I know mindpower is active in me because what I desire manifests. While my results are positive, negativity happens to those I interact with. My question is why is that and how might I get positive results for those I interact with simultaneously with myself?

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Can you give a specific example of your positive results, and the negativity that happened to others?

(02 Sep '10, 03:11) Vesuvius

While thinking and typing out the answer to your question, I decided not to give specific examples because it became clear to me that the negativity was a result of someone else's thoughts and not mine. From that perspective, I know the answer.

(05 Sep '10, 20:06) Gia
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I would like to share my perspective of what I think is going on, not only in your experience but for each of us individually.

This idea is a very wide net from a conceptual point of view, but if it is true, it does satisfy not only this question, but the general state of helplessness we sometimes feel when we look at what is happening all around us.

I believe that each one of us is a point of reference for the big picture of creation.

We ourselves are also forming the big picture and contributing to it; and at the same time being molded by the result of it

Another way to look at it is that we are each an individual drop in the ocean of all that is (creation)

Our consciousness is the consciousness of the ocean looking back at itself through each individual drop. So the observer and the observed is the same thing.

So each individual drop is the ocean as seen from that point of view. the consciousness of each drop is actually the consciousness of the ocean

So every thing that each drop sees around itself is portions of itself

Since the ocean represents the totality of all that is, it will always include ALL THAT IS.

That means it includes everything that is good and everything that is bad.

And each drop has access to "that everything" as the greater source of it's own consciousness. (remember each drop is the ocean at that point of reference)

So all that is good and all that is evil is the true width and depth of the consciousness of each and every drop.

in this situation the drop cannot find perfection, where there is no evil or suffering, because ALL THAT IS includes everything THAT IS.

Your consciousness flows from a source that includes the totality of everything, which in-itself is growing and expanding at an explosive rate.

In this situation, you will always be surrounded by joy and suffering, because all of what is surrounding you represents what occupies your attention from the ALL THAT IS that is available to, and accessed by your consciousness.

You can't make it disappear because it is a valid expression within ALL THAT IS.

This is why it is said that when you see suffering around you, examine what you are giving attention to within your own consciousness.

IT IS BECAUSE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS IS SELECTING A PREFERENCE Of ATTENTION FROM ALL THAT IS as available to you from where you stand at this particular point of reference and time.

What ever you experience outside of yourself is an expression of the motion of consciousness within yourself.

You are working with the database of everything that humanity has experienced.

It is your choice to select what you want to give attention within that totality, because you can't get rid of what is bad within it, it is all part of the totality.

Negative is a valid expression, both as consciousness and reality.

It is the counterbalancing expression of all that is good.

Both are necessary to create something from nothing.

So look within yourself for what you are giving attention to, and accept the fact that if it is not this, there will be another area in your life where negativity will express itself as a counterbalance and an expression of contrast.


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The Traveller

I like your anaology with the ocean but I disagree with your point that the "good and bad" is a part of "all that is". I believe that "Soource Energy" does not consist of any negativity. When we experience the negative it is because we are not aligned with "Source".

(02 Sep '10, 18:49) Drham

@Drham - You can't have up without down,left without right,light without darkness, right without wrong,good without bad etc. - one can't exist without the other.

(04 Sep '10, 12:52) Michaela

Negative things happen to others or they behave negative towards you? I cannot fully understand your question. If it's the second option, here's my reply:

Have you told people what you're doing to manifest things and the success you got? I don't know why, but success in others annoys people...

I have found out that it's better when we're feeling really good not to speak about it. The less when as you say you're really good at manifesting stuff! Sad but true...



answered 03 Sep '10, 14:52

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Negative things happen to others, no that anyone behaves negatively towards me. As I consider comments, I conclude that the thought that brought about the negativity was not mine. Thanks for your reply.

(05 Sep '10, 20:11) Gia
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