prefers on a large scale. This is the same method used by the worlds religions and political leaders throughout history to affect the reality of the masses . The numbers, however, are not in his favor.

(13 Feb '17, 11:20) i4cim2b

Yes, I believe that he does have an intuitive grasp on intuition, so to speak.

However, the approval seeking are those parts of LOA he doesn't understand, or he would simply realign his energy and be done with it. It's not even really him- it's the negative belief perpetuating itself in him and even others.

The parts where he gets it right is where he is true to himself, and people do gravitate towards his brand, for that reason. I don't know a lot of people who can do 80s schtick and be real.

(13 Feb '17, 18:51) cmc

My favorite (what I like to call an) old school psychic, Danielle Egnew, has a really great article on the subject as well, going more into the spiritual surroundings of Trump.

(23 Feb '17, 16:06) cmc

I like the fifth comment there, @cmc, username "peakae," beginning: "What happens outside is a reflection of the inside. Do you really understand what that means? It doesn't matter who is the person of the "inside" reflection - a supporter of Left or Right ideologies - the reflection is YOU -- yours alone. It's not your neighbor doing this, not your family doing this, it isn't your co-workers doing this, it isn't somebody on TV -- If you see rage and fear and conflict, that is a reflection..."

(23 Feb '17, 18:52) Delphine

This article is excellent also. The author looks at Trump through the lens of the Michael Teachings. Hey, how do I make the link clickable? https://***./articles-by-jose-stevens/article-three-donald-trumps-personality-character-structure/

(23 Feb '17, 18:57) Delphine

That's strange. Usually only get hashtags if you use a 'naughty' word . May be the name. I'll try linking the cache copy, otherwise ppl can type this into their search engine - Article Three: Donald Trump's Personality and Character Structure until @IQ moderator or someone who knows more than me comes to the rescue.

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It would be very hard not to notice how often he 'points a finger'. The blame game started during his campaign and continues into his presidency.

"Trump believes that he is fundamentally unlovable"

Yeah, blame has its roots in worthiness.

(01 Mar '17, 00:39) ele
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LOA and Pandora's box


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