This is my very first time posting here! How can I manifest being more 'smart'? I am interested in increasing my intelligence, which would include easy information recall and memorization, very fast learning, higher reading comprehension, better ability to easily synthesize new ideas, etc. etc. This desire stems from my experience of inadequacy in these areas, like thinking too slowly, can't remember what I read, lack of clarity in communicating an idea, etc, etc. And I am just so excited about manipulating ideas and synthesizing knowledge, and the beauty of complex concepts, but don't want it to be all so darn difficult! I have been able to do better through a ton of work, which is just not the way I want this to 'manifest'. Give it to me easily, universe!

While I am very familiar with the different LOA methods (like the focus wheel, visualization, meditation and others), it would be interesting to hear about any specific ways you could think of for evoking the feeling and the belief of being exceptionally smart and intellectually crafty, and ultimately seeing this a reality in myself. So far I have been able to increase my indifference to how I perform in class, believing that I am smart regardless of what I say or do in any situation, but I want some more ideas on how to take this further.

Excited to read your ideas on this!

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Since, in terms of assessing your intelligence, you no longer care about your actual level of academic achievement, you are now smart. Your desire is manifest. You're done. Congratulations!

This may seem too easy, but it is not- intelligence is selective. I, for one, have excellent analysis, idea synthesis and memory retention skills in areas that are interesting to me, and horrible ones in areas that I couldn't care less about- and that is how I like it.

A lot of memory retention is also not really memory retention at all, it's telepathy. If you are working with your highest excitement, and you know a lot of stuff about a book you read, you are not necessarily remembering the words from the book. You connected yourself to the actual concepts in the book, which physically exist in their own special, living, breathing and dreaming world, and they are walking around with you in those worlds and showing you around. When you really grasp the book, you are not processing it with your brain- you are sending your non-physical mind components into that books world, and merging with it. So analysis is not understanding- analysis is recognizing the texture of another world. Synthesis is not really combining abstract aspects to form something new, synthesis is holding a meeting with the creatures of that world and getting them to agree on how they would like to see their world expanded. Memory retention is not really holding vast lumps of data in your brain- memory retention is being aware of the book-world and being able to visit various areas in it and describe it.

This is where the ease comes in- you don't actually work yourself, you just drift around in a soup of imagination with some clear intentions in place and spit out what comes up. A lot of times people will find this so impressive that they will bend the rules of smartness to accommodate you.

The point of this little description is this: You aren't doing anything with your brain, or your conscious mind- you are using your conscious mind to make some decisions, and then sending your unconscious mind on a little intelligence gathering trip to do all the synthesizing and analyzing for you, to neatly present the results in the form that you require. If that sounds easy, it's because it is. Ease is always about finding various ways to let the universe do the work for you, and this is how it applies to thinking.

Your conscious mind is still important though- you use it like a filter, to discern those things your subconscious mind comes up with that you want, and those that you don't want at this point. So, for example, you could come up with groundbreaking ideas, but your teacher might scoff at your dreaminess and point you to some tired old subject. So it's your conscious mind's job to instruct your subconscious to present its data in a way that is acceptable as part of whatever your school is doing, or whatever is considered correct and smart in your school. Then, when you are not in school, you can read anything you like and combine data any way you like and go wild- going literally anywhere you like with your mind.

One final means of improving your intelligence is to talk to smart people. Now because you are doing this in a Law of Attraction way, you are not limited to whoever is in your physical vicinity- you can talk to Einstein, Descartes, Heisenberg, Oppenheimer, Plato, Aristotle, Da Vinci and Higgs in a single evening if you want to. This is a process from Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich and it's called the panel of inner advisors, which he called his greatest asset. So you just sit down in a room, and start with one historical or living figure, or guiding spirit of any smart person who ever lived, if you want to, and visualize that person in front of you, and start asking questions. Mind you, Napoleon had a panel of rich people giving him advice, but there's nothing stopping you from having a panel of smart people. So start chit chatting with them, and once you've connected with them and they are answering you and you notice a different meter of speech and mannerism than you are used to from your daydreams, you know you are connecting with that person's energy. So start with chit chat, until you get a feel for the person, and then start bringing up some more cerebral questions.

Note that none of this has anything to do with academic achievement, which is a mostly political system that approximates smartness, but does not inherently have anything to do with smartness, and is currently going through a crisis that boils down to quantity over quality. You can still use your newly recognized intelligence to do very well academically if that is what you want, but it is healthy and also, well, smart, to recognize that academia and intelligence are very different animals. Plenty of high-profile scientists of the sixties have said they would be unable to work within the current system, or at least unable to come up with anything as valuable as the used to.

So to some it up, here is my method for intelligence, the easy way:

  1. Decide on something you want to wrap your mind around
  2. Give it your attention- notice patterns. Intend to grasp, emotionally, what kind of beast you are dealing with.
  3. Play with it. Make changes to the picture you are getting. Fiddle with areas, and see how it affects other areas. Treat it as sentient, and let it go where it wants to go. That part is how you come up with elegant and natural solutions.
  4. Take breaks- Work in a fast pattern of attention-relaxation-attention-relaxations. Fuel up on healthy food and make sure you are feeling pleasurable, you like the light, you like the temperature, you are wearing something you enjoy, and you got enough sleep.
  5. Enjoy staring at things you don't understand without having to understand them yet- just wonder at them.
  6. Ask yourself questions about what you are staring at.

And that's it. Enjoy!


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Wow!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!! I am so in synch with this! Thank you!

(17 May '17, 14:55) amazon bookshelf

How can I manifest being more 'smart'?

Your Brain is a transmitter and receiver of "Mind". The more "Mind" you can transmit/receive, the more "smartness" you can manifest.

Here's a method I've been using for years: Can you recommend an efficient and powerful daily mind workout routine to do in 2 hours in the evening?


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