Apologies if this has already been answered somewhere and I just have not found it trawling through the site!!

I am trying to live as if I were financially free (haven't taken the leap of faith to quit work yet though...) and I will advise the next debt collector to start visualising my account all paid off and see how that rolls:)

Abundant wealth surrounds me so I don't want to give up if I am close but if there is something else I can be doing apart from smelling the roses (other people's roses for the moment but one day...) and admiring my vision board car when one drives past and not freaking out about not having enough money to reach the end of the month, then I want to make sure I am doing my bit. I thought if I had a lottery ticket it might make it easier for Abundance to make its way to me but has been a waste of money so far and I need to avoid that. I have no rich ill relatives to leave me a fortune and my job prospects when I lose the ones I have look grim.

What else can I do and how can I make sure I am on the right track?

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Welcome to IQ. =) I hope you find what you are looking for.

(15 Mar '12, 00:23) Snow

I thought the whole idea was for me to stop looking and let it find me. But thanks for the welcome. I have been lurking about reading the site for a while and finding new ideas and different ways to look at the problem. Thought it was time I mustered up the courage to join in !

(15 Mar '12, 00:27) smellingtheroses

Well, I suppose that question would be better suited for someone more experienced. I'm a newbie around here, like yourself. My statement was simply that one generally asks a question 'looking' for an answer, and so I hope you find yours. Where the terminology stands in all of this I really don't know, just happened to be the phrasing I decided to use. =)

(15 Mar '12, 00:33) Snow

start your own lottery. you said it your self you lose money so some one is making some. seek and you will find. experience and enjoy.

(15 Mar '12, 15:05) white tiger

Sorry I thought this was serious site. Or Perhaps white tiger has a sense of humor that does not translate? Trust everyone has a nice day.

(15 Mar '12, 16:44) smellingtheroses

The guidelines as I read them said:

What kinds of answers should I be giving here?

Be Courteous and Respectful Treat others with the same respect that you'd want them to show you. Please be tolerant of others who may not know everything you know.

thanks white tiger for your courteous and respectful answer.

(15 Mar '12, 16:47) smellingtheroses

yes humour is good and it did not cost you a thing. in truth was it not a perfect gift?

(15 Mar '12, 16:51) white tiger

no problem you are welcome. i was serious you have learned something about lottery and how it works. the truth. i gave it to you with humour. it was simple yes i agree. but even complicated things are made of simple things. or maybe the way you reacted or judged the answer has being not serious was because you where looking for a longuer answer?

(15 Mar '12, 19:34) white tiger
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Here are the three simple steps of reality creation from Abraham.

1. You Ask - This step is the easiest on our part. We ask for what we desire.

2. It Is Given - As soon as you ask, the universe instantly answers and your desire exists right this minute.

3. You Allow It In - This is where the bulk of our work comes in. It's not really even work when you understand the power of emotions and feelings. You now have to line up with the emotional feeling of your desire. To put it simply, you have to feel as good as you can most of the time.

So the overall message here is to just feel good.

We let our mind run wild sometimes with so many thoughts because of the type of world we live in. We like to make ourselves think that there is some hard formula or tricky mathematical equation to apply but there isn't. Just feel good.

To get to this good feeling place it can take some practice and conscious awareness. A lot of us don't know how to feel good out of thin air because of habits and beliefs. It took me almost three years just to figure that the simple act of feeling good and following my joy was the key to change.

Here are a few points I would like to make regarding the context of your question. I'm mentioning these to put them into your conscious awareness because you could be living by a set of limiting beliefs.

I am trying to live as if I were financially free

This sentence tells me that you do not believe that you are living financially free. If we go back up to the top and look at the 3 steps, you will see that once you ask it is done. In other words, once you ask to be financially free, there is a real parallel reality created that exists this very moment where you are financially free. That may be hard to believe but it does exist.

Your work is not to try and make it happen or hope it will happen because that is already taken care of for you. Your work is to become that exhilarating feeling of being financially free and hold that high vibration as much as you possibly can. Hold that good feeling of excitement and freedom in your body all day long.

Abundant wealth surrounds me so I don't want to give up if I am close but if there is something else I can be doing apart from smelling the roses (other people's roses for the moment but one day...)

This sounds like your affirmation of abundant wealth has an empty ring to it when you also say "so I don't want to give up if I am close" which indicates to me that you really don't believe that you are there now with abundant wealth. If you are hoping that you are close, then you will continue to stay in the close proximity but never actually get there.

If you are focused on smelling other peoples roses and hoping that one day you will get yours, then you will manifest other people getting there things and will also manifest getting yours one day over and over again.

You have to turn it into something more like - "I have an extreme amount of abundance that exists this very moment and I appreciate every joyus thing that comes into my life"

Compared to - "Abundant wealth surrounds me so I don't want to give up if I am close but if there is something else I can be doing apart from smelling the roses (other people's roses for the moment but one day...)"

Which statement sounds more powerful and feels better to you? I'll take the statement in bold every time.

So the overall point I'm trying to make is to change you negative beliefs and chronic thoughts, and the overwhelming point is to Feel Good as if the thing you want is already in your life now.

Sending out chronic good feeling vibrations no matter what the circumstances in your life will only attract the good things that already exist in your reality.

Sending out chronic negative vibrations of lack, not having, feeling bad, jealousy, frustration, will only attract you to more of the same negative vibrations that already exist in your reality.

The choice simply comes down to which reality you prefer.


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@smellingtheroses: Yes, this site is serious, and yes, WT does have a bit of an issue with being misunderstood at times. Many of the members here do not speak English as a native language, some of them use translators and others are learning English. That being the case it will sometimes be difficult to understand what they're trying to say. And of course some of our members are just very cryptic. ^_^

Please do not allow the behavior of any one member to reflect upon all of the members or the website.

Just be patient, nobody here is being paid to be here. This is a community driven site that is powered by people who have lives and jobs, just like you. Also many of our members are international, another factor to keep in mind. It can take a few days at times, just wait a bit.

Also, as a community driven site you will find that you encounter many different varieties of people here. This being the case it could be beneficial to you to take the approach of taking what you like or enjoy from the site, and ignore the rest. A member here used the simile of a buffet where you take what you want, as an explanation to myself in fact. =)

To actually respond to your question.. First I personally would advise against quitting your job. Just my opinion, take it as you will. Next, this question is very common because it addresses one of the most fundamental aspects of the LOA. Here are a few questions that have answers that I believe are relevant. I would write more on this topic myself but I'm afraid I would simply be repeating what has already been said by others who are more wise than myself.




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Thankyou Snow.
I should take some care to advise if I am writing from my non-vortex state. It may cause less understandings.

Trouble is - when I am cruising around in my vortex I don't need to ask anyone what is going on because I am already THERE!!!

I am heading back in there now actually:)
I do wonder - if my brain spends most of its time in the vortex does that mean the rest of me is soon to follow or my brain is just hiding out there because it is so cozy and trouble free?

(03 Apr '12, 08:18) smellingtheroses

@Snow, What a kind and thoughtful, really helpful answer. I'd never seen this til just now. Wishing I'd seen it a lil while back. :)

(11 Jul '12, 23:24) Grace

When we initially discover the law of attraction and begin to understand that we indeed CAN create our reality, it's only natural that we would want to change something in our current reality that we're not happy with, and almost every time we'll crash head-on into resistance, hence, the work towards alignment begins, and depending on how much limited beliefs/negative momentum is present in your vibration [dominant thoughts] much patience will be required. I've learned all of this the hard way [backwards approach] and many others will as well when attempting to manifest their chosen reality, it's just part of the learning process and it's natural to want things to change as soon as possible. The easiest way I've discovered personally, to ''allow'' my manifestations to arrive, was to practice the art of letting go and allowing [I've talked about this before here on I.Q. so bear with me] and instead of using releasing methods and techniques which only created more resistance, I chose to allow my negative momentum to dissolve on it's own, so much so, that I'd reached a place of little to no resistance around my intentions and my overall [energy] vibration, this allows manifestations to happen much smoother, quicker, and easier. You can still manifest your intentions while doing releasing and clearing techniques, but there seems to be added resistance to deal with, this is because when you're coming up against a limited belief you're acknowledging [judging] that there is an issue or problem that needs to be ''fixed'' and so you're creating even more resistance around the issue, giving it more momentum. You don't even need to ''change'' your limited beliefs, all you have to do is ''allow'' them to surface without giving them any meaning, [judgment] and over time they'll dissolve on their own along with the resistance they carry and eventually they'll lose their hold energetically. The art of letting go and allowing would seem to be easy from an intellectual viewpoint, but it must truly be ''experienced'' at a personal level to be fully utilized and understood. I realize that the question above goes back a few years but I felt really compelled to answer because this was me five years ago, but to sum it up answer wise, letting go and allowing all of the resistance to dissolve, until you're mostly free of the resistance overall energy-wise, is highly recommended first, then launching your intentions from that place [resistance-free=allowing] will surely make it much easier for your manifestation to arrive.


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The simple answer is stop trying to control it, Let go and Let be. The simple answer is stop trying to control it, Let go and Let be. The simple answer is stop trying to control it, Let go and Let be. The simple answer is stop trying to control it, Let go and Let be. The simple answer is stop trying to control it, Let go and Let be. The simple answer is stop trying to control it, Let go and Let be. The simple answer is stop trying to control it, Let go and Let be. The simple answer is stop trying to control it, Let go and Let be.


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the simple answer is to be humble enough to know that your Father above is aware and know much then you, and to understand that if you ask him and all your brother and sister from a pure heart for the good of all in harmony to make something happen he can do it better then you can. so just rely on him and your brother and sister in heaven to make it manifest and let it be. if it does not happen then their is something that you are not aware about be humble enough to accept it.

(24 Aug '15, 17:45) white tiger

Easier manifesting @smellingtheroses? Sure the method described by @Cory and others works however here's my personal preference a real easy method, using this diagram

alt text

place it orientated north south, write a short phrase of what you wish on a small piece of white card, place your written wish on the center of the graph, place on top a photo of yourself and allow it to do all the work for you, easy-peasy :)

So in practice how does it work? I like to think of a graph as being like a musical instrument, the various shapes produce different music, different specific tones, vibrations are specified. Playing different notes is producing varying harmonious patterns, harmonious patterns that can be seen using a kaleidoscope; kaleidoscope derived from ancient greek meaning beauty, that which is seen; form, shape ... as @jydeda says "Let go and Let be"

For those that enjoy lots of intellectual reading here's a few different angles of how it works;

The answer is discretely unveiled in this text written by Jafree Ozwald

"Your body is an amazing manifesting vehicle. It has a special energy and intelligence already within it that works like a radio tower, continuously broadcasting your thoughts, needs and desires far out into the Universe to be later received. Yet, like any ligament or tendon, your manifesting muscles can get weak and lazy if not exercised regularly, and if they're overworked you'll feel a lack of energy, creativity and joy. So whether you're spending your days running around completing every action on your 'to do' list, or still spinning your wheels stuck in that same old dysfunctional situation, don't let your dream life pass on by. I invite you to take on this special enlightening experience below. It will reboot your mind, re-ignite your inspiration, and make your life successful in the most fulfilling way!"

The key phrases are the first and last sentences "your body is an amazing manifesting vehicle ... it will reboot your mind, re-ignite your inspiration, and make your life successful in the most fulfilling way" In other words once you've set things in motion by setting up the graphic device which vibrates the wish it automatically keeps circulating, pumping the wish along well after you're no longer thinking of it. It will only cease when you have acheived your wish or when you dismantle the device.

So why the shape of a lozenge with a cross in the middle? A matrix or mother form can be described as being a substance within which something else originates, develops or is contained and there're many of them such as;

  • religeous symbols
  • certain monuments
  • tarot and playing cards
  • certain works of art
  • magic symbols
  • letters of alphabets especially ancient
  • instruments of music especially primitive
  • instruments and traditional utensils
  • geometric forms, solid or flat
  • etc

The lozenge is a matrix form and symbolizes polarities or universal currents of horizontal and vertical forces depending on the orientation. It's also a symbol of analogy "As above so below" or as Isaac Newton put it "Tis true without lying, certain and most true. That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below."

The cross is also a matrix form, it's a christian symbol of divine action in our world. The profane sees it as a symbol of cosmic activities in terrestrial nature, it's also a symbol of life force. It's a separator of vibrations and is used in the practice of dowsing, the cross works just like a prism separating white light into a spectrum of colours.

So the vibrations of the wish that you place on the center of the graph is separated and fans out all it's specific characteristics and all these specifics are circulated above and below in a harmonizing continuous stream.

Here's some background info that brings further light onto the subject :)

Ref. Servranx - Ondes de form et énergies;

In our world everything that exists possesses a characteristic shape whether it be a solid like a tree or a non solid like a movement, projection, wave, current.

Other worlds exist beyond our world of forms that coincide totally or partially with the world we live in, yet they remain imperceptible. These other worlds are without form, without shape. The accidental impact with our world could only manifest itself through forms. In nature form constitutes one of the conditions of existence , it seems to be the exact expression of creative forces and seems to direct all the particular characteristics of the things or beings formed.

Other essential forces can be number, verb, sound, rythm and under certain conditions these original forces can be born one from the other.

The influence of forms;

  • The perimeter of flat forms or the exterior surface play the role of antenna that captures ambiant forces. These perimeters or exterior surfaces present a superficial tension, a potential of force superior to that of the ambiant exterior.
  • This force is always polarized positively and negatively be it invariable or function of it's cardinal orientation.
  • The force captured by the perimeter or surface provokes an increasing concentration of force at the geometric center of the form up to a point of saturation. Saturation is proportional both to the dimensions of the form and the material from which it's made. Size is not a criterium of power.
  • Above the degree of saturation the force that incessantly accumulates also incessantly escapes, there's creation of a flow of specific energy. The flow escapes through any points of the form and can also escape from any openings in the case of oscillating circuits, example a broken ring shape circuit like a wrist bracelet. In the case of two dimensional forms such as graphs there's vertical flow from the surface if the form is placed flat as on a table and horizontal flow if the form is maintained vertically such as on a wall. There's flow from the center to a point on the horizon or to the sky if the form possesses a fundamental wave or azimuthal, or if it serves as a support for a substance or an influence having these properties.

Ref. - Dr. Ibrahim Karim - BioGeometry; the relationship between shape and energy;

Everything in nature has shape and everything has energy, there's a relationship between shape and energy. You perceive nature through shapes and yet you don't understand the language of shapes, it's as if when energy takes shape it performs a function so the laws of nature are somehow written upon the earth. Biogeometry is trying to understand the workings of how shapes affect energy, a very specific kind of relationship between shape and energy, it deals with shape that brings balance into energy fields, it's not just any shape that goes into an energy field to produce an effect, it's a shape that balances it. Energy, the ability to produce an effect; our feelings are energy, thoughts are energy, vitality ... now we're speaking of the language of shape in a holistic manner, universal manner, shapes in your body affect your energy, every shape in the universe balances the energy around it. Everything has shape and everything has energy so shape can be used in any domain. There's no activity in your life that you cannot balance using biogeometry.

Ref; Raphael Dajafee - Do you know radionics the science of the waves of shapes? With radionics modify your fate and the one of your loved ones! Protect your environment of all the nuances, negative waves and live a better life. Radionics allows being in a good health and helps in providing a serious support for the healing from illnesses. Radionics is a simple, natural, accessible method, which acts on all areas; money, health, love, protection etc.

Ref: Ya Kol youtube - why africans created sceptors, amulets and other orgone devices;

These shapes are geometric energy emitters meaning the actual shape of the objects themselves give rise to precise energies through which there's interaction with the forces of nature and apply them for a specific purpose, these energies have a powerful effect on all living things.

Ref: L.Chaumery et A. De Belizal - Essai de Radiesthésie Vibratoire;

In this book Chaumery and Belizal explain how they studied natural magnetism using a specially designed instrument the "universal pendulum" an instrument that can be adjusted to all the vibrations of the spectrum, and possesses it's own magnetic energy independant of all mental selection under the conditon to remain rigorously neutral without emitting the least preconceived thought wave if only in interrogational form. It's with this pendulum that they discovered the "negative green" vibration named as such because on the sphere it's exactly opposite the visible green and situated exactly between black and white.

Ref;Jean de la Foye - Introduction à l'étude des Ondes de Forme;

It's all about waveforms and energies, everything is energy everything is vibration including waveforms, and waveforms emitted from geometric forms independant of the supporting material were rediscovered by Chaumery and De Belizal in the 1930's. Thousands of years ago waveforms were the basis of a science quasi sacred, a good example of which is the pyramid shape.

Ref;Bernard-Georges Condé - Utilisation des Energies Secrètes ( Les moteurs du destin, techniques de magie moderne, apprivoiser les objets usuels);

In this book it shows there really are secret energies at our disposition. When they're used in radionics they can be compared to motors that favorise and influence destiny and luck. Usual objects you can use to modify events as you wish and attract all kinds of good things into your life. The skills and methods shown in this book allows you to see life in a different way where all hopes are permitted and can be fulfilled.

Other references; radionics, psionics, orgone devices, biomagnetism.


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first ask you the right question in truth and once you know what is just and true and if what you ask for is just and true; and ask your father and brother and sister in heaven to work in one accord for your manifestation to arrive for the good of your self and other. last ingredient is faith. If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it will obey you.


Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.


of course if you do not have faith or you are in doubt or if it is for selfish desire it is not good just and true for your self and other it will not work. you see everything as balance. it is like a stream if you work with the stream all go well; if you go against the stream it will not work.

there is light in a person of light and it shines on the whole world if not it would be dark.

Let there be light , be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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