Curses, spells, enchantments would what we call creating today be considered magic in other times? curse

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Not sure if you can cast a curse, but you sure can curse at someone. haha

(10 Apr '13, 04:25) CalonLan

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Doctors do this all the time (not purposely but with the best intentions) but we don't recognize it. When a doctor gives someone a set time to live and right to the very day it was told that person dies.

I'll tell a story of someone I once read, this is from my memory so it wont be exact but the main details will be there. I heard it said something like this, an American was visiting Tibet and highly offended a monk (this seems unusually given their spiritual nature but I do remember it was Tibet so i believe someplace something was mixed up but I'll continue now) The monk said to the American "I give you one year to live!" The American scoffed at this idea, yet one year to the day he developed something that killed him.

Here is how this worked, this thought "could that have been a real curse" was in the back of his mind to stew over for an entire year, it was a deep subconscious thought possibly not even consciously believed in but the seed of poison was planted. Hence as one year came closer and closer this poison came to the surface worry over could that have been real?

My dad knew a guy that was told from a doctor he had like it was maybe eight months to live, the guy went home and marked it on his calendar exactly eight months to the day his dying day, then he counted down every day marked off until he reached that day and died on that very day.

All a curse really is is planting a seed of doubt, "could this be real?" But it has to have enough time to really take affect so that the person creates the curse they believe they have been cursed with. For a skeptic to be cursed it has to be like a year maybe two maybe ten years, so that they long forget about it but our subconscious remembers long after we consciously forget. This is why hypnotherapist find the root of many problems come from something said in childhood long forgotten. The only different is then it is not intended as a curse but just to be mean to you then, but it ends up the same thing a curse hidden in the back of your mind you created as a result of something you were told as a child. This could be something like "You are bad, you are a trouble maker, you'll never amount to anything great!" Believe it or not that is a curse, who ever said that just planted a poison seed that that person is responsible for, that belief that you are bad follows you through life and keeps you down, the person that told you that has his own karma to answer for and yours now plus any one you hurt through believing you are bad as you were told.

That is why Jesus said there is a huge responsibility being a teacher because you are held accountable for all you influence whether for good and you are rewarded or for bad and you are cursed for.

James 3:1 Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.


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Wade Casaldi

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Wade, believe it or not there is power in intent and it can be used for good or evil without saying anything to the other person. You don't have to plant a seed of doubt; you don't even have to talk to the person. But there are consequences to everything you do and with knowledge comes responsibility.

(26 Feb '10, 07:51) The Traveller

That is true, I just wanted to point out the less obvious answer of how we are all really respocible for what we tell others far more than we realize, because everything we say is a seed for good or bad, that can be intentional or not. But yes if someone wants to curse someone they can intend it or just be jealous or envious of someone.

(26 Feb '10, 07:56) Wade Casaldi

Agreed - the universal processes never change. It is our interpretation and human judgement of them that does

...but I don't agree that you can curse or cast spells on other people...unless you manage to convince them you can...but in that case they are doing it to themselves under your guidance.


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Creating an magic are the same. The big difference is in the intent of the creation or magic. When you try to create something, you have to be mindful that whatever you want be in accordance with; the highest good of all and the free will of everything. Anything else is a manipulation of free will, and that's black magic.

People can cast spells on others, but it's not a nice thing.


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The answer to your second question:

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke

The answer to your first question:

Only if the other person believes you have power over them, do you have power over them.


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It is possible. But why would you want to learn that?

There are consequences to everything you do.


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The Traveller

Creating today can certainly be considered as practicing magic ... as Alan Steward so wisely wrote in his book (Down to earth Magic) "the power of the mind is really all you need to do magic"

To consciously use magic we first have to believe in it , unconsciously we are putting magic into action very often ... to cast a spell there has to be some kind of vibrational match.

If for example , we secretly have strong feelings towards someone , then those feelings will be felt , consciously or unconsciously by the person concerned .

This could be consciously used to influence someone without their consent and put them under our spell but i certainly do not recommend it , watch out for the rebound .

Just a note on the "love" shield; this is a simply a loving energy that eliminates any antagonistic energies.


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blubird two

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ru bis


You answer demonstrates a deep understanding of where the window of opportunity lies, and yet you managed to maintain enough subtlety that the average reader will not figure out exactly how to go about it. Good for you! +1

(16 May '11, 18:02) The Traveller

@blubird two Oo Wow! You were serious about the love shield. Please don't worry. This answer makes me feel terrible. I was stalkin' ursixx & happened upon this ?. That thread totally ruined the magical vibe. I tried to salvage it; but the music & loving feeling is gone & so is the laughter. Trust allowed me to laugh & feel bliss. It was fun while it lasted. Please don't worry. I'm a good witch & I'm not trying to connect with you other than on IQ.

(09 Apr '13, 05:06) ele

<Ô-Ô> well if I'm stalking you I guess we're consensual stalkers ;)

(09 Apr '13, 06:38) ursixx

@ursixx lol! Stalking! I knew you wouldn't mind. hmm, mutual; I prefer consensual emphasis on sensual; meaning sensory. I'm sure our intentions are mutual & we both wish only the best for one another. When I think of someone, I like to think I'm sending good vibes their way. Stalking, (search) haha,"ELE" - yes, humanity needs more ELE. BTW, don't be messin' with my wiki's & this officially ends the chat!

(10 Apr '13, 03:03) ele

lol! I guess you can still make me laugh after all..

(10 Apr '13, 09:16) ele
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I'm with The Traveller all the way with his answer.
Hypnotists demonstrate usurption of the mental body.. What you do unto other will be done unto you.


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Inactive User ♦♦

In short, yes for the first question; And no, burying one's head in the sand and saying "I don't believe it!"

Yes creation and magical concepts have a lot in common, but then creation has a lot in common with just about anything in life from cooking, to fixing a door handle.

The topic is too large to discuss here, but there's plenty of material online about spells, magic, and the like.


answered 24 Nov '11, 02:35

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