I have always wondered how certain things like insurance have any effect on the kind of things we actually attract into our lives.

Insurance companies and agents always harp on the very negative sides of live and the worst things that can happen to you, yet most insurance companies are still able to do well. Why is this the case ?

And for people who buy insurance, most of the time they would have bought it because they are scared of the unknown and what might happen to them in the future. Wouldn't buying insurance cause these events more likely to happen, since they would now start thinking about them more as compared to before when they did not know (or buy) about insurance at all?

Well it seems like there is now a word limit on questions so I will just talk some more - If everything that happens in our live is attracted and created by ourselves, then what is the point of insurance ? Insurance is meant to help cover your bills and prevent you or your family from getting into debt in case anything untowards happen to you, but if you are going to be attracting debt into your life then even if you have insurance it won't help at all right ?

asked 26 Jun '13, 02:47

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I recall Dollar Bill asking a similar question about a spare tire..

(26 Jun '13, 03:39) ele

Thanks @Stingray I was going to search; but then got distracted. I'm sure boo will find some good answers on that thread..

(26 Jun '13, 05:27) ele

no, unless you constantly reflect that catastrophe to happen

(26 Jun '13, 06:02) fred

@ele - glad you call him "Boo" instead of "Kaka"! Grin Sorry about that @Kakaboo

(26 Jun '13, 06:10) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill - ...and thank goodness no-one calls him Kak :) http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=kak

(26 Jun '13, 06:16) Stingray

Not for me. :)

(26 Jun '13, 06:18) clearheart

It doesn't really matter what you call me as long as I know you're calling me :) I know "kaka" stands for sister in Malay actually I think. And @Stingray just curious have you personally purchased any form of insurance for yourself or your family ?

(26 Jun '13, 10:38) kakaboo

Ok nvm I realized you answered it in Dollar Bill's answer. haha

(26 Jun '13, 10:42) kakaboo

@Dollar Bill haha Or should I say oO kaka! I guess we can say Kak or Kaka on IQ; but not the English spelling of the word. I've always called him boo. His gravitar image used to be a friendly Casper type ghost. It's a term of endearment - not being lazy or disrespectful. I love reading his posts.

(26 Jun '13, 18:36) ele

If you are talking about life insurance and you have money yes you could attract it. Anny way once you are a corpse it will not serve you but the one that is on your testament. Next time a insurance seller comes along tell him to give you the money first and you will make the payment when you pass away and see what happens.

(26 Jun '13, 19:43) white tiger

@ele when did my gravitar used to be a friendly Casper type ghost ? I only remember my past gravitar being a skull with a hat.

(26 Jun '13, 21:20) kakaboo

More than a year ago, prob very early 2012 before I left in March. It was a cute white ghost.

(26 Jun '13, 22:03) ele

As with most things in life, it all depends on you. If having the insurance relieves worry you may have otherwise held along the lines of "How will I possibly go on if X happens", then it'll probably help. If it makes you comfortable, it'll probably have a good effect, if it makes you worry about how much your premiums will go up if you do the thing you're not supposed to do, it'll probably be worse for you. Attention on positive benefits vs negative concerns. You attract your greater focus.

(26 Jun '13, 23:42) Snow
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And for people who buy insurance, most of the time they would have bought it because they are scared of the unknown and what might happen to them in the future. Wouldn't buying insurance cause these events more likely to happen, since they would now start thinking about them more as compared to before when they did not know (or buy) about insurance at all?

I would say that's a fair summary.

It all depends on the "state of being" that "inspires" the action as to what the outcome is likely to be.

  • If you are in a bad-feeling state then actions that you naturally feel like taking are more likely to lead to results that will amplify that bad-feeling state.

  • If you are in a good-feeling state then actions that you naturally feel like taking are more likely to lead to results that will amplify that good-feeling state.

So, yes, people who are "inspired" to buy insurance through fear are taking another step towards fear-based physical manifestations.

There are a couple of ways out of this cycle....

  1. Take the best-feeling action you can take at any moment regardless of what you would naturally feel like doing...and keep taking those best-feeling actions. This is what Bashar advocates. (Bashar Time Management)

  2. Get into a good-feeling state first before taking any further physical actions. This is what Abraham advocates. (Vortex First, Any Way You Can, Then Everything Else)

So basically this means that two people can take exactly the same physical actions but be heading towards very different physical results...the missing element is the emotional one. This is why a "Plan of Action" from your favorite success guru may work for some people and not for others.

And it's also why it's impossible to give anyone a universal step-by-step action-based method for achieving anything in physical reality without taking their emotional state into account.

Insurance companies and agents always harp on the very negative sides of live and the worst things that can happen to you, yet most insurance companies are still able to do well. Why is this the case ?

That's because it is their business to instill fear into you for the sake of their own profit/success. They won't be imparting that information to you from a fear of it happening to them but from a good-feeling understanding that if they scare you enough to make a sale, they will make more money themselves.


answered 26 Jun '13, 05:43

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@Stingray But do you think that there are actually people who would feel "inspired" to purchase insurance from a non-fear based approach (referring to those insurance not legally required by law, but optional)?

(26 Jun '13, 10:51) kakaboo

@Stingray and for your last point, there are many insurance agents who would have claimed that they have purchased most of the insurance they are trying to sell you. Wouldn't that actually be from a bad-feeling place too? since they are also partially afraid of the unknown.

(26 Jun '13, 10:55) kakaboo

@kakaboo - "actually people who would feel "inspired" to purchase insurance from a non-fear based approach" - I have had situations in the past where the insurance cost has been so negligible compared to my financial situation that the hassle involved in actually figuring out when the renewal is, and who's taking the money, and then going to the trouble of actually cancelling it has been greater than the zero effort of keeping it. So my "inspiration" has been to just to keep it going :)

(26 Jun '13, 11:27) Stingray

@kakaboo - But obviously those policies were remnants of a different earlier, belief system that I don't feel aligned with now. There are people around who can make themselves believe just about anything (check out some of the bizarre beliefs within many religions) so I'm sure there must be someone, somewhere who has manufactured a way of thinking that makes them feel good about buying insurance that they don't feel is necessary :)

(26 Jun '13, 11:34) Stingray

@kakaboo - "there are many insurance agents who would have claimed that they have purchased most of the insurance they are trying to sell you" - If you say so, I don't know any insurance agents myself. But wouldn't you say that it still makes them feel good when they make a sale and earn a commission from it? While they may have fears regarding the subject of their insurance, wouldn't making those sales enhance their own (good) feelings of financial prosperity? The way that physical...

(26 Jun '13, 11:40) Stingray

@kakaboo - ...life is geared up is that you don't have to perform intellectual balancing acts in figuring out which vibrational influence is the strongest...you just do what feels good...aiming towards feeling good is the simple, powerful binary switch that takes every influence/belief automatically into account and gives you a straightforward yes/no answer without you needing to even think.

(26 Jun '13, 11:42) Stingray
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Thank you for asking this question, @Kakaboo. I do not yet feel in alignment with this concept. Does preparation for a possibly unpleasant event lead to the manifestation of this event?

I like @Stingray's answer. However I still have a question. I don't really have negative feelings about writing a check for insurance premiums. I can get in a good-feeling state and write a check for insurance, but WHY am I doing so? Seems like I am betting that something bad (damage) will happen and the insurance company is betting it won't.

I am not a gambler. I have never bought a lottery ticket.

I pay enough in insurance premiums a year to buy another antique Cadillac. Though I can do both, I don't get as good a feeling paying premiums as I do buying another old Cadillac.

One of my commercial properties just came due for a policy renewal. Last year the premium was $759 for the year. I had no claims on this policy, nor any others, and yet my agent called to tell me she had found a "really good rate" of $2450 for the renewal. She told me that other companies wanted $3300 t0 $4000, so this was a bargain! I am trying to have a good feeling about this increase, but it is not easy.

Yet I paid it.

I don't mean to come across as "poor old rich guy" but to use this example as a request for better understanding. Could I get my head in a place where I do not feel the need for insurance?

Is there anyone, anyone on IQ, or elsewhere, if they can afford it, who does not have some kind of insurance? And, if so, how is this in line with the Law of Attraction.

EDITED - My agent called me yesterday and told me she had found a company that would insure the property for $1400 a year. I think that as I felt better about the idea, the price went down. Apparently I feel the need to have insurance and this is ok. I feel better having insurance.

EDITED AGAIN - Had a fire loss in one of my properties. I was insured at "replacement value." This means the cost it would take to completely rebuild the house using all new materials. The yearly premium was $600. Over half the house burned. The insurance company called it "totaled" and wrote me a check for $150,000 I had only paid $65,000 for the house (in a foreclosure), and sold the lot and what was left of the house for $35,000.

I felt VERY good about this, and was super glad I had insurance!


answered 26 Jun '13, 09:27

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Dollar Bill

edited 28 Jun '13, 17:43

@Dollar Bill - Abraham have said that the only insurance that Jerry & Esther had (when Jerry was alive) was that required by law (e.g. car insurance) and that was because deliberately "pushing against" the law didn't feel good to them. I'm pretty much the same...I only have legally-required insurance. I've noticed in my life that if I'm a vibrational match to something bad-feeling, it's going to manifest regardless of how much I try to protect myself from it physically :) But that doesn't...

(26 Jun '13, 09:47) Stingray

@Dollar Bill - ...mean that having or not having insurance is right or wrong. One has to go with what feels like the best-feeling option, regardless of the logic of it, because that feeling takes existing beliefs into account. Of course, it's a personal choice whether one wishes to re-examine existing beliefs so that one can feel good about a different physical action - that usually only seems to happen when some inner-pain-tolerance threshold is crossed regarding that existing action.

(26 Jun '13, 09:56) Stingray

@Dollar Bill - This is exactly the kind of dilemma and confusion I am facing. Let's say I wish to purchase medical insurance that will cover my hospital bills and it's 50$/month. On one hand, I would feel good that I can not worry about my hospital bill in case anything happens to me. But on the other hand, I might feel bad spending that 50$ if nothing happens to me at all. But if I don't spend that 50$, then I would still feel bad worrying about the unknown. It's really confusing.

(26 Jun '13, 10:47) kakaboo

Its like doing a certain action can make you feel bad and good at the same time that you don't know whether you should do it. So far, I can't really think of anything else off my head that would be able to make me feel like this.

(26 Jun '13, 11:04) kakaboo

@kakaboo - "doing a certain action can make you feel bad and good at the same time" - The feeling of bad and good comes not in response to thinking about the action itself (which is neutral) but how you are focused when thinking about the action i.e. when you think about how buying the insurance will make you feel, you feel good (belief about safety & security), but when you think about how much the insurance costs, you feel bad (belief about financial abundance).

(26 Jun '13, 11:19) Stingray

@kakaboo - If you want to resolve your vibrational contradiction about the action, clean up the beliefs that get activated when you focus on it in those different ways

(26 Jun '13, 11:20) Stingray

Thank you, @stingray for the explanation. I admire Jerry & Esther as well as you for having the confidence and trust to go uninsured.

It IS a feeling. I realized that I feel better having insurance. So I do. events unfolded differently yesterday, see my edit.

I like guns and often carry one. Not because I feel I may need to shoot someone. (ooh sinking feeling in the gutski-wutskies), but because I like guns.

Why do we really do anything but because we like to do it.

(27 Jun '13, 03:42) Dollar Bill

"The event/action itself is neutral but based on our beliefs at that particular point of time it produces different reactions and emotions." I seem to keep forgetting about the neutral part all the time, thanks for reminding me.

(27 Jun '13, 10:44) kakaboo
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Are you saying I hit a deer and totaled my car because I had car insurance?

I don't know about this, it sounds off to me. I dove many years with not many accidents. The ones I did have were animal caused. I still remember the time I hit that poor dog! :-(

I don't think I attracted hitting that dog or that deer because I have car insurance.

If I did I would have come to expect it like, "Oh what a relief I paid my car insurance. I can hit something and it will be paid for!" That would be crazy to think that.

We all have to buy car insurance, so this means we are all destined for accidents?

On the other hand I don't own medical insurance. I feel I can't afford to get sick or hurt so I mostly don't. Jai thought I broke my toe. I said, I don't think so. If I had insurance maybe I would have had it checked out. It is nearly healed now, it has been a week. However if I turn it from side to side that still hurts a bunch but that will pass too.


answered 26 Jun '13, 09:49

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Wade Casaldi

edited 26 Jun '13, 09:49

hmm I think not using those type of insurance that are you are forced to own would be a better approach to this question (i.e those required by legal law). If you are forced to do something, you usually won't really think about it as much since it doesn't really matter or affect you in the end.

(26 Jun '13, 10:49) kakaboo

@Wade Wise man, you saved money. As for your toe, speakin' from experience, unless you are in excruciating pain or the toe is deformed a Dr isn't going to do anything for you other than possibly taping it. You can do a Google search & find out what to do when you have a broken toe & how to tape it if necessary.

(26 Jun '13, 23:01) ele

I don't think that purchasing insurance is going to cause you have whatever problem you're trying to insure yourself against. I think this depends entirely on the individual and the vibration of their basic worldview. I can imagine a person who feels extremely comfortable not carrying medical insurance, and so chooses not to do so, and I can imagine that person being essentially so neutral on this topic that they never really attract the kind of health issue that would make that type of insurance helpful. It could be a complete non-issue in their life.

But I know that for myself, while I am not really afraid of health conditions, having health insurance feels really relaxing. It's super soothing to me. So I think, for someone like me, with my background beliefs, it's much more in alignment to just buy the insurance. Having insurance makes me (IMO) LESS likely to attract a serious problem, not more. To me it feels like "Great! That's taken care of." - not "This is something I have to guard against."

(Sidebar: could I do the work to change those beliefs? Sure. I don't really feel the need to right now. I'm pretty lazy. The path of least resistance for me is to soften any resistance I have through just buying the insurance and then not thinking about it anymore.)

I can also imagine a person who is very afraid of attracting some kind of health condition, and so buys insurance out of fear, and I can imagine that person having a lot of opportunities to use their insurance. But that could still be a lower-resistance set of choices for that person than trying to take the big jump from "I feel afraid of attracting a health problem" to "I'm not going to buy insurance".


answered 26 Jun '13, 11:48

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you hit the nail on the head! its exactly similar for me. Insurance is just a formality and i do it and move on and almost never think about it. There have been numerous times i forgot to extend insurance and couple of yrs passed and i never thought about it and nothing ever happened. So its the vibration you have about it. Just dont harp on that topic!

(26 Jun '13, 19:51) abrahamloa

This is how I see it. It's not any different then carrying a spare tire.

Your issue boo is medical insurance. You brush & floss your teeth every day, don't you? The only difference between purchasing insurance & buying a toothbrush, toothpaste & dental floss is cost. If medical insurance didn't cost anymore than toothpaste, would there be an issue?

I was only w/o medical insurance once. I turned 18 & I was no longer covered under my parents policy & wouldn't have insurance till I entered college in the fall. Sure enough, I needed to be hospitalized. Even had I known about the Vortex back then; not many of us are in it 24/7.

Bill's issue is property insurance. I think of insurance as a necessity - just as necessary as keeping a spare tire in your vehicle or buying clothes or food or dental floss. It's like taxes - it's life. I own property. If someone comes on my property & get's injured, I'll be held responsible for their injuries. If someone trespasses on my land to illegally hunt & they get injured, they can sue me. Do I worry about this happening? NO, but I am prepared.

I'm responsible for MY OWN vibrations; NOT people who visit me or are on my property illegally. My ability to affect the vibrations of other people especially strangers is limited. The same goes for acts of Mother Nature. I cannot manipulate the weather. Can you?

Recently my area was hit by a natural disaster. I'm heavily insured but unless you have special insurance, most acts of Mother Nature are not covered. My damages are not covered; but compared to many other people in my area, my loss is insignificant. That's Life.


answered 27 Jun '13, 00:17

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edited 27 Jun '13, 00:19

ele, a corollary though, no property owned no need for insurance

(27 Jun '13, 05:18) fred

I remember a post some time ago saying that the weather can actually be manipulated to some extent : http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/48215/has-anyone-had-success-manifesting-or-manipulating-the-weather-please-share-your-stories

(27 Jun '13, 10:35) kakaboo

Thanks boo for the link - I was actually looking at that question the other day. @fred then I would need renters insurance lol. Wait, I wouldn't have to purchase any ins if I did not rent or own. I could sell everything & be free. Thanks fred - good idea..

(28 Jun '13, 03:00) ele
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better to purchase insurance and move on and not think about it much. Think of Insurance as an Insurance to your vibration. Your vibration maybe great but incase who knows.. but dont spend any more thought - what if my house gets caught in fire. dont go to association events that discuss theft ... dont subscribe to theft alerts - Yes people do that! lol dont do it please. my apt had lot of thefts and they had meetings to discuss.. and i was like are kidding me.. i dont have time for this.. i am busy enjoying life!


answered 28 Jun '13, 19:24

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