Are the reasons we "stay" or rather continue to experience similar or the same reality/ies because of the memories we have from them? Then in that retrospect, if you wouldn't be attached to those experiences (including people) and your physical appearance, wouldn't it be easier for you to enter/"leap" into another universe and as well as easily be able to change your appearance?

I read somewhere that in Parallel Universes you have the same parents, same appearance,same genes, etc...Is that really true? Are Parallel Universes really that consistent with one another and what are some techniques on how to "leap" to another Parallel Universe?

Essentially,since your brain can't tell the difference between "reality" and imagination then wouldn't it be possible to rewire your brain to acquire a different set of circumstances and/or appearance when envisioning and believing it?

I'd really appreciate it if anyone goes into details with this,If at all possible at least a novel length answer.

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@MamoruHiro - "I'd really appreciate...[snip] least a novel length answer" - I wouldn't expect anything less from the good people of Inward Quest :)

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I am slightly studied in the teachings of a channeler called Darryl Anka. He would say, there are universes so close to this one that only one molecule is different. (I say.) There are also universes so different from this one that only one molecule is the same. However, since he also says that everything is made up of the same one particle, moving everywhere so fast that it forms the patterns of everything... one molecule difference could be great. Anyway, before I get pulled into a tangent trying to figure out what exactly that means, back to the question.

In simple terms, some universes are very similar to ours and some are very dissimilar, but they are all made of the same one particle just in radically different patterns. It is possible to take a big jump from one universe to another, for example, when people have been said to step into the realm of the Fae upon stumbling upon a faerie ring. However, Bashar says that for most of us a sense of continuity is valuable.

Let's just say you are taking a shower at the perfect temperature for you. A whale would like a much cooler temperature, but just because there are arctic waters doesn't mean you want to swim in them. So in short, you have picked a universal temperature for your reality, you could turn up or down the heat, but if you are comfortable... why?

Only instead of temperatures, we are dealing with vibrations. We are most comfortable in universes of a similar vibrational range, just as we are most comfortable with the perfect (for us) temperature of water in the shower. Once I stepped into a cold shower on a hot day and my brain was so shocked that I involuntarily bent my whole head from the coldness.

So going from a similar vibration to a dissimilar one can be uncomfortable. We can slowly adjust from one vibration to a preferred one, but too much too soon is too shocking.

Also when you jump from one Universe to the next, your history/memories change along with it. You did not always have the memories you do now. They are in flux like your future. So, who knows, you could have taken dramatic leaps in realities and in order to adjust changed you history/memories so that you don't even realize it.

Sorry for the lack of a novel. I am sure there are others who could write more/other views.


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@Igot7- Nice!

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perhaps it is a lack of
knowledge and undeveloped
consciousness, past choices
left open can be closed


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@fred- another wonderful poem!

(15 Aug '17, 06:49) Jaianniah

What I thought of when I read this question was the ability of some to overcome Abuse, and PTSD, by shifting into subsections of the consciousness- i.e., multiple personality disorder. .A completely new personality, with unique traits, is born.

For me, it is a complete shift into a new reality- a new universe of experience, if you will. My body responds to this in unique ways. For example, I have a subsection of consciousness that feels very little pain. "Liz" comes when I am not allowed to be human- to have limits, to hurt, to be wounded. In my mind, when I am there, the world around me looks completely different. I clean and clean, and repair things, fix curtain rods, etc., irregardless of physical limits. I feel invincible. It surely is a "parallel" universe to me. I lose time- I lay down memories that I may never own!

Now that I am aware of what I do, I can harness this ability to shift my reality any way I want to swing it. If you have studied perception in psychology 101, you know that our perception of reality is different from reality itself. In fact, the past (our memories) only exists in coded strands of DNA in our brains. We remember what we perceived; we also remember what we choose to remember. I can close my eyes, meditate, and be anywhere I want: floating on an inner-tube in Father Lutz's wonderful pool; walking on the deserted Lake Michigan beach in Zion, Illinois; climbing a hill in Saugatuck, Michigan, to finally see the other side of Lake Michigan... But I can go even further than this!

alt text

I can be Iron Man, and fly over the Appalachians, and suddenly see them as they were 300 million years ago- taller than even the Himalayas. I can maintain my view, and watch Pangaea break up, and those mountains that stretched across that entire continent slowly slant, and gradually twist north-south, and are eroded by rain and wind, until they only rise a few thousand feet at best... and become only bedrock under NYC. I can shift from this vision to a feeling of breathtaking, unutterable timelessness. The Earth has been here such a long, long time! Not only can I imagine this, but I can play endlessly with this reality... I can imagine teaching this to sixth graders, and I suddenly smell freshly sharpened pencils, and feel the excitement and challenge of being a teacher. Or I can be a geologist... 300 million years ago! I take my "Tardis" and collect rock samples for a day, sleep under a fabulous night sky unsullied by light pollution; I can awake to a bright, clear morning, and return in my Tardis to the present, being sure that I am paid well for my minerals.

alt text

I can re-write my past, expunge it, or just visit it- perhaps choosing to see Chicago as it was when I was small: walking down an alley with my father, learning how to whistle. Maybe. My memories are perceptions, yes, but they no longer stop me from remembering everything, or using them as a platform for change.

alt text

Sorry for the tome! That's what happens when you ask a stimulating and wonderful question.


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I think that the way in which we travel between parallel universes is by changing our beliefs and thoughts, changing something in our consciousness. So, memories would not inhibit us from leaping, unless we are unable to reinterpret them, along with beliefs and thoughts.

For example: let's say I want to change something in my body; let's say I have lost a tooth and want one other tooth to grow in place. Because I don't believe tooths grow at will, it will never grow - even if I pretend to myself that a tooth can grow and swear to God that I believe it can grow. Let's say, then, I read an article about dental implants. I think to myself: since it's impossible to regrow a tooth, an implant would be the next best choice, just like a new tooth in place - and voilà, I get an implant and I have a new tooth in place that feels like a new tooth.

Now, if I keep telling myself how I would prefer to regrow a real tooth, that implants don't feel "real" enough... How can I fix that? For we are in a universe where the agreement is (so far): one set of teeth at birth, one set when you are seven, and that's it. No amount of wanting and believing will change that! I have to change my interpretation of what an artificial tooth feels like.

See what I am getting at?

Let's go further, let's say I want to be more... Beautiful. It would show I don't find myself beautiful in the first place - therefore, in order to become more beautiful to my own eyes, I have to change something in my body, something I don't really like. Can I "grow" a new top-model face overnight? No, because we live in a universe where the agreement is: there's no way of changing faces overnight (except by plastic surgery, which, by the way, falls back to the first example).

For me, the question would not be "how do I change my face?", because my face is not the real problem here - my real problem would be my interpretation to what my face looks like. I would have to leap from a universe in which I don't like my face to one in which I like it. That is the real challenge, isn't it?

But let's say I know this, and I decide to look in the mirror and really like what I see - and get to like my face as it is, get to love it! Then I would have leaped from one universe to another. Some would say that this is not what they would prefer - they would prefer to change their faces. Then they would stay always in universes in which they don't like their faces. They would remain circling around and through these universes until the end of times. However, if they decide that there is some beauty in their own faces, then they will leap to other universes, where not only themselves, but also other people, would find their faces pretty the way they are.

In the past I thought that if my mother's father had not died when she was a child, she would have had a completly different kind of life (and so would I!). A happier life. But that I cannot change, because my mother lost her dad, had a sad life, and that passed on to me. All kinds of excuses, based on my childhood and my relationship with my mother, kept me in a universe in which I felt like a loser.

When I learned I could change my past reinterpreting it, I applied (with some difficulty, I admit) some new interpretations to my childhood and to my life. In time, those "new" interpretations got more real and true to me than the older ones, to the extent that I now love my childhood, and I love my mother the way she was, and I even think that it was lucky for me to have her as a mother, and to have some problems in childhood, because otherwise I would not be here today, where I am now, and I love where I am now.

So, the way into new universes is reinterpretation - it's not easy, but, once you are successful, it changes everything for you.


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perhaps the density of
each thought has its own
vibration, that allows
access to what it would be
for the choice not taken

(23 Nov '17, 19:57) fred
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