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One of my businesses is a thrift store. My manager found this in a lot she bought. She knows I like African art and collect religious/magical artifacts. Thought this might interest me.

alt text

The doll is a wax candle. Not sure if the head was originally in the "hanged" position or was put there by the "practitioner". The strips of paper tied to the figure contain original signatures and appear to have been cut off some kind of documents.

alt text

Voodu? High Magick? Low Magick? Qabalistic Ceremonial Magick? A joke?

alt text

Apparently the ensemble was placed in the mailing box and left for someone to open. There are no markings on the outside of the box. It was not mailed.

Bet it scared the crap out of someone!

asked 07 Jun '13, 09:06

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Dollar Bill

edited 07 Jun '13, 18:42

@Dollar- Scared the crap out of me I tell you.

(07 Jun '13, 09:35) Nikulas

interesting @Dollar ... wax and white/black are often used in magic and radionics, the disk shape drawing is a mars talisman and serves as a shield against the boomerang effect in hate bewitchment spells

(07 Jun '13, 10:33) ru bis

@Wade vodou is just another way of putting subtle energies into motion ... the loa, are the spirits of haitian vodou, all manifestations are in the intention ... if there're powerful black/negative energies at work, as conjured up in this case, then there are also powerful flip side energies white/positive to neutralize them ... hating and fearing dark energies only feeds them and gives them more power :)

(09 Jun '13, 00:37) ru bis

"hating and fearing dark energies only feeds them and gives them more power" unequivocally true @ru bis ..

(10 Jun '13, 00:51) ele
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Ok here is my take on it - This is obviously the work of some freelancer as it mixes high magick and low in a way no lodge member or Wiccan would. A little bit Qabala, a little bit vodou, a little bit witchcraft.

It seems to be a binding spell of some sort with the intent to do harm to those named.

The glyph is Qabalistic in nature straight out of the Lesser Keys of Solomon. It's the Third Pentacle of Mars. (good for you, @ru bis) "It is of great value for exciting war, wrath, discord and hostility; also for resisting enemies and striking terror in resisting Spirits; the Names of God the All Powerful are there-in expressly marked."

Letters of the names Eloah and Shaddai. In the center the letter Vau, the signature of the Qabalistic Microprosopus, the revealed face of God.

I have a local friend who may want it. If not, I will burn it. Fire purifies.


answered 07 Jun '13, 18:07

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Dollar Bill

and I agree with purifying and burning the creepy fu****

(07 Jun '13, 22:14) Liam

from where i'm standing the synchronicity of this posting certainly coincides with the question on " ... is it ok to kill" ... interesting :)

(08 Jun '13, 00:31) ru bis

@Dollar Bill take a picture when you burn it.. just a thought that came when I read your comment

(08 Jun '13, 01:07) ursixx

@ursixx - good idea. Will take a video.

(08 Jun '13, 06:46) Dollar Bill

I believe in the transformation of energies - negative into positive.

(09 Jun '13, 21:26) ele

yes @ele energy can only be transformed, it can't be destroyed ... in other words the concept of negative/positive involves judgement and depends from which angle you observe ... everything is relative and nothing has any importance except the value that we choose to give it :)

(10 Jun '13, 00:31) ru bis

true enough @ru bis WTS, in your opinion, what will happen if DB decides to burn these items? My previous comment should have been put under Liam's answer in regards to the comments by you & DB.

(10 Jun '13, 00:51) ele

well @ele in my opinion when Dollar does actually burn it i'm pretty sure it'll make some smoke lol

(10 Jun '13, 03:02) ru bis

@ru bis haha thanks for the laugh - my thoughts exactly.

(10 Jun '13, 03:15) ele

@Dollar Bill It seems like you believe or feel these items have bad mojo. Personally, I would not burn them. Do you also believe these items or any inanimate object can carry a curse? When you mentioned video taping - a memory of Geraldo Rivera came to mind.

(10 Jun '13, 14:52) ele
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My immediate thought was a hoodoo/conjure worker, that's what it looks like to me. They are "notorious" for using pentacles of solomon or ones from 6th and 7th books of Moses occasionally (it also fits considering you live in the southern states). Is there anything written on the back of the pentacle?

I've never really seen a wax figure shaped like that deliberately from creation - although it could happen. From the pictures you give though, it looks more to me like the figure has simply become warped, probably due to being in a box somewhere when the temperature was high.

It's unlikely the box was ever intended to be delivered - and certainly not through the mail system. It's more likely it was supposed to be buried somewhere in a mock funeral way.


answered 07 Jun '13, 21:56

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yes @Liam the disk is a variant of the seal of salomon, a powerful universal symbol that can be adapted to any use including spiritual enlightenment ... it is used in radionics and tuned with the aid of a pendulum ... the cardboard box acts as an amplifier just as any 2 or 3 dimensional box that's used for producing manifestations

(08 Jun '13, 00:24) ru bis

@Liam nothing written on the back of the pentagram glyph. The doll shows no indication of being unintentionally heated. It is not deformed or flattened in any other way than the neck.

Apparently the box was sealed and the strip torn off to open it by someone, probably the recipient. It is a standard United State Post Office mailing box.

The packaging was likely meant to get the recipient to bring it into his home and open it there, releasing the energy there.

(08 Jun '13, 06:40) Dollar Bill

It is thought that if you invite or bring a demon into you home it is much more powerful in effect.

This is a reason that you must be very careful inviting spirit entities into your body, and a reason that I don't much trust trance mediums. (execpting Bashar, Esther Hicks and Rob)

(08 Jun '13, 06:45) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill - very interesting. Is there a date or date code on the USPS shipping box? USPS shipping boxes haven't been around that long - it may or may not have a usb bar code; but should have a date.

(09 Jun '13, 21:20) ele

@Dollar Bill I asked about the date because I was trying to date these items. The paper hasn't aged & the items don't appear vintage.

(10 Jun '13, 14:54) ele
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