Considering the idea that it would be hard for someone in poverty to gain a million dollars in a week, I asked my guides to manifest just that. No why not really give them a challenge and have me become a Billionaire in a week.

So my guides response was, "Sure, I have just handed you a Billion dollars. Now tell me what you are going to do with it."

My response was that I would like to keep my Billion dollars secret as they advise lottery winners to do such to avoid unwanted attention. I would then buy the house that has been on the market for over 3 years starting at $3 million and now down to $1.5 million in the city I live in. I would then pay for a cruise for my parents, siblings and myself. And I would never have to worry about having enough money to pay taxes on the house or travel.

"Anything else?"

I would hire a decorator for said house who knows Feng Shui and fill the place with huge crystals. I would grow a number of Bonsai trees in my garden. A cook to prepare my meals. I would shop at the high-end grocery stores. Get a new wardrobe. 

Guide question: Anything wrong with the clothes you have now?

Answer: No.

Guide question: So you meant a wooden wardrobe to put clothes into?

Answer: Sigh. You are distracting me.

Guide: Okay no time for jokes, go on.

Me: You have completely broken the line of thought.

Anyway, the question is in the title, "How to go from Poverty Mentality to Zillionaire Mentality?" Now I have been listening to Abraham for a long time on the YouTubes. Simply imagining what I would do with a million dollars doesn't really break the mentality.

Why? I can tell the difference between imagination and things I can feel/see/touch. I am afraid if I just create this house/riches in my imagination, I will not access them until I die. In the afterlife, there are many worlds for me to explore that I have read about in NDE's, but I am here now. I want things in the NOW that is Earth.

I am not sure if I am explaining myself well. I do hope this is not gibberish.

asked 04 Aug '17, 20:15

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A way to do it would be to find out millionaires in your country or nearby you. Try to see how they act, think, etc and do the same. Of course, it's not that easy... but you can often do something and then think to yourself "Would that millionaire do something like what I did just now?" and the answer most of the time probably would be a 'No'.

(04 Aug '17, 22:04) kakaboo

I am not sure if he is a millionaire, but I could ask WWBD 'What would Bentinho Do?' If anyone has a millionaire mentality it would be him. Only I don't intend to go rock climbing without a rope or deep sea divings without an oxygen tank. 'What would a self-actualized individual Do' is another question. Only millionaires are not often actually self-actualized.

(04 Aug '17, 22:18) Igot7

"I can tell the difference between imagination and things I can feel/see/touch." That is the work. You have to feel the reality of a zillionaire until it's automatic for you. Look at @Stingray's answer here: Get comfortable with spending $150,000 per day, build up to it if you need to. PS You do know that a scarf costs $800, yes? And it's just fine if you lose it? Who cares? It's only $800.

(05 Aug '17, 11:02) Yes

I am attempting to play the Prosperity Game on day two I just visited the apple store and decided how I would spend $2000. The first two days have been easy. I made it feel a little more real by acting out the $30 of the $1000 I was going to spend eating out. I had to leave a $7 tip, but I came pretty close to spending $30 on myself eating out.

(06 Aug '17, 21:33) Igot7

Hi @Igot7 I like to remind myself that manifestations whether "good" or "bad" always follow a progression energized by the law of attraction ... and that using the progression of manifestation enables me to automatically find my limiting beliefs and release them ... this explains why trying to move from poverty to zillionaire very quickly is often very disruptive or will "brake the line of thought" as you say

(14 Aug '17, 04:35) jaz
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I believe you are explaining yourself extremely well- it is about want vs need.

A want is an inprecise desire. You want a zillion dollars, but mostly that is about evoking a vague feeling of empowerment- not the zillion dollars. So, bingo! You have that now. Congratulations.

If, on the other hand, you have a need- well then there are no questions asked. Good food on your child's table- well, that's not a vague feeling of empowerment. That's food on your child's table, and it's there, or it's not, and it better be.

The universe is efficient. It doesn't respond so much to whim for the same reasons you don't- it's frustrating. So it gives you the billion dollars, and then what? How does that align with your goals? Of who you conceive yourself to be? Can you walk down the isle and converse on the unwashed millions that you intend to command like an army with your billion dollars? Because that's what most people do who are up there in the thousands of millions department- they command hundreds of thousands of people, keep them in (relatively) efficient chain-of-command style corporations, and instruct them to achieve a specific end. And that's the gist of it- in the end, that league of money is about power- very persuasive power, dependant on the current system of society, to achieve whatever it is you decide- as long as it also perpetuates the current system of society.

That's what, to the best of my knowledge, having a billion dollars entails, that one thing that cannot be handled more efficiently than with a billion dollars.

So if that's what you want, go right ahead! That's how you can complete your conversation with your guides. Let me know what you have planned, if you like.



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I want to be a Billionaire so that my family and myself will never have to worry about money again. I want to be able to get my dream house on a whim and maybe two or three other dream houses. I know I do not physically need that much in my bank account to never worry about money. It is not the money itself, but the freedom with it that I need. Frankly, all I need is $300-$600 more a month to be comfortable.

(06 Aug '17, 21:25) Igot7

Well, you may expand the definition a little- if you have a strong sense that you came to earth to make sure everyone has enough steel, well then you may need the billion dollars. So if you go on to discover where your passion is, your need is whatever you need to drive that.

(07 Aug '17, 08:02) cmc

if you know what is wanted,
having matched possibility
to probability and
believing it is worthwhile


answered 05 Aug '17, 10:58

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My dreams are endless

Every day a new desire

Something new to want

Something new to acquire

Yet those to have

Are not happier

than those who have not

it is fire that quills desire

(06 Aug '17, 21:35) Igot7

prioritize, focus, feedback (changes)
of fire we be and shake
to find the so called limits

(07 Aug '17, 06:24) fred
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