I have a question regarding parallel realities that I have never read or heard to be clearly explained. I hope some one on here can enlighten me on this subject! Being familiar with bashar's teachings on the mechanics of reality, I understand that the theory is - we are constantly switching from reality to reality, billions of time per second. As we are shifting so fast it creates the 'illusion' of smooth linear time. It is our own consciousness that directs us through these realities with our thoughts and feelings creating a vibrational alignment with the new reality. So in this theory - everything has already happened so to speak - your consciousness just has to move into the reality to experience it. That's why in bashar's teachings I have heard him tell people to 'choose the reality you prefer'. So in that logic he must be saying that everything you are experience is a direct reflection of YOUR consciousness.

This is where the problem starts for me!! I find that quite a depressing and scary concept. I think, damn if that's true, is all the bad things I see happening somehow a projection of MY consciousness? That line of thinking is verging on solipsism in my opinion. I don't find that very empowering - even though I can see the also valid option of change. Am I missing a major piece of the puzzle here and just not understanding correctly? lol

Also - if you sat 2 people in a room. They both by this definition must be both shifting to parallel realities. So then why can they still see each other? if one was thinking positive and the other negative, then why are they still in each others reality? Wouldn't they have both gone to a different reality by their difference in conscious thought? And why/how would they share the same memories of events over the past how many hours they have been there. Doesn't that mean they must have shared the exact same realities because they both have the exact same memories of what's just 'happened'? And 'happened' must be a direct reference to a reality just shifted from.

I hope someone can help me with this as I find it quite frustrating! Maybe I am just missing something incredibly simple! I hope I am :) haha

P.S - I have already read conflicting statements on this subject. Some teachers make it sound more simplistic. More on the lines of we are all sharing the exact same 'reality template' - i.e, earth, physical realm, time line even.. but simply the viewers perception of the reality is the definition of the parallel reality and they attract things in THAT reality using their vibration, sort of like a magnet. However what bashar says seems to contradict this, though I could be wrong.

NOTE - the text below is a reply to kakaboo, when I try and reply it won't let me click the comment button so I'm typing it here.

Thank you kakaboo for the nice, patient and intelligent answer - I wasn't sure I was going to get one :) I can see you clearly understood what I was getting at.

I have done further research since asking this question and it seems to me that it's more of a 'this and that' rather than a 'this or that'. It appears that we are in our own realities and in each others simultaneously. I suppose we have to be to some extent or we wouldn't be able to write and reply to each others answers.

I consider Bashar and Abraham great teachers. However, I don't feel either of them have explained the mechanics very well, I haven't heard a great deal of articulation from either on the subject of co-creation. Of course this is only referring to the limited amount of material I have seen so far.

I encountered a situation about 1 hour ago where this came into my mind again and honestly made me question the validity of the theory. I'm sure you will be able to see why when I explain. I went into a room at work, As soon as I entered I could smell a really nice (but slightly faded) scent of cologne. I questioned the people in the office about who had sprayed it and eventually I found who had and he explained he was simply topping up his cologne while he was in there. He did this at a time when I wasn't even in the building. So if he, a 'separate entity', in his own reality, sprayed that in that room..then how could I smell it in my supposed separate reality. I wasn't expecting to smell anything when I went in, so as far as I know It wasn't created out of any belief system I had. The fact is, the chemical he sprayed stayed there, went into my nose because it was sprayed in the same reality as a chemical gas - so it was there for my body to access and sense. How could that not be right? I fully expect it could not be, so if you know why anyone please explain, I'm completely open minded :)

When confronted with things like this and confusion occurs, I suppose the only thing you can do (using common sense) is actually look at things that are measurable to you. This is important because it states something is 'matter of fact'. Even though it may not be the true mechanics of how something 'actually' is, you can't blame the mind for reaching for something that actually has some substance to it - rather than something that someone has simply told you. One has more credence than the other so naturally you would have to choose it, it holds more value.

Again, am I simply going way off the rails with this and not realising that the 'parallel earth' definition is simply referring to 'ones perception'?..it's just Bashar in-particular seems to clearly state 'you are literally shifting from parallel earth to parallel earth'. It just does't make any sense what so ever.

Of course I also realize that in a sense its completely irrelevant how it works because life goes on the way it does any way, NO MATTER how anyone says it 'works'. It's just I find this very interesting as you can probably tell and I see no reason to make allowances for this completely valid question and dodge it - if what they are teaching us is actually true.

Thanks again to kakaboo for answering, I appreciate the time you gave up just to try and help me.


Hi stingray, thank you very much for your time and great, on point answer :) I really enjoyed what you had to say about the co-creating and habits of thought so thanks for that.

I'm not sure you fully understood what I meant regarding finding the concept scary and depressing. I'l try to explain for you better what I meant. I say this under the assumption absolutely everything that happens in reality is actually done/created by me, not on a perceptual or observational level. So not in the meaning of even creating a definition. That's why I said it sounded like it was bordering on solipsism, because that's what it was starting to sound like. It would mean that your reply YOU wrote was 100% purely a creation of mine. Not something your consciousness constructed, which was then observed, translated and perceived by me. This ideology is implying that you are an invention of my conscious mind and there for everything is not 'real'.

I understand that if something bad happens - say someone punches someone across the street. I can view it and then make a definition of it using my belief systems to judge how bad or wrong it is in my reality - there for it having an effect on my vibration. But it is purely up to me how I define it, it is simply a neutral act. But what I meant was the person who punched the other person purely a projection of my consciousness. This goes beyond perception, this implies that it is actually me doing it and not another consciousness (whoever is inhabiting that body). I know it may sound a bit far fetched but with some of the things that I've heard seem to make it seem as if that is what they are saying.

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This is where the problem starts for me!! I find that quite a depressing and scary concept. I think, damn if that's true, is all the bad things I see happening somehow a projection of MY consciousness?

Yes, everything is about your consciousness and your consciousness alone. There is no-one else in your reality but you.

If you've been following Bashar, you've probably already seen this video but it's worth a reminder anyway because he gets the point across so well :)


The reason you find this a "depressing and scary concept" is because you are judging those things as Bad. It's your judgement of those things that is the issue, not the things that are happening.

Things that happen are just things that happen.

They have no meaning other than what you decide the meaning is. So the aim of the game is really to let go of these judgements about what is good and what is bad and just start accepting that Everything Just Is.

Because there is no-one in your self-created reality but you, every judgement you are making is really a judgement of your Self...you are looking at different reflections of you and deciding that some are acceptable and some are not.

But all the reflections are You and so in playing the game of non-acceptance where You don't accept You, you create a separation that doesn't really exist and you magically get the idea of limitedness being created :) See Why have we accepted limitations on our existence?

alt text

But when you shift that attitude within yourself and start accepting everything without judgement, you re-integrate and your perspective broadens...you start seeing this physical reality as a wonderful melting pot of projecting masterful consciousnesses all interacting and exploring together...and then your eyes start opening to this wonderful platform of joint experience.

But there's a twist...and this answers your question here...

Also - if you sat 2 people in a room. They both by this definition must be both shifting to parallel realities. So then why can they still see each other?

What keeps these parallel realities seeming fairly continuous and non-fluctuating are our habits of thought. While there is the potential for you to completely change everything from one parallel universe snapshot to another, you generally don't because you are projecting to this physical platform deliberately to play with those ideas of continuity and linearity i.e. the limitedness.

It is those habits of thought (intended to keep this physical platform stable) that keep those people shifting together in those parallel realities.

But it can happen that you can decide to change your habits of thought and Your Reflection of the other consciousness then starts to move out of vibrational range of what that other consciousness can project into. And then that other person does indeed vanish from your reality in a way that is acceptable to your current belief systems about how physical reality functions. (You might get clattering effects occurring)

So there is no conflict between the idea of shifting through multitudes of parallel universes per second and the idea of co-creation...it just comes down to our vibrational flexibility, or general lack of it, caused by our thought habits, and our desire (from our Broader Perspectives) to have the illusion of a stable physical platform to play on.


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I understand how you feel, for instance if you are always on board a crowded train when you go to work everyday, it's quite hard to see how you can "shift" into a reality that the train is completely empty. Maybe you could easily "shift" into a reality where you "create" an empty seat or empty space in a cabin, but it seems quite impossible to "create" a reality where the train is completely empty.

Therefore, I would like to offer an answer that is one level lower regarding how I view these teachings. To me, the core underlying principle behind them is "perspective". There are 2 sides to a coin, and the same goes for almost everything in life - you can choose to view only the positives, or only view the negatives of things that happen around you. By choosing the way you can feel, you are already in a way "shifting" your reality to something better. You can "choose" to be sad and depressed over something the whole day, or you can "choose" to not be affected by it and take the positives out of it.

As for your 2 persons' example, I just thought of something that has probably happened to everyone before that might help. Have you ever had times where you are trying to search for something high and low, but you just could not find it? Then magically, just when you are about to give it looking for it, it appears... right under your nose! right in front of you! Isn't that already an example of selective consciousness? Though I am not sure why it does not happen that easily for human beings, maybe it's because human beings are bigger and brings about lots of resistance ?


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@kakaboo Great answer!

(29 Oct '14, 20:34) Jess

I watched a Bashar clip once where he said that everytime you shift into a parallel reality, every person in that reality is already on the same frequency as you. So, the way that it makes sense to me is that when you shift into a different reality, it is really not that much different than your current reality, in fact it is exactly the same. Same people, same place, the only thing different is the emotional state of everyone there. So, if you are in a negative emotional state, this is when you will come into contact (or shift to a reality) with people or observe things that make you feel bad. Or, on the other hand, when you are in a good emotional state, you shift to a reality where the circumstances match your feelings. Really, it does boil down to perspective.



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jess you nailed it! that's exactly what I was getting at :) Thanks

(30 Oct '14, 05:49) tedlon

Are we truly shifting from reality? or are we just becoming more aware about it?

also you are a fast limitless being in a slow limited physical body.

here is what you said:

if you sat 2 people in a room. They both by this definition must be both shifting to parallel realities. So then why can they still see each other? if one was thinking positive and the other negative, then why are they still in each others reality? Wouldn't they have both gone to a different reality by their difference in conscious thought? And why/how would they share the same memories of events over the past how many hours they have been there. Doesn't that mean they must have shared the exact same realities because they both have the exact same memories of what's just 'happened'?

the fact is that they are in the same physical world they do not always see the same reality or they are not being aware of the same thing and then how can they have the same memory about the same event?

also you said that one is positive and the other negative then they are in opposition one to another so of course they do not see the same thing they see it in opposite view.

you do not believe what I say look at the police when they ask witness about one event that every one as seen each one will have a different version of the same event. or play the telephone game you tell someone something and he tell it to someone else until it comes back to the sender and you will see that the phone call changed to something very different.

if it change like that in those to example. why do you say they should have seen the same thing?

in this world people do not agree on many thing they see something and they all have a different version of the same thing according to their awareness point of interest and acquired knowledge and feeling in the moment of the event, also some even if they see the same thing will say something else just to contradict you or to show that they know more and often it is in opposite to what is or the truth. for their ego and the outside appearance they do that kind of stuff.

For the bad thing happening you see as a child you add no darkness in you then someone did some to you it caused over flow from the heart in you and you also did some evil stuff or bad stuff to someone else. and it goes on and on until people become aware and do not do to other what they would hate being done to them. yet they are not in the other person shoe and sometime not in the same situation so they lack knowledge and make mistake and error. and some do evil stuff to other to show how good they are and it show people the opposite. since if people did the same to them they could not accept it and would complain. if they where so good they would not do to other what they do not like being done to them self.

who is with out sin to cast the first stone?



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white tiger


Thanks white tiger for the comment. I appreciate the time you gave up to do so :) What you are talking about is the perspective view. I'm seeing that this is certainly the core fundamental behind what I was asking.

(30 Oct '14, 05:55) tedlon
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