We all know the extreme importance of beliefs- our brains are programmed in a way that only allows us to experience or 'live' what we believe in, in reality creation- the significance of beliefs is even more emphasized.

I remember reading that even if you are totally happy and are sure you will get that which you are wanting to manifest-a negative core belief that would be in conflict with whatever it is you are wanting to manifest- would stop manifestation- so if you have a belief that counters that which you want in any way- you will not have it.

Even more so I have noticed that the further you go into this process of creating your reality- the more you actually find out what those beliefs are- Bashar talks about beliefs a lot and how important it is to really get to the core of it- because that really changes your reality- and not in the- o let me have this thing or this much money or whatever- no, it is a groundbreaking total change- I remember myself realizing I had believed in something- without me even exactly knowing what it was- although you always know-its just so ingrained in your being that you cant see it for what it is- it is a part of you so to speak- always there with you but never something you could actually give words to. And the deeper I went the more negative beliefs I encountered- everytime I do this and the more beliefs I now can say I discovered- the more I ponder them or sometimes reminisce if you will on them, the more I see them from a experiential neutral viewpoint- the emotions are now gone and the beliefs are no longer the beliefs I am now choosing to have, so it is interesting to now look at them and put them next to certain life situations- just to see how exactly that played out perfectly according to the beliefs I had- sometimes my new way of thinking makes me have a moment of logic- and I simply think back on the times I did have the old belief and compare that to my new ones- seeing the difference and how much I myself have changed.

Ok, that was a very boring long introduction (and probably quite unnecessary for the people in this forum) to my actual question, but here goes, it is a question regarding the serving purpose of a belief. If I recall correctly- every belief serves a purpose- a reason for you to believe this- it is a 'helping' mechanism- so negative beliefs as well- serve to protect you- or at least they have some reason for being there. That is why Bashar (and others i think) advise that when you discover a negative belief- the first thing you must do is acknowledge you have it and thank it for serving you in the way it did- you dont have a belief out of nowhere- it must have served you in some way (whatever bad or good way that may be)

Lets say for example a fat women eats and hates the fact she is fat- but her belief says that skinny girls will get attention from men and she believes that getting attention from men will somehow turn out into rape or groping or sexual intimidation of some kind- SO the belief that being skinny will get her raped- is what is making her eat and is what is keeping her fat- so the belief is actually helping her in a way that you can say is protecting her from rape (it isnt really of course its just making her fat and miserable) but that is how her belief IS serving her. And I can see how in a very twisted way- that actually the belief IS protecting her.

SO my question is as follows- for a couple of my own beliefs- I cannot actually see or understand the 'logic' if you will, or the purpose of having them- I know that there must be one- for I understand they were there for a reason- or else I would not have chosen to believe them! I know this is not really important for manifestation but I would just like to know what you think- maybe because it is MY belief I cannot see clearly and because I have believed it so many years- it was really more a truth of life which was never to be disputed than what I know now, that its just a belief- a thought I kept thinking and I can change that and believe something else- so maybe I am just not seeing it clearly still- but I would really like to know your ideas to what purpose these beliefs would serve me, i really hope I asked this question correctly- if not please tell me and ill try to rephrase it.

So these are the beliefs I have uncovered until now- that I do not understand the 'serving purpose of'. Could it be that it is still not the core belief that I discovered- as Bashar says there are layers and layers and layers of beliefs until you actually hit the one that is the starting point- but I cant seem to go deeper- if you think that a belief I stated in the list below is not actually a 'core' belief also- please give your input on that.

How do you know when you discovered a core belief? DO you always see the purpose in the beliefs? Do you understand WHY you would believe that? Please let me know in your answers, I think it is such a crucial part of the law of attraction and just generally it would be helpful to see your views on this topic because I dont know where to go from this point- and i do still have this feeling that knowing WHY it served me would help me in some way and just be good for my soul.

So these are the beliefs I have uncovered that I know I believed it but cannot see their actual serving purpose: (be it negative or positive)

"No matter how hard you try, you never will succeed. And if you stop trying- you dont even deserve to live.So try- and work your best- just know you will never succeed in anything- but if you stop trying- than you should die because you dont even deserve to live."

"You will never have a normal life- because that just is not something that will happen to you ever.Other people do, but not you- you will never have a normal life. But you should try and work and do everything possible to have a normal life- you will just never succeed."

"You will never be happy as long as you live"

"Everyone is always better than you in every way possible and no matter how hard you try to also become better- you will never succeed."

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As you pointed out, negative beliefs are defensive; in other words, since these beliefs are limiting in scope, they must serve a purpose- otherwise, they would be eliminated from the psyche or soul. They often operate like a background program, subtly altering behavior in the hopes of keeping the whole person safe.

The benefit is simple, and involves perception. A child might feel afraid to walk to school. To handle his fear, he counts the cracks in the sidewalk. His fear is reined in as he counts, and thus he perceives that counting the sidewalk cracks makes him safer. We know that it really does not make him any safer at all, but the act of counting helps him get to school, and a compulsion is born. One day, his best friend comes upon our child as he walks to school, and in his happiness, our child forgets to count. When he reaches school. he may realize that he does not need to count to feel safe, and the compulsion is broken. Maybe.

The benefit of negative beliefs is a perception of control- whether the negative belief is conscious or not, practicing the belief gives the feeling of safety or control over the world of the believer. If one believes "I am never going to be rich", perhaps the core belief is simply one of avoiding responsibility. Responsibility can be scary, overwhelming, or just downright tedious and/or bothersome. It is hard to face such negative beliefs. But in facing them, we tear down all the obstacles to a better life. No one should ever tear down every single negative belief one has all at once, because these beliefs were laid down to keep the person feeling safe and in control. These beliefs should be taken down at a comfortable pace, or overwhelming feelings may bring someone to an inner shutdown.

Negative beliefs are a way to control out-of-control feelings or situations. They can be easily dismantled if you have a way to handle negative emotions, or a way to remove yourself from a bad environment. Remember, though, that the goal is progress, not perfection.


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I will say that on several of those points you are correct, especially when you mentioned about negative beliefs being defensive and thus I will add,and I might repeat some of the things you've mentioned.

There are several things that can program your subconscious mind; 1.A Trusted source. 2.Repetition. 3.Hypnosis.

When your beliefs start to form, there's a process to which it starts out as a "seed," when implemented on a persons mind (such as a person you're close with telling you something,a stranger or someone in high authority),once you "collide"/come upon with said "seed" it'll make it's way into your mind although the belief isn't formed yet but you will experience different situations where you will be given the opportunity to "grow" this "seed" thus making it a solid belief.

Psychologically speaking,when someone you really trust tells you something, a lot of what that person says will make it's way into your subconscious mind without any filtration (unless you already have conflicting thoughts about said subject, or if it doesn't make it all the way into your subconscious mind it can also means you don't entirely trust this person 100%). Thus this person can end up programming your subconscious mind,kind of like hypnotism.

You can actually make it so that your belief system stays protected from these "seeds" by recognizing them early on in order to question them and thus choosing to reject them ,if you choose to do so.By observing/paying attention to people's words and/or phrases that make its way into your mind gives you the chance to challenge these "seeds." But the more you start to water this "seed" the more that it starts to form as a fact in your mind and you'll start to think that you can't change it.

Repetition helps in belief formation, and so the subconscious mind doesn't need logic to program it.

Now the reason why most people won't feel good when trying to convince themselves that everything is going to be alright is that their subconscious mind doesn't trust them.

Example: Remember that one time when you made a promise to your subconscious mind but you ended up not doing it? Well,over time your subconscious mind will start losing faith/trust in you, then your subconscious won't understand your new promises because of the things you did in the past that lead you to here.The relationship you form between your conscious and your subconscious mind will decide the amount of trust between them. You can instantly become happy by changing the perception within your subconscious mind, and in order for that to happen your subconscious mind has to trust you. To bring about this trust, you can make small promises and actually keeping to them then slowly your subconscious will start trusting you again.When you have enough trust, you can tell your subconscious something like, "I can fix this" and it'll believe you thus bringing you happiness.

Negative thinking can be caused by external factors that can cause you to recall your unsolved problems which can then lead to depression if left without an answer.If you don't give your mind a good answer nor to your negative thoughts when they appear then you start feeling bad.There are two ways to stop your negative thoughts, 1.Do not ignore your problem and take action. 2.relieve your mind when those negative thoughts appear.

The Subconscious mind tries to protect us with good intentions (which can also be seen as a negative thing,example:when you were younger, and you had a negative experience with people which now your subconscious mind tries to protect you from happening again so you end up being alone) such as, bringing you fear at the sight of a bear which cause you to run to safety. Not having enough courage can make the subconscious to act in a way to make the person feel comfortable without letting them know their problem but if the person is courageous enough then their subconscious will express the real issue to them.

There are some ways to changing a negative belief: 1.Challenging that belief. 2. Changing something in the external world; If you believed you were weak, start boxing or something. 3.Stop strengthening said belief.

Hopefully I didn't jumble my words too much there and you got what I meant.


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