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I've been experimenting with different manifesting ideas and tools for a few years now. And I noticed that while manifesting is, in theory, super-simpel, there are a few (self-created) road-blocks that can get in the way of people from time to time. So I thought about this and I asked myself how one can create a fail-proof, easy and time-efficient manifesting approach.

And so, after long nights stuck inside a sterile laboratory with my team testing different manifesting techniques, we are proud to finally present to you our ManifestingMaster 4000... Uhm... well, no, not really, but I do think this approach is a bit different, kinda cool and "bullet-proof".

So here it is in a nutshell...

  1. Think about what you don't want OR think about what you want.
  2. Create the feeling of it being already done.
  3. Fall asleep while feeling the feeling of it being already done and handled.

That's it.

No more wishing, hoping, doubting or begging the Universe or anyone else to take care of you and your life... just feeling some feelings for a few seconds or minutes and falling asleep. That's all. You don't even have to clear traumatic events that happened to you eons ago, or meditate for hours on end, or hope you don't get in your own way when trying to manifest. And no, you don't even have to visualize anything and be frustrated because you can't imagine stuff in great detail.

The only two things that could stand in your way to make this method work could be

A) the belief that "This is too easy to be true" or "If something is too easy to be true, than it probably is" or that "If it was so easy, everyone would do it and everyone would talk about it on CNN News" or any variation of this belief.

B) that "nothing ever worked for me and it won't work this time either" or any variation of that.

Because when you choose to believe that, it will motivate you to not even try. And if you don't try it, it cannot work. Sounds logical, right?

So I would suggest that you let these two beliefs go if they sound familiar to you. Because just because something seemed to be true in the past and even if it was, it doesn't have to apply to this new method. But, of course, if you choose to hold on to them, it's your choice. Just realize how and what kind of a future these beliefs will create for you if you hold on to them.

Let's get to it.

Manifesting is like planting a seed. You plant what you want once by intending what you want and feeling it done. When you doubt it afterwards, it's like metaphorically digging the seed up to see if wether it really grows or not. It can't when you dig it up. You have to let it rest and let it be.

alt text

When you are awake it can be tempting to dig the seed up out of curiosity. But while you are asleep, it is impossible for you to dig the seed up. And so it can grow. Because when you are asleep, you are automatically in a resistance-free state of being. So we will

  1. Make it super-easy to plant the seed (as I will explain below)
  2. Utilize this powerful state of sleep to make it impossible for you to dig your seed up.

When these two manifesting puzzle pieces are being combined, it creates a powerful force that will easily manifest what you want.

At your first attempts you might wake up in the morning and immediately dig the seed up to see if something happened. But that's no problem since it had so much time to grow in the night while you were asleep. As you apply this method night after night, the seed will grow it's own momentum and life on its own. And after some time, even if you try to dig the seed up in the morning again, it will be difficult since the seed will have become a full grown tree with massive roots.

Give it at least 30 nights to see how powerful this little seed becomes.

So here is exactly how to do it.

1.Think about what you don't want or think about what you do want

If you have some experience with manifesting theories, you might be asking yourself how thinking about what you don't want might help you manifest what you want. Because you manifest what you think about, right? So if you think about what you don't want, you will manifest what you don't want. Correct?


If you think about what you don't want and you persist in that state, it is true that you will manifest it. But if you think about what you don't want and tie it to the feeling of it already being done and handled, it will create what YOU DO WANT.

So isn't this cool? You have the choice of thinking about what you want. Sometimes you might feel that it is easier to think about what you don't want and other times it might feel easier for you to think about what you do want. So it takes all the pressure off of you and gives you the freedom of choice.

It has a little bit more manifesting power to think about what you do want though. But the seed will grow anyway. Thinking precisely about what you do want is like putting some fertilizer on your seed before planting it. If you don't use fertilizer, it will grow a bit slower but it will grow anyway.

So if you feel like it, preferrably think about what you do want. If you feel resistance to it, think about what you don't want. You can't get it wrong if you follow Step 2.

2.Create the feeling of it being already done and handled

The feeling of something being done is the easiest and yet the most powerful state you can feel. Sounds like a bold statement, right? Yet it is true.

Everything we want is because we want to feel better. And we either want to feel better by getting rid of something and feel the feeling of this negative thing being over and being done. Or we want to have something and feel the feeling of it being done so we can appreciate the doneness and beauty of it.

We make to-do-lists so we can do the tasks so we can later feel the feeling of these tasks being already done. We want material stuff like cars, houses etc to see how they are done so we can allow ourselves to feel the delicious feeling of those things being already done.

So since everything we want at some level contains the feeling of something already being done, why should we wait to feel this peaceful or delicious feeling of things already being done?

And since we all know how we feel when something is done and when there is no more to think about, we all can easily conjure it up no matter where we are vibrationally.

It doesn't matter if you feel utter depression or joy right still know how it feels when something is done. It is the easiest feeling to remember and think about.

And this powerful yet easy feeling of something being done is one of the most powerful manifesting states I came across. This feeling can transform darkness into light or it can make the light shine even brighter.

And because of these unique characteristics of the feeling of something being already done, it would be a crime not to utilize it.

So think about what you don't want or think about what you do want. And then feel the feeling of it being done. If you can't feel the feeling specific to your subject at hand, feel the feeling of something else being done. It still works when you feel it immediately after feeling feeling what you don't want (or what you want).

For example, I might want to have a new car. But I so hate my current car and how everything is so unfair etc. I think about all of this until I have enough. I might want to think about it for a few seconds or minutes. It doesn't matter. Then, I immediately feel the feeling of this subject being done in its wholeness and that it is handled and that there is no more to think about.

Sometimes it helps to use the phrase "I remember when...".

"I remember when... I hated my car back then and how unfair everything was etc... but now it turned out to be ok and it is done. What a relief!"

So you put yourself in the future and remember when it was all a struggle. This implies that it is no longer a struggle and now it's done. Feel the feeling of it being done.

Another easy way to generate the feeling of something being done is this.

Have the intention to raise your hand or leg a little. Then do it. Done. You had an intention to do something and you have done it. Isn't it wonderful that it is done now? It is over and done. You have done it. Feel the feeling of it being done. See how easy it is to feel that something is done?

Or remember when you wanted to drink water and you did it. Done! What an easy feeling!

And it doesn't matter what subject you choose as your reason to feel it. It's just important that you give yourself a rather easy reason to feel it.

3.Fall asleep while feeling the feeling of it being already done and handled

While you feel the feeling of something being already done and tie it to your chosen subject (by feeling the feeling of "doneness" afterwards), you feel relieved and peaceful. In this feeling, fall asleep when you are tired. Your seed will grow as you sleep.

Sometimes you might wake up and feel very neutral about the subject that bothered you before. Because it was all being handled while you were asleep. Isn't this nice to know? Other times you might wake up and feel that your desire is done even if physical reality suggests it isn't. And one day you will wake up and even physical reality will have changed.

This method was mainly inspired by:

  • The material of Neville Goddard
  • "It is done" by Richard Dotts
  • Inward Quest and my own thoughts

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This is very cool, thanks for sharing! Recently I've been thinking about how often I get in my own way, when trying to improve how I feel about something, by insisting that I feel better in the same day. I have a vague sense that I need the sleep period to reset or something, no matter how much vibrational work I do, it's typically the next day that I actually feel the improvement emotionally. So it makes a lot of sense to me in the context of what you write here.

(12 Apr '17, 02:07) corduroypower

This seems very nice and like it should work but have you tested it? Have you had any results? I'm sorry but that's what we really care about in the end :D

(13 Apr '17, 09:26) Marin

@corduroypower - You are welcome.

(13 Apr '17, 18:45) releaser99

@Marin - "Have you had any results?" - Yes, I've been manifesting so many effortless results from the "business of my dreams" to many, many everyday items and ideas that I know it works really well. It is, in fact, my primary and favorite manifesting tool at this time. If I had to choose one manifesting tool only, right now, it would be this one. But I doubt that this will help you unless you prove it to yourself :).

(13 Apr '17, 18:47) releaser99

Thanks @releaser99, a very effortless method indeed.

How do you manage / schedule multiple wishes using this method?

(14 Apr '17, 03:13) cod2

@cod2 - "How do you manage / schedule multiple wishes using this method?" - I keep a list of things that bother me during the day. I take the top 2-3 and one primary desire. Then I think about subject 1 --> feel it done --> subject 2 --> feel it done --> subject 3 --> feel it done --> drift off to sleep while feeling the feeling of "It is done".

Just to add, I also put myself 24 hours or a week ahead of things and feel that it was a fantastic day today/this week --> feel it is done --> Sleep.

(14 Apr '17, 04:54) releaser99

@releaser99, just for the record: I've found your method amazing from the start. I wrote the words "It's done!" on a post-it and put it on my desk. Every time I looked at it, I tried to feel a general feeling of "it's all done", without specifying anything. I know the Universe knows what I really want. During the last two days, a lot of small things I wanted manifested from thin air. It really works! Thank you for sharing.

(14 Apr '17, 14:39) VitoriaRegia

@VitoriaRegia - "feel a general feeling of "it's all done", without specifying anything. I know the Universe knows what I really want" - Yes, this is exactly how easy und effortless it can be. Have fun with it! :)

(16 Apr '17, 10:33) releaser99

Hi @releaser99 - I like this method, and I'm enjoying it very much. We were just talking on another thread recently about taking a fresh look at the "work" of manifesting, and your ideas are giving me new enthusiasm for the fun of it all!

I wanted to ask you - have you ever thought of linking this method to lucid dreaming? A terrific old answer from @wildlife here put the idea in my head...

(16 Apr '17, 11:37) Grace

... I've never yet been able to summon a lucid dream, only to enjoy and play in them when they come. I'd love to see you expand on your method to explore all the exciting possibilities! :D

(16 Apr '17, 11:37) Grace

@Grace - "have you ever thought of linking this method to lucid dreaming" - Interesting. I've never explored lucid dreaming and know very little about it. But I'm sure it could be an interesting manifesting playground since the dream state is also a resistance-free state. Maybe you could do some pioneering work there :).

(17 Apr '17, 11:36) releaser99

@releaser99, I have been playing with this over the last week or so, and I am noticing a somewhat strange thing.

I lie on the bed, feel the feeling of the thing having already been manifested, but then I fall asleep really quickly. And next morning I can't remember whether I did manage to conjure up the feeling the previous night or not.

Is this also your experience?

(22 Apr '17, 04:23) cod2

@releaser99, also thank you for mentioning Richard Dotts, who I had never heard of before. I am reading his "The Greatest Gift"... this is advanced stuff.

(22 Apr '17, 08:33) cod2

@cod2 - "Is this also your experience?" - Yes, my theory is that this is because I make a big vibrational jump overnight literally. I find this phenomenon to be very interesting when it comes to manifestations in general. It's similar to when you think about your past desires when you were a child and you try to remember how it felt like wanting something like a toy, being able to drive a car or having your own money...

(22 Apr '17, 10:51) releaser99

...You can't really remember how it felt like at this time to want it and if you try, you just end up rationalizing like "Well, it just happens when you grow up. It's no big deal". You even forget how you made that transition from wanting it to actually having it because you closed a vibrational gap and it is no longer emotionally relevant. So I think when you forget how you have conjured up the feeling the night before it is similar. I take it as a good sign.

(22 Apr '17, 10:52) releaser99

@cod2 - "Richard Dotts" - Yes, I've also been enjoying his books for a while now. Very good stuff :).

(22 Apr '17, 10:59) releaser99

@releaser99 - "Richard Dotts" - Not heard of him before :) He seems to have written quite a few books. Any recommendations on where to start?

(01 Jun '17, 13:26) Stingray

@Stingray - "Any recommendations on where to start?" - Generally speaking, most of his books are very short and sweet reads that one can read in a few hours or less. And there are exciting nuggets in each of his books I read so far. So I think your best bet would be to look at his list of books and choose the most appealing one. But considering our previous conversations about Abraham's Grid Work and the importance of purity of emotion, I would assume that you may...

(01 Jun '17, 19:39) releaser99

...find his book "Thoughtless Magic and Manifestations: Through Non-Verbal Protocols" interesting. Here is why. There is a fascinating relationship between the use of words and the purity of emotion. Abraham cut down the use of words to general, single words because it usually introduces less resistance into the focusing process and increases the purity of emotion. Using more words (and therefore getting more specific) can activate more resistant thoughts...

(01 Jun '17, 19:39) releaser99

...But using no words at all can be the purest form of focusing. So I found his "non-verbal protocol" quite counter-intuitive and enlightening. You might want to check that book out first.

(01 Jun '17, 19:40) releaser99

@releaser99 - "You might want to check that book out first" - I have become somewhat of an obsessed super-nerd regarding the subtleties and effects of emotional purity so that book does sound like a great place to start. Thank you :)

(02 Jun '17, 02:02) Stingray

@releaser99 - "Thoughtless Magic and Manifestations: Through Non-Verbal Protocols" - Very impressed with the insights in this book. The approach seems like a natural and elegant extension to Abraham's Gridwork ideas. I've already started using this method in preference to the language-based ones :)

(04 Jun '17, 07:04) Stingray

@Stingray - I'm also impressed with the simplicity and elegance of this approach. Even though I felt a little lost without the use of language at first, I'm now able to do "Non-Verbal Grid Work" instantly and it feels even easier than doing it verbally. Let's see what else is possible with this approach :).

(05 Jun '17, 05:17) releaser99

@Stingray "subtleties and effects of emotional purity" Beside Dotts, what is a good place to learn more about this?

(06 Jun '17, 07:30) cmc

@cmc - "effects of emotional purity" - Beyond Dotts, and the resources mentioned in the Gridwork Demonstration, I don't know of any clear "real world" material on emotional purity and manifesting - the topic seems pretty leading-edge. For me, I use the trial-and-error self-learning approach that Abraham hinted at me to observe patterns (the results of which I occasionally share on IQ):

(06 Jun '17, 09:09) Stingray

@Stingray Absolutely fascinating. The closest I've got are the Huna fogs of colors.

(06 Jun '17, 09:51) cmc

@Stingray and @cmc - can you explain what you're talking about with regard to 'emotional purity' and manifesting? Thanks. Intrigued by 'Huna fogs of colours' also...

(06 Jun '17, 10:28) Andie

@Andie - "emotional purity and manifesting" - When you launch an emotionally pure desire, it contains within it everything required to manifest it perfectly without further input from you (LOA does all the hard work, unhindered)...and it comes as fast as your beliefs allow. It's kind of the "Holy Grail" of manifesting i.e. getting your "stuff" to come as quickly as possible, and without any obvious effort on your part (except for a few moments of focus on the pure essence of it).

(06 Jun '17, 10:45) Stingray

Ah ok, thanks @Stingray. What's an emotionally pure desire though? One without any resistance attached to it? Would that not imply your beliefs are also 'neutral' with regard to it? And so beliefs wouldn't come into it - or am I wrong about that?

(06 Jun '17, 14:34) Andie

@Andie - The generally-accepted manifesting process goes...

Vibration > Thought > Emotion > Manifestation

Emotions are used to used to provide feedback to the Thought-based influence of Vibration to get what you want for the Physical Manifestation (Beliefs are just habitual thoughts). We on IQ (and Abraham) have tended to refer to this all-lined-up state as vibrational alignment. The problem is that people get trapped in the Thought level and focus on it too much at the expense...

(07 Jun '17, 03:11) Stingray

@Andie - ...of the emotional feedback. When people don't get what they want, they generally blame the process instead of understanding that they are misapplying the process. I'm always trying to get people out of "Mind" and into "Feeling" :)

This idea I'm calling "emotional purity" refers to this process...

Vibration > Emotion > Manifestation

Emotions are still used to provide feedback but, this time, to a Thought-Free manipulation of Vibration. Because one is accessing...

(07 Jun '17, 03:11) Stingray

@Andie - ...Vibration directly (without Thought), there is no Thought level to over-analyze and over-intellectualize. The focus goes to the most useful level for us physically-projected humans...the Emotion level (for feedback about your Vibration).

Both processes, if applied properly, produce emotionally-pure desires but the terminology is different because the processes are subtly different. It can be confusing to onlookers when the IQ nerds are firing vibrational jargon at one another :)

(07 Jun '17, 03:13) Stingray

@Andie - And just to make things even more confusing, I like to think of Abraham Gridwork as an "emotionally pure" process even though Abraham are using words (which embody thoughts) in order to implement it. However, in this case, the words they are using are as general as possible in order to keep the stimulation of Thought to a minimal level.

Richard Dott's approach manages to remove the Thought level completely, so it goes one step beyond Gridwork. There might be minimal advantage...

(07 Jun '17, 03:17) Stingray

@Andie - using it if one is only using Gridwork to generate general emotions (or Vortex alignment) - a general target is generally more resistance-free. But for specific manifestations you are chasing, I can see that eliminating the Thought level has huge advantages. You don't need to clean up your resistance to what you want if you don't activate the (Thought-based) resistance in the first place.

Hope you manage to make sense of all this :)

(07 Jun '17, 03:22) Stingray

@Andie and @Stingray - The exchange above should be made into an IQ question and answer, IMO. It's core information that should be easier for people to find and refer to, etc. Just a thought. :)

(07 Jun '17, 04:59) Grace

@Stingray - thanks for the explanations. Yes, that all makes perfect sense. I like the idea of taking thought out of the process as it's where most of us trip up with regard to aligning. Will try the Dotts' books. Thank you!

(07 Jun '17, 06:29) Andie

@Andie - You're welcome. And, as a suggestion, regardless of anything you might read in Dotts' books (or any other books), I would always still have Vortex alignments going on in the background. Having that as a dominant state underpinning your life provides the most fertile soil for planting vibrational seeds, and a sturdy anchor for playing around with advanced-level methods.

(07 Jun '17, 06:58) Stingray

@Grace - "should be easier for people to find and refer to" - Good idea. It's always satisfying to hammer people over the head...err, I's always helpful to reiterate the basics from time to time :) I've added a link to those comments in my Troubleshooting The Methods answer which has a permanent place in my account summary page description

(07 Jun '17, 07:02) Stingray

Thanks, @Stingray - sorry to be 'dim' but when you say "I would always still have Vortex alignments going on in the background" - are you referring to specific Abraham processes there or just any processes that get you into the vortex regularly?

(07 Jun '17, 07:43) Andie

@Andie - "or just any processes that get you into the vortex regularly?" - Yes, any process that works for you. These days, I've become a big fan of Gridwork for getting into the Vortex. It's quick, easy, reliable, and has proved effective from any emotional starting place. On the days when you feel like hitting the Vortex Bullseye, you'll need to add in more...

(07 Jun '17, 08:10) Stingray

@Andie - ...specificness at the end. I use a process with the scary-sounding name of Vibrational World Exploration and since the Vortex IS the Vibrational World, it's really just Vortex Exploration (I felt like there were already too many references to the word Vortex). That method amounts to focusing on specific good feeling stuff in your life: past, present, future - it really amps up the alignment, if you want to

(07 Jun '17, 08:17) Stingray

Ok, great - thanks, @Stingray. That sounds wonderful. I will investigate 'Vibrational World Exploration' as I also quite fancy aiming for that Vortex Bullseye! Thank you very much for all your help on this.

(07 Jun '17, 08:28) Andie

@Stingray - Perfect! Thanks! And Whew! I was wondering this morning if my comment had made any sense; I'd woken up at 2:30 a.m. and it suddenly seemed very important. :D

(07 Jun '17, 11:35) Grace

@Andie The Huna fogs of colors are a traditional shamanic practice, and I think they are a simplification of imagining flowers growing as a blessing. The most commonly used colors are green to send love and pink to harmonize and create friendship.

Imaging bright pink fogs that represent harmony on groups can really improve the mood, and with persistence, the relationships. Bright green works really well to make things better again with a lover.

I also do it a lot on the news.

(12 Jun '17, 04:18) cmc

Thanks for the explanation, @cmc - that sounds really interesting. Will give it a try.

(13 Jun '17, 08:01) Andie

@releaser99, I'm reading Richard Dotts books - they are really good! Well written and very insightful. Thanks for sharing :)

(16 Jun '17, 13:09) VitoriaRegia
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