I am going to present something I wrote about Law of Attraction. I realize that feeling you are in power instead of feeling like the victim can be empowering... except when it isn't. Here I have presented my main issue with the Law of Attraction based on my many years of studies. If you have evidence that this is wrong please explain. Please be constructive in your response.

I have put many studies into the Law of Attraction over the years. I have written on forums and gotten into debates. I have analyzed how it would transform the way the brain thinks from a pessimistic worldview to an optimistic one. I have discovered the teachings repeated throughout history in many cultures. Yet there is one element of how the modern understanding of the Law of Attraction relates to the world that I find very out of alignment. This I summarize as 'victim blaming.'

If you talk to someone who is studied about the Law of Attraction about your problems they tend to see you as in need of correction instead of offering compassion. This I see as very problematic. Listening to people ask Abraham-Hicks about what to do when others are not allowing them to be in the Vortex (by being out of the Vortex.) To me, it sounds like Abraham is telling them to ignore these people when they are out of alignment so that they start acting in alignment around you. 

Something about this idea is like striking a bell and finding it dull in vibration. You expect Law of Attraction to ring true, but having interacted with those who follow Law of Attraction I can feel out how this teaching influences the way they interact with other people.

So I suggested the 'Law of Love' as a deeper teaching than the 'Law of Attraction.' Yet, the thing is my understanding of the 'Law of Love' is forming. I am not perfect in practicing it and I refuse to use words to explain it. At least at this point, I refuse words. (Which I preceed to try to do anyway.)

The 'Law of Love' might include elements of the Law of Attraction, but with the addition of empathy and compassion in relations with ourselves and others. It does not tolerate being put into a positive prison. It recognizes that a person has moments of bliss as well as moments of sadness. When a person comes to you, or you find yourself, in a moment of doubt, disbelief, sadness, etc. The answer is compassion instead of insensitive 'victim blaming.' 

It has happened to me on forums again and again. If I tell another person that their comments are making me sad, they pull out the 'playing the victim' card. Sometimes you can understand a teaching best by your interactions with those who follow the teachings. 

So I turned away from the Law of Attraction... in fact said to myself 'F$#K the Law of Attraction' which is a title of a Teal Swan video, the video ends up supporting the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction has many good elements. It has elements found in many ancient cultures, but these cultures were not lacking in compassion, for themselves or others, the same way that is commonly seen by those who follow the modern understanding of the Law of Attraction.

I guess I have some other issues with the way Law of Attraction is often understood. One being the tendacy to equite riches with enlightenment. When in fact many rich people worry about money all the time and can be very out of alignment.

I do not know if I explained this well, but how you interact with someone out of the Vortex is the same way you will interact with yourself when you are out of the Vortex. I thought that was worth adding.

Sorry that I have not picked a best answer for my last question. I have been so upset with the Law of Attraction teachings that I couldn't bring myself to read them deeply... yet. It has taken me weeks (has it been weeks) of reflection to try to form into words exactly why when I see the Teal Swan video title, F#$K the Law of Attraction, my heart sings that someone might finally be really understanding the Law of Attraction on a deeper level than before. Which I have decided it is the 'Law of Love.'

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I agree with the sentiment that there may be a tendency to not be as compassionate as one could be to others when following the Abraham teachings.

This is the chief reason I do not use the Abraham teachings as my main source of reconnecting with my power- I use Huna. (I do use the Abraham teachings for inspiration and correlation)

With Huna, there is no such issue- when you encounter pain, you do whatever you can to heal it- that's the point of the practice. You also achieve goals, but that's also healing- you heal your own circumstances. This general approach makes everything much more friendly and much more in line with what I consider to be a sense of community and friendliness.

I suspect that when you get really good at the Abraham teachings that problem solves itself, at least to an extent- when you you get really good at allowing people you're automatically friendly. And in Huna, too, you seperate yourself emotionally from unfortunate people in order to keep functioning, and develop your ability to receive.

But, in my experience, Abraham-Hicks teachings do not place a lot of emphasis on community, and that's just one thing to take into account when you chose the style of teacher that you prefer. They do, for example, place a great deal of emphasis on your imagination.


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1. we can see differently what happens, in different our states.

when told, that we are responsible for the state we are in, we can see it as victim blaming, when we're very far from a resourceful state, or we can see it as a possibility to do something, or as hope, when we are in a more resourceful state

when told, that we should handle our situation ourselves, we can take it as rejection or respect - again, depending on the state we're in

2. you probably didn't think what it was for them - for those people, from whom you wanted compassion

they just got feeling better. You come to them and want them to fall again into feeling bad. First thing they feel - helplessness. They can't again start bearing on their shoulders each and everyone other's weight, they barely have the power now to bring themselves a bit above the water.

So their first reaction can even be aggressive - because they don't want to sink again. And the first stair, first step up from the helplessness is anger. So they do what they can, to bring themselves up again.

3. there're so many people, practicing love or whatever good thing you can think of - that when you look at those people, you wouldn't want to come close there. Why should you judge it that way?

but even that is not the most important thing here. Here it comes:

4. what do you take it as a tool for?

when you're taking it as a tool to judge if something is wrong or right, to see where you're right and someone else is wrong, to describe what you see etc. - it's one thing. Then you go for compassion, you're trying to lean on someone, trying to find sympathy etc. And it only increases your feeling of your own disempoweredness.

when you're taking Law of Attraction as a tool to feel better - you will look in it for the tools to feel better. For example, instead of victim blaming you could see their trust in you. Instead of finding who is to blame for in what's happening, you could take from it the principle that you can build your tomorrow - something in it at least. You can build a mood for tomorrow.

I was once told a story of a near hospital - how people came there, helping to the elder, bringing them things. And since the elder didn't need to walk themselves, their health became worse. So who knows, what would be best help for them.

same with those people - who knows, maybe only when you get no compassion from those people, you will realize, you're the only one you can build upon, and then you will realize your power, when you start raising your vibration - then it will be the best help from those people. Because they saw your strength and power and believed you could lead your life yourself.

I was also told, that with every widget/mechanism invented, someone tried to end their life with it - for example, with microwaves it was so.

Law of Attraction is a tool. Many people take from it the power to build their mood and state - why you choose to see in it victim blaming or other bad sides, it's your choice.

you might ask yourself, "if I were really interested to use it for my good, what would I use from it and how?"

maybe you didn't see any good in it yet because you never looked like this, so those answers didn't come to you.

or maybe your path was to bounce from it and build something on your own.

can you see, that it all is compassion, love and life?

have a good feeling :)


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Olga Farber

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I really like this!

(06 Nov '17, 17:46) JMA

I think this all depends on "what you want", what you deeply feel aligned with. Do you worry about what kind of person you are if you don't feel compassion? What do you think will happen to you, or the victims, if you see these people in trouble as whole, capable beings, capable of having what they want? Not as victims, but as simply that their experiences reflect their state of being, as do yours?

I had to work on my 'compassion', which I found was mostly about guilt about how I had more or better than what I was perceiving the other had. A judgment, based on fear I had about what could possibly happen to me. And I had a never-ending supply of people needing compassion. So I worked on it, diligently. It was very difficult, it felt like I was ripping myself open. I live in a wealthier area that is bordered  by panhandlers, lots of people who appear indigent and in chemically altered states of being. 

At first I was overcome by guilt at the matrix would call 'privilege.' So I would give money...constantly. Even pumping gas I would be approached. As I worked on my guilt, which was extensive, I became extremely angry. I felt manipulated, I felt the pressure of them wanting something from me that authentically, I didn't want to give. This was the pressure of my own inauthenticity...which I was projecting onto the panhandler. 

I remember a panhandler whom I saw everyday, who always looked so down and so sad, I gave them $20. As they took the money, their eyes were already passing past me to the cars behind me, and I saw a shrewdness and calculation in their eyes that just floored me. I no longer saw a victim of circumstance....I saw a person who was making choices, based on who they thought they were.

Then I moved onto frustration. I was no longer giving money, but I was still constantly aware of panhandlers. I would be sitting in my car and they would approach the car. I hovered in frustration and impatience for a very long time. This was almost more painful than guilt and anger, because it went on for so long!

Eventually, I found that the panhandlers just didn't bother me anymore, and I didn't feel guilty for not giving money. I didn't feel sympathy for them, but I did't feel anger, I just felt like "Oh, this is their life, they are powerful beings, just as I am."

The other day, I was getting out of my car, and I saw someone coming towards me to ask for money. I just felt neutral, disinterested but not repulsed. As they came near me, they suddenly made an exasperated gesture with their hands, like "Just forget it" and walked away. And I smiled, because I realized that I was no longer a match to the panhandlers. I don't feel sorry for them, and the panhandlers require sympathy, which IME is disguised/suppressed guilt,  in order to get money. Guilt is way down on the Abraham Hicks EGS, which has helped me tremendously to understand the process of spiritual evolution. Authentically, I don't feel it's compassionate to give money to panhandlers. I have zero interest in being part of that. Your milage may vary. Mine certainly did at one time! But you know what? Sympathy didn't feel good to me anymore! So I followed my own emotional guidance.

The funny thing is that sometimes I do give money. But it's not about sympathy, it's more just like an exchange ordained by the universe, I just follow an impulse. But there is no glowing feeling of saving or helping anyone, nor is there any anger or feelings of being pressured or guilty. It's just this neutral exchange that doesn't move me from my center.

I don't 'blame the victim'. I don't see 'a victim' at all. I blame neither the victim nor the perpetrator in the narrative. I'm not trying to 'fix' anything. I'm not trying to 'heal' or 'save' anyone. I don't want a life full of people who need me to do something to make them feel better, who need me to give them power. Because conversely, I don't want a life where I need anyone to make me feel better, to give me power. My vibration is one of acceptance, I don't judge but don't help, either. And it's made me a much better listener. I don't have a problem with someone venting or feeling powerless or being a victim, because I don't have to do anything to fix their lives. I don't have to do anything to 'be compassionate', which is almost always about trying to fix or at least validate a negative narrative to which another is clinging. I just listen, without becoming a part of their limited narrative. 

And that is what real compassion is, I've discovered, in my own authenticity. To be open to their narrative without validating it. To hear where they are but not perpetuate their limiting perspective. In this state of being, my behavior is one of genuine giving in a way I actually want to give. All this means that my life has been emptied of people who do not want to expand in their self awareness. My life has been emptied of people who want to cling to their stories of victimhood and blame. For me...this is the best thing ever. I no longer feel responsible for anyone else's discomfort...when I feel it, I know that it's really my own discomfort about something in me that wants to change.

A belief must be total. For one to believe in their power to change their life by changing themselves, one must see the same in others. All others, without exception.


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I feel that without compassion and empathy I would become a psychopath. The way the Law of Attraction is being taught now it appears to be cutting off these basic human qualities that are what makes society a society. I have darkness in me as dark as my light is bright. I make the choice of which side of myself I show to the world. Without compassion and empathy, I would no longer see why I choose to show the world light and love. I would lose my humanity and become a monster.

(06 Nov '17, 22:11) Igot7

Did you ever consider that the panhandlers were doing you a favor by asking? Some say that abundance comes from having enough to share. They reminded you that you had enough to share and gave you the choice to share. I do not give every person who asks me for money, money either. I follow my instinct on whether I give money too. Having compassion and giving others money are different things. Nowhere in the definition of compassion does it say anything about money.

(06 Nov '17, 22:15) Igot7

I looked up the word 'compassion' in two dictionaries. I see now that I am using the wrong word. Gregg Braden's definition of 'compassion' is that it is the step after empathy where you can relate to the suffering of another without personally feeling the suffering. The dictionary definition does not convey this making me wonder where Gregg developed his idea of the word.

(06 Nov '17, 22:54) Igot7

I do indeed think that the panhandlers were doing me a favor. This is why I said I recognized that I was projecting onto them my own inauthenticity. This is the very same thing as the Paradise Papers that everyone is getting upset about. If you believe in abundance...or if the idea of abundance resonates with you...then you have to examine why you are seeing so much lack. Or why you think that somebody can withhold somebody else's abundance. If abundance is TRUE then nobody can hog it.

(06 Nov '17, 23:45) JMA

I do not believe that anybody else can withhold my abundance, and I don't believe I can withhold anyone else's abundance. I didn't turn into a psychopath or grow horns, I didn't suddenly start drawing pentagrams, the cosmos didn't crack. I just got a lot happier...and this makes me a much better person in the world. I do things from a place of inspiration, or guidance, not guilt, not compassion, not because somebody has lesser. That no longer computes. :)

(06 Nov '17, 23:49) JMA

By abundance I do not mean just financial, I was just giving you an example of how I worked on the compassion issue. Perhaps a better word is "wellbeing". Anyone who holds another responsible for their wellbeing is always on shaky ground, I don't understand why EVERYONE would not want to take absolute responsibility for their life, via their emotions, and just feel better. I'm an outlier, clearly. :)

(07 Nov '17, 00:03) JMA

"I'm an outlier, clearly. :)" You and me both :) Agree with all you say here.

(16 Nov '17, 04:15) Delphine
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At another question, we are, in a way, debating this very idea. Do I give up my compassion (as I understand compassion to be)`because I adhere to the LOA??? Saying that everyone everywhere is experiencing what they are because they agreed to it seems stretching it to the beaking point. Just because I am "compassionate" does not mean that I am robbing anyone of their chance to overcome any obstacles. You rightly point out that we can be "open to others'" narrative... I feel good when I connect with people, when I help them help themselves. I do not want to excuse anything or justify evil by saying that people choose to be hurt. (I am not expressing what I want to say very well...I hope you are getting my "drift".)

We are deep into some big time philosophical ideas. The reality/illusion of evil, for example. Human beings have been discussing this for aeons. We probably could debate this for centuries to come! What we are actually touching upon is whether some actions are inherently "evil", and whether we have any "obligation" to act. Ask any veteran of WWII if the USA should have joined in the war... Ask whether they felt it was "right". It is when an entire culture begins to feel that certain actions are wrong that we develop laws about right and wrong. Now we are into sociology, and the development of laws and even the Golden Rule. All cultures on Earth believe in The Golden Rule. Why? Why did this "more" come into being? Why "be nice"? It feels good to be nice (at least for myself).

Thank you for asking this question. Is it time to evolve the LOA in the Law of Love? Certain folks (like Christ) felt love was everything. I agree; it is. It just feels good; because it feels good and produces good in my life, it feels right.



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Make no mistake about it. Jesus taught the Law of Attraction. http://www.psitek.net/pages/PsiTek-jesus-taught-it-too-18.html#gsc.tab=0

(16 Nov '17, 04:22) Delphine

@Delphine-he was the most successful user of the LOA, no doubt!

(25 Nov '17, 09:33) Jaianniah

Well as he said, we have the same capabilities. "The things I do, you also shall do, and greater things."

(25 Nov '17, 18:51) Delphine
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