I say that the beliefs that you hold subconsciously may affect your ability to draw into your life what you want more than what you want consciously. Do you agree or disagree? And what do you do to get rid of the subconscious beliefs that are limiting you?

I have a few techniques I've been working with, just curious what others are doing, if anything.

asked 19 Sep '11, 05:31

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Study the "master key system" found here on Psi Tek.

(19 Sep '11, 14:33) Paulina 1

I have been studying the master key system although it is very difficult because of the language it was written in. Not only is the word usuage very old fashioned, but it's also a bit esoteric and feels like it's not the whole process to me.

(21 Sep '11, 02:26) akaVienne
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Everything starts with a conscious thought, however the effect in physical reality will show when it is a subconscious belief. This happens because when your subconscious accepts a belief, it is now automatic and you will be thinking it again and again and again, activating LOA all the time. Consciously you would not be able to do that, after a while you would lose focus and you wouldn't be able to activate LOA on a consistent basis.

However conscious thought is equally important because if we wish to be deliberate creators, we must first choose the beliefs we want, or in other words, choose consciously a thought. Through repetition, concentration and EVIDENCE, the subconscious accepts it and we can now move on with a new powerful belief.

I was stuck for a long time because I did not understand the importance of evidence. I would mindlessly repeat affirmations I had absolutely no belief in and just hope it does something. Unfortunately, many people do that. That's why I think the process of "Focus Wheels" by Abraham is brilliant because you take your limiting belief, you use your OWN belief system to find your own thoughts that feel better, and slowly, while focusing for about 17 seconds on each thought in order to let it sink in, you are slipping into a new belief that is empowering. You then reach a point where your new belief matches your desire and feel great. I can't recommend this process enough.


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Great answer Benjamin my answer would have been the same. One can't get rid of an old belief for you must first replace it with a new belief and for that work is necesary. Thanks for the "Focus Wheels" by Abraham tip. Im going to try it.

(19 Sep '11, 14:31) Paulina 1

I have no idea what the "Focus Wheels" is, but it sounds like it a process of consciously deciding what you value. Is that right?

(21 Sep '11, 02:20) akaVienne

The process is explained in the book "Ask & it is given" by Abraham, but you can easily learn it from searching "Focus Wheels" in Youtube and watching a few videos. Regarding your question, I don't think so. In this process you are just focusing on positive thoughts that are accepted by your belief system. So you are not deciding what you value, you simply align with what you ALREADY value and focus on that, rather than automatically focus on negativity.

(21 Sep '11, 08:31) Benjamin
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I agree that subconscious beliefs are very powerful, so I try to observe my mind, and whenever negative thought comes in, I redirect my mind towards positive. Takes a lot of effort. I'd like to find out what you do about it, Vienne.


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Hey Olga :). There are 3 things specifically I've been doing. First is Faster EFT. I find it to be very effective for working with problems and issues. Second, the NLP technique of anchoring in your past successes. As you remember the things you've been proud of achieving in the past, anchor them in so that you can feel more joyful. Third, figuring out what I want based on my higher self as opposed to just my ego or accepted ideas from others. I've done this by consciously contacting my higher self and journaling.

(21 Sep '11, 02:18) akaVienne

AGREED! More imprtant. It is teh beliefs and the subconsieses that tend to dictate the l.o.a. What I mena is this, That very first thougt ior want has so much power, and after 2 years of failing iin mannifestation my freind has finaly seen his errors in the ideas of beleifs and subconsies cues. After he spoke to my source he came to get many things,. i wished that session was public it is brilliant.

Love n light.



answered 21 Sep '11, 12:15

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TReb Bor yit-NE

I agree with everything dionysius said. Subconscious beliefs are what creates the results in our lives, whether negative or positive. If you say you believe something consciously, that doesn't mean that your heart believes it. Our feelings are the way our subconscious mind talks to us. It is through our true feelings that we attract things into our lives.


answered 25 Oct '12, 23:00

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(26 Oct '12, 03:19) Barry Allen ♦♦

Subconscious beliefs are probably more important than conscious beliefs, if only because the subconscious ones are never questioned by us, and operate largely unquestioned. There is nothing "esoteric" about the subconscious, even though most books make out as if it some hidden area we need to attach and fix.

One of the best ways to uproot subconscious beliefs, is simply to bring them to light by engaging more often in self-observation and self-awareness. Watch you reactions, observe how you feel about things, your first response to situations. By bringing these reactions into your awareness you can then question them, and allow for the opportunity to change.


answered 21 Sep '11, 06:57

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