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Hello fellow inward travellers

I just wanted to share something that has been working wonders in my life, and that is quite simple to apply. It has taken me out of emotional pain and cleared the energy of my life in a very short time, like nothing else previously has.

As a background context, I am what you might call a perfectionist and I have struggled a lot with the issue of bridging the dreamy images in my mind of what reality can be and what I saw and experienced 'externally'. One day I was at a yoga class and the teacher brought up the word Kriya as part of a mantra that we were supposed to intone. And after came the explanation: Kriya means action with intention. That struck a chord with me and tied in with stuff I had previously read about and toyed with in my development.

So I started to apply that for every single action I undertook during the day. Being sensitive to energy, I often felt 'drowned' in social interactions, especially when I had baggage of my own that I carried around. It's so easy to get triggered, I thought. Now what I found is that setting intentions before EVERY action and interaction, of the kind of energy/emotions you want to experience or WHO you want to be in the interaction COMPLETELY TRANSFORMS the experience. I can not emphasize COMPLETELY enough. I see the intention as an arrow that cuts through the energetic chaos/tangle that marks most interactions in the modern world and creates space for you to be and act EXACTLY as you intended. It's almost as if intention is begging to be used.

I have used it for previously strained interactions with my parents, the energy of which completely shifted in a matter of a few days. eg. I intend that my interaction with my parents be calm and relaxed, although I be firm in my convictions. And voila!

I have used it before I look in the mirror eg. I am only going to look for things that I find appealing about myself. Whereas before, it was easy to get lost in judging perceived imperfections.

I have also used for mentally establishing deadlines for services I used, like the repairing of an iPod. Before I interact with animals, setting the intention of mutual love and respect. And doing that has made a HUGE impact in the overall energy of my life.

The most wonderful thing is that as you start small like that, you become so purified and a beautiful energy begins to pour forth from your heart that you realise that ANY intention is game. You start setting all kinds of intentions for the dreamiest of dreams within you and you feel organically like that is creating energetic imprints or ripples in the fabric of the universe because now there's not so much resistance of separation from the energy of life anymore.

I realise Abraham has a tool for setting intentions for segments of the day but I feel like that gets played down here in favour of other techniques. But this one is so so simple and to me, it's the easiest route back to true creative power! :)

PS. something else that's very beautiful and that I forgot to mention is that as you get in touch with this power of intent, you can eventually intend that intuition chooses something for you. I have found this is a really good way to access intuition accurately!

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hi @Surfgrass, what specifically do you DO in the moment to make the intention so powerful? I've never really understood this!

(07 Jul '17, 16:44) Bluebell

Hi @Bluebell ! In the beginning it seems like nothing is happening, but stick with just setting the intention in your mind before the action or interaction and soon you will feel a concentrated energy forming as you follow through with your intention.. it's the feeling of alignment! :)

(07 Jul '17, 17:27) Surfgrass

@Surfgrass That's a bit clearer, thanks! Have you found any other helpful material on this other than the Abraham stuff?

(08 Jul '17, 01:18) Bluebell

@Bluebell I haven't yet read this but it seems pertinent and really interesting

(08 Jul '17, 11:42) Surfgrass

@Bluebell Or you can intend that you find the perfect reading material for you and then forget it: keep setting other intentions in the moment! That's how you create a sense of flow and detach from outcomes :)

(08 Jul '17, 11:44) Surfgrass

@Surfgrass, this technique is really useful for those who are trying, as you said, to "create a sense of flow and detach from outcomes", which is my case. I've tried to use it in the past, but failed because I sometimes forget to set the intention before the action. Any tips on how to make it a strong habit?

(08 Jul '17, 12:39) VitoriaRegia

@VitoriaRegia Yes, exactly, this technique is especially useful for those of us that find it hard to detach! To make it a strong habit, set aside 20 minutes in the morning (or incorporate in your daily meditation) to set general intentions for the day, one of which can be "I consistently remind myself to keep setting smaller intentions for as many things as I can during the day". Make it a habit to use it before interactions with people that have been planned in advance. Then slowly move into..

(08 Jul '17, 13:59) Surfgrass

..those that come by surprise. "I intend a loving flow in this interaction" or "I intend to be respectful but stand my ground" in interactions that are more challenging. Let me know how it works! :)

(08 Jul '17, 14:01) Surfgrass

@Surfgrass, great tips! I am going to try it for a week and then give you feedback. Thank you.

(09 Jul '17, 08:46) VitoriaRegia

@VitoriaRegia You're welcome :)

(09 Jul '17, 10:40) Surfgrass

@Surfgrass 'Or you can intend that you find the perfect reading material for you and then forget it' I actually did this and turns out it was sitting on my bookshelf, 'the power of intention' by Wayne Dyer. Thanks so much for your wisdom!

(09 Jul '17, 21:28) Bluebell

@Bluebell You're welcome! So glad I could be of help :)

(09 Jul '17, 23:54) Surfgrass

@Surfgrass, I've been setting intentions now for a week and I felt a great change in my thoughts. In order not to forget, I started a kind of diary, where I write a simple intention before starting any activity. I mostly write an intention about what I want to feel, like: I am going to play the piano and I want to feel relaxed, engaged - and it works! I feel focused on getting the feelings I want to feel, and I get them. It's easy, and helps a lot, thank you :)

(17 Jul '17, 07:58) VitoriaRegia

I will try this out for a week surf grass. Resonates with me so far Beautiful sharing

(31 Oct '17, 07:51) Nikulas

Isn't this the same as Abe's Segment Intending? I recall they said it was the key to turning your life around.

(17 Nov '17, 02:04) Delphine
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thank you for sharing, @Surfgrass!

My process built with the same intention :) 52. Questions for a new week.

Happy feeling! :)


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Olga Farber

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