I have been buying lottery for years but never strike.I would appreciate any comments which can help the person to strike the lottery.

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I could have sworn I'd answered this question with a link to a women that did it!

This must be a duplicate question.

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(09 Feb '13, 05:44) Wade Casaldi
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Hello autocash57, your name certainly fits your question :) - sure spiritual methods can be used to strike the lottery as you say, however it's a big jump in one go, i suggest starting as small as you can, that is, playing games where the prize is 1 or 2 dollars, because to start it's a lot easier to believe you can win 1 dollar than 1000000 dollars - once you start getting small wins you'll feel more confident, then work it up very slowly 1, 2, 3 ... dollars t'il it feels right - it all boils down to feeling and KNOWING that you can win. Remember here we are working in the 4th and 5th dimensions, the realm of dreams, synchronicity and imagination, so it's not surprising that many people who have won really big lotteries say that they "dreamed" the winning numbers. Just as we can project ourselves into a different space frame, that is, it's easy to image yourself laying in your bed, sitting in your favorite chair - so we can project ourselves, our consciousness into a different time frame from now, that is, past and future. An excellent reference in this domain is Bernadette Goeury who won millions using her pendulum. I would say that the biggest barrier for a beginner is believing it is possible, it goes against all the rules and logic in our society, we find a way into the unconscious so to speak. To start we may feel like we are creeping in and stealing the numbers and the loot, with experience it feels just like performing any other everyday job :) merci Bernadette

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ru bis

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"it all boils down to feeling and KNOWING that you can win"

Absolutely..... I've practiced long enough!

(07 May '13, 00:20) ele

here's a video that you may find interesting


(25 Aug '13, 11:15) jaz

thank you gp..:))

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From everything I have read and also the answers I have come across in replies to this common question that I've seen people ask towards extra-terrestrial entities is this:

You must understand that every time you have attempted to play the lottery, because parallel realities must exists for every conceivable possible outcome for you, that you have actually won every single time you have attempted to play, but you always unknowingly selected to continue into the parallel reality where this reality didn't come to fruition because you were not the correct matching vibration for it due to your true core beliefs always being a closer match for the realities where you don't win.

You instead always end up becoming rather more fitting for a vibration of going into a parallel reality where you experience not getting the winning numbers or "just missing it barely." This is because your vibration naturally matches the parallel existences continuing onto the parallel existences more strongly of the reality where you don't win far more than you going onto the ones where you DO win.

To be able to win the lottery, this is what I've heard from them say what to do:

  1. Visualize yourself winning the lottery. Examine how you feel and what the You feels like in this version of the you that wins the lottery.

  2. Start acting and being like the you in this parallel version of you that you are able to most easily imagine where you win. Even though you haven't yet won, that is not the point. What you are doing here is trying to match the vibration as best as you can to this reality where you win so you can actually pull it to you and align with that particular parallel reality.

  3. Finally the hardest part in my opinion is the paradox part. Have no expectation of the outcome. This is truly hard for someone like me to nail at least, because it is a paradox. To get an outcome you most greatly desire to have, you have to truly care not to have it anymore. Be completely content with not getting it to the same degree as if you were to get it.

-The reason why this is, is because when you have even slightest expectations of care such as "I hope I will win it this time," or "will I get it this time?", this changes the vibration of what you are trying to attract completely. You have unintentionally inserted doubt into the vibration of what you are trying to get. So now your Universe will attract something to validate that. Your universe is nothing more than mirror, it only reflects back to you what you are truly actually putting in, even if you can't admit it to yourself. All it does is gives you back a physical reality that supports and reinforces your true actual beliefs.


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