I feel silly for asking this question because all of your questions seem so mature and serious...but I'm still a teenager so please understand I'm not be as mature as you are yet.

I don't wanna make this too long but at the same time I need to give you some details about myself so you won't think this question is pointless or not worth answering. I'm dealing with the following issues - depression, bipolarity, social phobia and anxiety disorder - I've been in and out of treatments for as long as I can remember but no one seems to be able to help me. Most doctors have actually given up on my case so...

Anyway, I'm still a student which makes it very hard for me because I'm forced to be the opposite of who I am at this point. In class I've always been the quiet, invisible one until now. My teacher has been replaced by a new teacher who picks on me all the time. He sends me to the board at every opportunity and humiliates me in front of my classmates for not being as intelligent as them. And the worst part is that I actually know the right answers, I study all the time at home and I always do the exercises correctly but when I'm called to the board my whole body freezes, my mind goes blank, I stop hearing, my vision gets blurry, I have either stomachaches or a sharp pain in the heart and I start getting very feverish (typical reactions my body has when I'm under extreme stress).

My psychologist has called the school asking them to stop making me do things that involve standing in front of big crowds at least until they find a way to "fix" me but my teacher says going to the board is part of the evaluation and that I'm no different from the others. It has gotten to the point where my own parents force me to stay at home on the days I'm usually called to the board. You might think they are irresponsible for letting me stay at home over something like this but they do it because they're afraid my body won't be able to take all that stress...We've tried everything, from prescription drugs to psychologists to psychiatrists to neurologists to meditation, yoga, hypnosis and even prayer but nothing works!

So I'm now trying to use the loa to help me once again. A year ago I was able to cancel 2 oral presentations out of 3, which was a miracle to me back then! But at the time my energy levels were much higher than now and I was very aligned with the universe and it's power.

My energy levels are so low that I don't even where to begin...how can I manifest my teacher to stop forcing us go to the board? My intention is to use manifestation as a temporary solution to avoid too much stress so I can concentrate on my recovery, health and well being.

ps: I'm sorry for my English, I'm Portuguese

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Welcome to IQ warriorinthemaking ! I like the name you choose. 1 question. What if you said 'NO'?

(05 Jan '14, 05:57) ursixx

Yes by all means welcome to IQ, I hope you'll enjoy it here.

(05 Jan '14, 11:55) Wade Casaldi

I couldn't do it, I look at teachers as authority figures that I need to respect so I usually do whatever they tell me to do. And I don't like confrontation, I'm usually very quiet so starting an argument with my teacher is definitely not an option. Also, I don't wanna give him reasons to pick on me even more than he already does...

(05 Jan '14, 18:40) WarriorInTheMaking
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How to manifest changes in specific up coming events ?

Here's a reminder of the basics of manifesting things into your life, of how the law of attraction works ;

« I attract into my life whatever i give my attention, energy or focus to, whether positive or negative » - Michael Losier

alt text

Putting it otherwise you send out ahead of you a pilot wave, a vibrational frequency that attracts people, situations and events into your life,

This means that when your attitude is fearful and anxious your setting yourself up to experience fearful and anxious situations, It's embedded negative emotions that create fear, anxiety and excessive stress resulting in depression,, Doctors, teachers and parents can do their best to assist you but deep down the only person that can make any real difference to the situation is youself,

Depressive, bipolar, phobic, anxious, etc ,,, are labels that you identify with, Everything is feedback especially seemingly negative experiences, they're really blessings in disguise, because they're indicating to you where to bring the most beneficial changes into your life,

There're always two poles to any label ; depression and cheerfulness are opposite poles on the same continuum

alt text

the more depressed you are the less cheerful you become and inversely the more cheerful you are the less depressed you feel.

So to master the problems of depression you mention, take control of your thoughts, consciously transform depression into cheerfulness ,,,

When you consciously alter your emotion from depressive to cheerfulness you're actually strengthening your vibration, you're amplifying it, so when you visualize that which you wish to create and are feeling the joy and cheerfulness as if it's really taking place in this moment, you're amplifying and elevating your vibration which will actually make it manifest more quickly into your life,

The same goes for bipolar and unmoved, phobic and confident, anxious and calm ...


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Yes, that's what I was trying to say but I can't help feeling anxious over something that supposedly must come no matter what. Like I said I just wanted to use manifestation to stop this specific stressful events from coming even if I have to deal with others along the way. This way I'd be able to fully concentrate on aligning and altering my vibrations in a positive way. Thank you so much for answering.

(05 Jan '14, 12:32) WarriorInTheMaking

@WarriorinTheMaking your phrase "i just wanted to use manifestation to stop this specific stressful events" is centering your attention on the negative events thus reinforcing the negative event!

(06 Jan '14, 06:00) jaz

So I'm now trying to use the loa to help me once again. A year ago I was able to cancel 2 oral presentations out of 3, which was a miracle to me back then! But at the time my energy levels were much higher than now and I was very aligned with the universe and it's power. My energy levels are so low that I don't even where to begin...how can I manifest my teacher to stop forcing us go to the board?

Welcome to Inward Quest! And congratulations on your recent "manifestation"...you've found this website, and I think you'll find, as I have found, that there are some very powerful, free tools available here that you can start immediately applying. :)

My intention is to use manifestation as a temporary solution to avoid too much stress so I can concentrate on my recovery, health and well being.

If you are already seemingly stuck in a perpetual bad-feeling place, then you will find that using manifestation as a way to feel good is going to be very ineffective. The reason for this is that your bad-feelings about the conditions in your life--your feelings of "resistance"--are going to prevent those manifestations from coming to fruition.

What you want to do--what is literally a million times more effective--is to flip the entire process around.

You want to use feeling good as a way to manifest.

Even more effective than this, is to use feeling good as a way to feel good and forget about manifestation. Ironically, this approach is actually the most effective way to manifest. :)

That may seem counter-intuitive at first, because so much of the time it seems that if we could only get conditions to change to be the way we want them to be, then all of of our anxieties, stress, and emotional issues would be solved.

But the joy of a gift, or unexpected paycheck, or shopping spree, is typically short-lived.

You want lasting, positive change in your life, and the most powerful way to effect that is to begin by finding ways to feel good now.

How do you accomplish that?

By any means necessary.

Since you have already tried a number of things such as meditation, psychotherapy, prayer, etc.., I'm going to post a bunch of techniques here that have worked very well for people on Inward Quest. My suggestion is to try them all, and continue to use and explore those techniques that give you the quickest or greatest sense of relief and good-feeling:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):

There are a large sampling of videos on Youtube. Here are some ones for you to get started with:









Faster EFT - This is great if you are on the go:


Vortex Meditations - Very easy. Just listen to the audio and breath. When I was first starting out, I use to do these every morning, and the effect was almost immediate...see the videos posted in the answer at this link:


Stingray's Manifesting Experiments

If you can set aside the time to do the following exercises/experiments, they tend to have a most powerful effect:



Bashar's Visual Light Meditations - These work well for me. Here is my favorite:


And you can find links to more here:


Ask and it is Given - A book containing a large number of practical techniques that have been successfully applied by many individuals here on Inward Quest:


The Vibrational Universe - More theoretical than practical, but still one of the best books ever:


Hope this help! Good luck.


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A great answer from Wade! I would just like to add that, firstly, you have just as much value as a teenager as any other person here. Your age doesn't make you less-than another. In fact I would say that is where you are struggling. You're not focusing on your value, on your perfection and your power. You are seeing yourself as less-than in certain situations and those thoughts trigger anxious and disorientating feelings, painful feelings, because your Inner Being, your highest self, cannot agree with those feelings about yourself.

When you feel embarassed, or nervous or 'less-than' in any way and you feel the discomfort of those painful feelings, that is your Inner Being screaming at you to remember to view yourself as your Inner Being sees you, as Source sees you. And, that is powerful, strong and PERFECT in every single way. Equal to all others and worthy and deserving of respect and love in all situations at all times. You cannot ever get your Inner Being to agree with you if you let those dispowering feelings run without trying to stop them and align.

When you can bring yourself to relief from those feelings then your Inner Being will take the reins and do whatever you ask for you. You can never stand up at the front of the class again, if that is your desire. Alternatively, you can go to the front of the class, remember your perfection and your worth and hold the attention of every person in the room. That is power and that is what you have within you, always. You can never turn it off.

Just view the anxiety and the fear as a conversation with your Inner Being. Remember every time you feel those negative feelings your Inner Being is using them to talk to you. Those feelings are not real or factual. It's just your Inner Being trying to talk to you in feelings rather than words. It's always a conversation between the two of you. Physical 'You' and Higher (Inner Being / Source) 'You'. If you're feeling bad your Inner Being is shouting loudly in your ear to make a change in your thinking and to turn your thoughts to power and self-love :) PS Your English is great!


answered 05 Jan '14, 09:49

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Thank you for answering! :) I think you're right! Looking back, I realize I never thought of myself as a perfect being when honestly I should have. I love your point of view but it's hard for me to look at my anxiety as a conversation with my Inner Being because I'm constantly sick but most likely you're right again...

(05 Jan '14, 12:22) WarriorInTheMaking

If I listened to my Inner Self and aligned, maybe I'd be able to keep such stressful situations from happening and feel at peace at least until I get better. But as I've said above, I'm not sure manifesting this is in my power.

(05 Jan '14, 12:22) WarriorInTheMaking

You are a perfect being so you cannot not think that because it's who you really are. You can forget it sometimes and that's ok too because that's when expansion happens and you add lots of super lovely things into your vortex. Just forget the 'I'm not sure' and claim the power that is your birthright. You came here to experience total freedom and joy and that, and I promise you this, is something that you are very capable of achieving. Not a doubt in my mind that you can get there. Not one :)

(05 Jan '14, 12:42) Yes
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As you said you have the answers it is just the social anxiety that stops you.

I can understand this, it does need to be fixed. This has been with me as well. Imagine how hard it makes it to get a job. This is why this needs to be fixed, it is far more important than just school work.

With that said I'll explain what I do or tell my students to do in karate. When they are all nervous because they are being judged there are two things that I tell them. First is to not think of being judged but to think the judges are there because they admire you.

So in your case as your teacher calls you, change the thought from, "This teacher wants to make me a fool in front of everyone!" Change it to "This teacher knows I can handle this and admires my answers so much, I have this, just watch me!"

The second thing is to go up with the, "Just watch me" attitude. It gives a confidence when you imagine yourself as the best, you need feel yourself as the best.

If that is a stretch then know this enlightenment I just had from my change the LOA question. An empty box or cup is wonderful, it does not mean lack, it means room. Realize that if you feel lacking that this lack is actually room for wonderful things that are being pulled into that vacuum. These wonderful things are, wisdom, understanding, courage, confidence and power!

Know that everything you want, if you lack it is right now coming into your being. It is right now filling you and feel it welling up inside of you to overflowing. Know that even in the face of enemies your mug overflows. Picture a great big mug with a great big handle on it. Instead of it being filled with your favorite beverage it is filled with a water of wisdom, understanding, courage, confidence, power, command, and authority. You drink from this mug all that you want and it never is depleted. As much as you may drink there will always be more if you need, you can't ever run dry. The mug is always full and it is yours and yours only. No one can remove it from you and you can not lose it ever.


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Wade Casaldi

I understand what you mean and that's what I've been trying to do but it's not easy. There's just too much going on at the moment...that's why I asked for help, I just want to stop some stressful things from happening so I can heal myself and be alright with such simple things as standing in front of a crowd. Since I was able to cancel oral presentations last year, I thought I could do something about being called to the board but probably that's not in my power. But thank you for answering :)

(05 Jan '14, 11:44) WarriorInTheMaking

Lots of great answers here. My comment about saying "no" was 1st directed to your teachers. I thought about it afterwards. And I kind of knew that you might respond so..

I couldn't do it, I look at teachers as authority figures that I need to respect so I usually do whatever they tell me to do. And I don't like confrontation, I'm usually very quiet so starting an argument with my teacher is definitely not an option. Also, I don't wanna give him reasons to pick on me even more than he already does...

Authority figures... there is one that you need to stand up to . The one inside yourself that says you can't. It's no authority and it's figures are always wrong ;)-
Also the thought of how much energy you spend defending your "limitations" Like @Yes said "you are a perfect being" that means NO limits! and if that inner "authority figure" says different you know it's wrong.
You got some great tips if you apply them you should see results


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Ok brah... I havent been on IQ for a while but I logged in just for helping you out...

You need to man up. Period... we men sometimes need to sit down and reevaluate our life and decisions... Dude you are a failure and bet you are ugly... but hold on just for a sec.

Life is limitless. It all has a solution... You ugly? Get surgery or change ur face with loa. Low confidence and self esteem... please read psychocybernetics...

What u truly need is face ur fears and stop giving a *. Heres my quote...

Im the best Ive ever had and even if im total loser it aint gonna change overnight. So learn to live with it... with MYSelf.... while improving.

We all gonna make it.


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I don't think that is productive to his situation calling him ugly and a failure.

(05 Jan '14, 21:39) Wade Casaldi

...And I'm a woman... Though that wasn't very helpful, thank you for answering anyway

(05 Jan '14, 22:07) WarriorInTheMaking

@WarriorInTheMaking No disrespect intended, sorry I called you a him when I defended you. Welcome to IQ there are helpful people here.

(06 Jan '14, 00:53) Wade Casaldi

Haha I know, now that I read my comment it seems kind rude but that was definitely not my intention, at the time I was writing it I was laughing quite a lot. Like I said, what petike1 said didn't make me feel very good about the situation but I respect his point of view even if I don't share it. And you're right, there are lots of helpful people here! I hope I can repay you once I get more experienced :)

(06 Jan '14, 04:57) WarriorInTheMaking

I would interpret man up to be strong

(06 Jan '14, 09:27) ursixx
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