hi everyone, i recently listen to a video of Seth, and finally fully understand how to creat my life. i thought i fully understand before but seth explaned it SO vividly that i could not miss it. so i realized that im under my own hypnosis for years and decided to wake up, and creat a new kind of hypnosis for myself. i was very very determine to get what i want and still am, and decided to let every past of mine go.

so letting go of my past was really easy because i really got what seth was speaking about, and saw in front of me only my new path, and started to right every day in order to hypnitize nyself. and was very careful about what im writing there.\

and if a "negative" thought would pop up i just told myself "wake up, wake up, its not your path anymore focus" and its worked, i immediately forgot about it.

so for a week im really in peace, energize and happy constantly.


a man who i was thinking about him a lot in my old path , who i decided to give up on him and leave him there , keep showing up in my dreams EVERY NIGHT! different dreams but the same person. so the dreams are'nt so pleasant, but it doesnt matter - idont want to see him at all! he dosent belong to my life anymore. and its weird to me because just when i made this decision those derams started to appear. and these are my only dreams.

every morning i wake up ready to do my morning meditation/rampage or write in my book, but now i have to think about him first thing in the morning haaaaa. so when im writing - i dont want to write in order to forget him but in order to creat with pleaser.

does anyone have an idea why is he repitedly showing up in my dreams?

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It will be hard for any of us to answer why he specifically is showing up in your dreams, without knowing a lot more about your life.

The short answer to "why is this continuing to show up" (either in the waking or sleeping dreams) is that you have unfinished business with the person or situation.

One quick way to find out is to ask him: why are you showing up in my dreams? This works a lot better in sleep dreams :). At night, as you're falling asleep, repeat your intention to ask him.

The other thing to do is ask yourself why you're resisting his presence so much. The answer may be obvious at a conscious level, but the feelings it brings up are what you ultimately need to face. Even if he disappears, if those are unresolved, your own emotional patterns will continue to follow you. That's what you're ultimately trying to resolve, and they aren't because of him, despite how much it may seem that way.


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thanks @monk , you're answer helped me alot. i'll try both ways.

(05 Oct '17, 08:43) myself

Beautiful clear answer @monk.

@myself- There is a process called Active Imagination developed by Jung. If dreaming and taking this dialogue in the dream with this dream figure is not being resolved, I invite you to try Active Imagination with this figure if he appears. Do not be scared. Be curious what he needs to say, and be curious what your response to him is.

Active Imagination is a very real process and permission slip to make peace with your beliefs and unconscious. I have used it many a times. Here is the quick tutorial.

  1. Get relaxed and make sure you are undisturbed for 20 minutes.
  2. Close your eyes and picture yourself in a location of your choice.
  3. Ask for this figure to appear.
  4. Wait.
  5. If he appears, speak to him. Dialogue back and forwards.
  6. If you are worried you are "making it up," it isn't relevant. Even if you are seemingly making it up, the "making it up" still has to come from you somewhere. As long as your intent to discover the message is there you will find it.
  7. Repeat the process until clarification on this figure is understood. Be prepared to speak with him several times before understanding him if he doesn't "vanish" or you don't understand the message first time round.

A book recommendation that I would consider purchasing and flicking through every couple of years would be "Inner Work" by Robert Johnson for those that would take Active Imagination as a tool in their lives.


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thank you Nikulas :)

(15 Oct '17, 15:23) myself
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