Something manifested in my life that I have been wanting for a long time. First, it seemed something "small", but I came to realize that this manifestation have a greater impact on my life than I thought at first.

I am aware now that it didn't manifest before because I was not ready for it; now, it feels just like "the next logical step", and that's why I saw it at first as "small" and not the "almost impossible miracle" I was expecting.

These thoughts brought about some reflexions on how we try to create our own reality and why we sometimes fail.

It seems to me that we don't create our reality by "wanting" (or "expecting") things to manifest by "magic", but by preparing emotionally to receive them into our lives - that when we are really ready to receive, manifestations feel like "normal", "natural", even "small" and unimportant - which means that dreams must have comfortable places in our lives before manifesting - which means that when dreams seem too good to be true they are not the next logical step, and still far from manifesting in the physical realm.

I would really appreciate some comments on this idea:)

asked 19 Apr '17, 10:15

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I believe that reality is created and manifested in accordance with our beliefs and what we know is true.

If that is true I can conclude that your beliefs sufficiently changed so that thing you manifested felt like "the next logical step".

An example of this process would look like this:

Joe wants to be rich. That desire and a little focus gets the universe going. One day Joe finds some money on the street. "Money, cool", thinks Joe. The next day Joe's friend bought him lunch. "I just saved a ton of money", thinks Joe. His birthday is in two days. Joe gets some expensive presents and a bunch of money, again. Next week Joe gets a promotion at work. With promotion comes more money. Let's say that by this time for Joe having lots of money is not a strange idea anymore. Joe comes to own a very successful company. He makes a ton of money. One day, Joe was kind of bored and decides to buy a lottery ticket, and guess what, he won. But Joe was not overly excited because he didn't need more money, he already was rich, he already was making huge amounts of money. The lottery win was just "meh" for him, you can say even "the next logical step".

So what happened in the above story? Joe gradually built a belief in money, that he has it, he gets it etc. He got used to having money. He probably developed all kinds of positive beliefs regarding money with time. He started to always expect more money. So the lottery win was not such a big deal and the next logical step. By the way, in my country some people like to say "money goes with money".

I hope I was clear about my idea, thats how I see the situation.


answered 19 Apr '17, 16:50

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@Marin, thank you for your answer. I agree with you on this :)

(20 Apr '17, 17:51) VitoriaRegia

great answer!thanks :)

(21 Apr '17, 03:13) myself

I think I know what you're saying. When you want something, and it's like "Oh wow, this would be so great!" but by the time you get it, the emotions around it are rather neutral, like "Yes, of course."

I almost never (I want to say never but I'm actually not completely sure) get what I want while I still am actively 'wanting' it. I think this is because the way I experience wanting is as a yearning, something to fix a lack that I've decided is there and needs to be filled. Once I get over wanting it, where it hardly comes into my mind and just seems like another option out of many that can happen or not happen, I get my manifestation.

What's interesting is knowing this has not completely eliminated my tendency toward yearning for what I want, although it's definitely much easier to let go now than it was previously. Sometimes it still feels like "It must be this person/thing/circumstance or nothing!" And I don't seem get what I want as long as I'm in this state of insistence.


answered 19 Apr '17, 21:10

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@JMA, that's exactly how I feel about it. Though I agree that belief is key to manifest, I think emotion has a great role to play on manifestation. The feeling of believing I can achieve something is a bit different from the feeling of having achieved it :)

(20 Apr '17, 17:55) VitoriaRegia

@VitoriaRegia, how do you get the feeling that you have already achieved what you want? I have yet to be able to do that, and by many people's accounts it seems like that's an important part of deliberate creation. The only thing that happens to me is eventually I go neutral...and I think if I could feel like I have already achieved it, I would get my manifestations more quickly.

(21 Apr '17, 18:26) JMA

@JMA, the simplest answer to your question is that I use "imagination" to get the feeling. It's like being a child and pretending that I have achieved what I want. It's by ignoring reality. It's by not taking score, not comparing what really happened with my own fantasy about it. I take the opportunity to be grateful for what I get, instead of saying: "This is not really what I wanted"... Of course, it's no easy thing to do when we want something hard and feel lack about it.

(22 Apr '17, 08:06) VitoriaRegia

@JMA, Over the years I realized that a "burning desire" has a bad side effect - the more the desire burns within us, the more lack we feel. Going neutral, as you said, seems to be the best way to deal with some desires. For example, if someone wants to be rich and has a fantasy about what being rich is, like having tons of money, etc, the person can never see improvement in his/her own life because he/she is always comparing manifestation with their idea of what being rich is.

(22 Apr '17, 08:16) VitoriaRegia

@JMA, I don't have tons of money, but I consider myself rich, because I feel satisfied with what I have. Over the years, this mental attitude has brought financial prosperity into my life. My burning desire was to be a talented musician. My fantasy was to be as talented as Mozart or Chopin. It took me a lot of "letting go" to accept the fact that I'll never get there from where I am now, no matter what I do and no matter how much I believe it is possible from a theoretical point of view.

(22 Apr '17, 08:20) VitoriaRegia

@JMA, I decided to be happy and satisfied with what talent I have, and stop comparing reality with that fantasy I had. There was a moment of realization: "I know how to play the piano now, which was my dream; I am no piano genius, but what does it matter?" Soon, small manifestations took me to a school I had never heard about but that is the answer to all my prayers about piano teachers and schools. Did I manifest talent? No, but I attracted this new school and this new teacher into my life...

(22 Apr '17, 08:38) VitoriaRegia

@JMA, At first, I didn't think it was very much out of the ordinary - just a new school and a new teacher. But then I realized that my feelings had changed. Did I say: "This is not what I wanted?" No! Absolutely not. I didn't compare this manifestation with the fantasy I had. I just realized that I have attracted this into my life and that it was LoA acting on my desire. In short, I used the "small" manifestation to build the feeling of having what I wanted...

(22 Apr '17, 08:46) VitoriaRegia

@JMA, I hope I am not bothering you with this long example. The fact is that, two days before the manifestation occured, I was already practicing releaser99 method of thinking "It's done" before sleeping. I didn't think about the piano then, I just thought that I was satisfied and happy with my life and that I considered all my wishes "done". It was only after I've found the school, went there, took a class with the new teacher, that I realized the impact this would have in my life.

(22 Apr '17, 08:51) VitoriaRegia

@JMA, Then, it was the easiest thing to feel "It's done"! So, in short, now: I first let go of the fantasy; then I felt I had accomplished something; then a "small" manifestation occured, and I used that manifestation as a means of getting the feeling that I have what I want - not what I "wantED", but WHAT I WANT NOW. Sorry for the long writing! :)

(22 Apr '17, 09:06) VitoriaRegia

@VitoriaRegia, thank you for your comments, it is helpful to me! I have a burning desire, and last night, I tried imagining it that it was happening right now. It felt so good, and suddenly I couldn't quite imagine in the same way, it was like it had happened. Aha! Then, within an hour...I had a complete meltdown. Like I suddenly no longer believed in LOA, I was a victim, I would never get what I want...I spiraled downwards very far. It was very much like AH says about falling out of a plane.

(23 Apr '17, 18:34) JMA

However, today, a desire that is very important to me but not burning (I am less emotional about it) had out-of-the-blue some huge progress made, when nothing had been happening for a long time. In a way that I wouldn't have ever thought of, but was very ordinary, but was exactly the perfect answer. And today my burning's almost like I can't focus on it or think about it. So interesting! I think your thoughts about letting go of the fantasy is key, and I'm going to explore this more.

(23 Apr '17, 18:38) JMA

I am still thinking about your example. So you didn't so much let go of the fantasy, as you let your beliefs that were opposing your fantasy arise, which feels like letting go of the fantasy. That is pretty much what happened to me last night. So...your desire, to be the musician of your dreams, is still in now have a new teacher and new's still unfolding. This is all very helpful to me!

(23 Apr '17, 18:57) JMA

@JMA, I am glad this process worked for you :) For me, Law of Attraction is something real, observable. I also think that the study of LoA is something for life - more like been capable of trying and missing and trying again until we get it right. Sometimes we will get it, sometimes we won't. The most important thing is to be positive and happy even without the manifestation. Let's not let our burning desires burn our heart!

(24 Apr '17, 09:05) VitoriaRegia

@JMA, Besides, your example is a bit like mine: something we consider small and ordinary at first may simply change everything for us! So, why to be stuck in that burning desire, if little surprises like these are so cool and such fun? What I want now is just to enjoy my life and let LoA manage things for me. I don't want to create my reality anymore - I want to enjoy it and see what LoA brings to me out of that. As you've said, "it's still unfolding". Thanks for sharing :)

(24 Apr '17, 09:17) VitoriaRegia

"What I want now is just to enjoy my life and let LoA manage things for me."That is an awesome state of being!

(24 Apr '17, 15:21) JMA
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