Hi Guys, I'm new to Inward Quest but it seems like a really great place to discuss Spirituality, Mind Power, LOA etc. I've been using the law of attraction for years without consciously knowing that I was using it or that it even existed. After reading some books on the subject I have become more aware and have noticed that lately a fleeting thought has manifested into my life instead of the situation that I intended to create. Why is that so? How is it that a single thought only thought about 3 times could have more power than the situation that I envisioned for so long?

asked 08 Mar '10, 15:06

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Welcome to the website.

Basically, for this to happen, your habit of thought regarding this subject must be more in alignment already with the fleeting thought than in alignment with what you want.

Take a look at the answer to this question Do negative thoughts manifest faster than the positive? and see if that explains it for you.

If you don't feel this is the case, please provide some more details regarding the nature of the fleeting thought.


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Wow i never thought of it that way, let me backtrack and analyse my habit of thought before that fleeting thought and I shall get back to you. Thank you for giving me something to ponder about!

(08 Mar '10, 16:28) butterfly

I am starting to realize that it is your habitual thinking patterns and beliefs that are largely responsible for your success in life, and not some magical potion. But then, that has always been true, hasn't it?

(08 Mar '10, 18:56) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/3628/what-are-limiting-beliefs-and-how-do-they-affect-my-life/3641#3641

(08 Mar '10, 20:26) Stingray

Stingray I think you were right, thank you for shedding some light on this for me :)

(10 Mar '10, 15:20) butterfly

I am starting to think that too Vesuvius

(10 Mar '10, 15:24) butterfly

You're very welcome, butterfly

(10 Mar '10, 15:45) Stingray
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It depends on whether you are more of a positive or a negative person. Sadly most people in America are a little bit more on the negative side because of all the stuff that's on the TV etc...


answered 09 Mar '10, 03:59

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Armando Williams

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