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If and when we are blessed by an Angels energy, how willing would you be to accept It's Invitation of "It" into your current Reality?

Basically what I Am asking here,is for you to use your imagination and describe what your encounter with a Higher Vibrational Being would or could be like.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I remember a day while waiting at a bus stop, this stranger said "Waiting for a bus, huh?" "Yes." I responded. And this same man said, "It seems that we're all waiting for something...What are you waiting for to happen?" And I didn't look back at him but turned in the opposite direction to see if the bus was coming and responded "Yeah, you're right, I am waiting for something to happen but I don't know what for."

Well, when I turned to look at him, there was no one there. I thought the man went into the nearest store, so I ran in there, asked the rep at the counter if a man was here and the individual said no. I ran out the door and went to the nearest street looking for him.

From the time that I turned my head to the left to look for the bus and turned to the right to look at the man, was less than 10 seconds. The person was gone!!! From that day forward, the famous scripture in Heb. 13:2 regarding angels has made me always realize that our daily encounters may be with celestial and/or alien beings or stepping through a parallel universe meeting others, and always, on purpose for a purpose


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With love, happiness and joy and appreciation.


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Anticipation seems to be a factor as well,thanks :)

(04 Apr '10, 03:34) Roy

Hi Roy,

I dont need to use my imagination as I have seen and received comunicaton with angels since I become a Reiki healer and Master a few years ago. I allways thought that should I see something otherwordly I would simply faint with fright. One day while doing a Reiki healing session on my husband I was aware that there was someone standing next to me on my right. When I looked I saw a beautiful being almost as if light was iluminating from within it and this being was holding a lantern in front of him as if to help show me the way.

I dont have the gift of hering yet but the being let me understand telephatically that His/Her name was Ariel. I had never heard of an Angel called Ariel so I said alloud you must mean Uriel for Uriel is the one normaly known as the light of God. No the answer was very quick and it let me understand in no uncertain terms that the name is Ariel with an A. The reason Ariel was there was to help with the Reiky healing. I also heard that angels look like people and dont have wings so I looked to make sure and Ariel had enormous wings from his shoulderblades up almost further than his head and all the way down to almost the ankels. It was a magnificent sight and He/She was tall and beautiful with golden locks and a long flowing robe. Even though He presented himself with male energy some say it is a female so that I leave for it will be different for each person.

Amazingly enough there was no fear in me almost as if it was the most natural thing in the world to see angels at my side. There was a feeling of peace and the most beautiful glowing aura.

Since that time I have met many Archangels and Angels like Michael, Raphael, Chamuel, Gabriel, Zadkiel, Haniel, Raziel, Raquele and a few more and diferent ones appear for different healing needs but Ariel is allways there showing me the way with his lantern. Even when I do distance healing He will be the one that allways remains with me.

The day after I saw Ariel I searched the internet and to my amazement found out that Archangel Ariel is known as the lamb of God and is the Angel of nature and animals. He also sometimes helps Reiki healers especialy the novices.

Of course after that experience I bought some books so I could learn about angels. I consider myself extremly lucky to be given this gift of sight and the Angels are simply incredeable and I thank them for their suport and help with healing. I adore them.


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Paulina 1

this is really enlightenening to hear. It IS true

(06 Sep '11, 10:06) Nikulas

She is my wife.


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That is so sweet:-)

(04 Apr '10, 01:36) Michaela

Like you Vesuvius,I too am blessed by having a wonderful wife :) I was thinking of an Angel as not being of this of this Realm.Lets just say ArchAngel Michael drops by and wants to have a chat with you, just to see how your doing and to let you know you are Loved.How would you react?

(04 Apr '10, 03:21) Roy

I think I would do the same as I said i would do if I met an alien invite it to have a cup of coffee and talk about the weather. I find your question similar to this one


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I believe there is a significant difference between God and his Angels.What I am asking is, How would you, ursixx, deal with direct contact with An Angel or any other form of Channeling? Love and Light

(04 Apr '10, 03:30) Roy

well it probably won't be wearing I am an angel t-shirt. so we need to treat everyone like an angel and if they are wearing a "I am an Angel" t-shirt. well angels must like coffee too ..

(04 Apr '10, 10:36) ursixx

Hi Roy, Are we not all angels? Did we not originate from the spiritual realm? Are we not made in the image of creator? Think about it?


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I have often had the impression of a "presence", at first i was rather many years later i have recently been literaly sent angels from a person with whom i practice reiki...since i have been feeling their presence almost daily, to me it is enlightening, i really feel loved by them...


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blubird two

I have had an angel come to me- it was Mary, and I described it thus in the question, "Have you ever had a vision which defied explanation?". I quote my question here for you all to read again:

When I was 24, I was awakened suddenly. At first, I was unsure what had awakened me. I saw immediately that my bedroom was flooded with an incredible blue light. This light was utterly unworldly and beautiful. I looked around me. Standing next to me was a woman, who was the source of the blue light. She was dressed in white with a blue mantel and was young and possessed of such inner beauty I was struck dumb at first. My husband was asleep beside me. I repeatedly elbowed him to awaken him.

The woman giggled! She said, "He will not awaken. You can try, but he will not." And she giggled again! I pinched myself, thinking that I was surely having quite a dream.

She said, "Do not do that! I would not have you hurt yourself. I am truly here."

"Who are you?" I asked. "Surely," she replied. "Surely, you must know."Oh, but I do not!" I said then. "Are you an angel?"

She pondered this, but only for a moment. "You of this world call me Mary," she finally answered. "You mean, Mary...Mother of Jesus?" I asked. There came that lovely laugh again, low and sweet. "Yes, some call me that," she answered finally.

In my heart, I immediately thought to myself that this was totally impossible. To this day, I call her "The Blue Lady".

Being practical, I responded, "But I am not Catholic!"

She said, "What does that have to do with anything? I just came to talk with you."

I wondered to myself what Mary could want with me. What could the Mother of God have to say to me, a non-Catholic and someone who did not even go to church on a regular basis? Now, I just sat up a bit, and I remember taking in that blue light, and was filled with a peace which "passeth all understanding" (Phillipians 4:7, KJV Bible) I finally could understand how someone could feel such a peace. I did not have any doubt or fear. This peace wiped my soul clear, and I was utterly filled with such love and wonder for this woman. I could not help loving her- she seemed the essence of love. It was as if she was Love itself.

We spoke mind to mind at times, but also, with clear understanding. Time passed strangely- both fast, and slow. I think it must have been at least twenty minutes or so.

She directed me to learn the Rosary, and I asked her how I was to obtain a "Rosary". I had heard of them, of course, but had never really seen or held one, except that I knew that my friend Cathy was Catholic and had one when we were growing up.

I promised The Blue Lady (Mary) that I would get a Rosary and learn to pray on it. This was not the only thing we talked about, though. She talked with me about how important it was to live a life of Love and Faith in God. This she emphasized. She said that "Faith is everything, absolutely everything, and that out of Love, comes Great Faith, and one needs both Faith and Love together, for they depend on each other.

Even though time has gone by since I saw her, I can still remember her like it happened last night. Not a day goes by, nor a night, that I do not long to see her again.

After she was gone, I held this experience close to my heart, and to this day, have no doubt that what I experienced was real. I went to my Public Library to learn about the Rosary...I wanted to research it, and to try to puzzle out its significance in the world. I also wondered over and over why this had happened to me at all.

I ended up taking a crystal necklace, and breaking it apart, and re-strung it into a Rosary. I was rather surprised to discover that the words of the Rosary were already familiar to me- in Latin! In High School, we had sung "Ave Maria" in chorus. I had sung a solo rendition of the Ave Maria as part of my vocal repertoire for my voice lessons. It struck me that all that time, I never really realized that the Ave Maria was the Rosary! No one had ever explained the Ave Maria to me- I guess all my teachers just assumed I already knew what it meant. (Those were the days! No one back in my High School days had yet decided to keep religious music out of Public Schools. As a matter of fact, in the days of Bach and Beethoven, most music was religious. It is nearly impossible to have a good vocal repertoire without learning religious music. But when my children got to school, by the eighties, most public schools had stripped all religious music out of band, orchestra, and choral music- and I used to cringe at Christmas. The number of renditions of "Frosty the Snowman" and "Jingle Bells" seems infinite now...I was very sad that my children never got the thrill of performing such music as "The Messiah" and "Ode to Joy" from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.)

To this day, I can say the Rosary both in Latin and English. I have used and prayed the Rosary as a centerpiece of my private meditations. The repetition of the "Hail Mary" helps bring me into an Alpha state quite nicely, which is a nice and wonderful side effect of doing the Rosary.

My vision changed my whole life. I tried to approach the Catholic Church, to tell them that I saw "The Lady", but all my efforts were brushed aside because I was not Catholic, and because I had been alone when she appeared to me. I was so naive. I know that perhaps I perhaps sound like a "religious nut-nut" even to some of you who read this account. Mary only told me to keep up my Faith, and to never doubt her or myself. She promised me that she would be appearing to many people all over the world, and that I would discover that I was not alone in my vision. Apparently, the Catholic Church is not sure what to do about all of these sightings of Mary; but the Church can no longer ignore all of us who have seen her.

You might wonder why she is appearing more and more. She told me that the world has gotten to be so filled with hatred and war that she decided to come to bring Proof to the World that God sees and cares and is very, very sad and disturbed at our lack of Faith!

I am hoping that by sharing my story with all of my "bestest of friends" here at Inward Quest that it will help you to BELIEVE!!!!

All my Love, and with many Blessings,



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this is an incredible encounter you've had. I really would like to see angels- any specific advice you could give out Jai?

(06 Sep '11, 10:07) Nikulas

to this day, I really do not understand why this happened to me...yet, a part of me knows that if it had not happened, I would not have survived the incredible physical ordeals I have been through- meaning the repeated attacks of MRSA staph in both legs, from 1993-2000 and more recently 2009-2011. I do not have any advice except this-pray, believe, and do good to others. It will ensure that you will see angels at some point! Blessings,>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(07 Sep '11, 06:20) Jaianniah

it is standing in the light from angel or god and this you would see better from outside your flesh but you could also see it in the flesh but not for long. if he is made flesh you probably would not know onless you have developpe your awareness or find some sign. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

I used to LOVE to hang out with this elderly lady and her sister. She had already started her ascension and was teaching me soo much it was incredible. She would make me answer my own questions which forced me to grow faster and become much more confident in myself. One night I was astral traveling to a distant place and it was kinda dangerous. She showed up as an angel a androgynous being that was remarkable. The next day when i visited her i told her what happened, and how i saw her. She was thrilled that someone finally had seen her, and made me start mirror exercises to see MYSELF. She was amazing, I miss her, and feel so lucky and special that i have had so many awesome experiences with so many awesome people/beings. I am always searching for more great experiences, and love hearing them. You have asked a LOT of great questions Roy.. Love your postings!!


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