My intuition & gut feeling says no about something, yet I know the LOA works & how it's necessary to focus on what you do want in order to bring it about. I keep focusing on what I want (pertaining to a relationship that has been on & off again) however there's something within that says it's not the right thing for me? I know the past has no barring on the now or the future, & wonder if I'm still living in some fear association from the past (relationship issues)...I also know the answer lies within & I do trust myself, however I'd like some feedback.

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I know the LOA works & how it's necessary to focus on what you do want in order to bring it about.

Actually, you don't need to focus on what you want to get what you want.

If you decided you wanted something and then stayed in bed (maybe for months!) just feeling good when you were awake and simply sleeping whenever you were about to feel bad, you would still get what you want.

All the creation necessary for you to receive what you want happened in the moment you wanted it. There's no other focusing required by you on the subject. You need never think about the topic again to manifest it :)

alt text

However, you must now tune into the signal of what you want (like tuning into a radio station) to experience it in your physical reality...and you can use any subject you like to create this vibrational match

Coming to your question, intuition and gut-feeling (from a place of happiness/centeredness) should always come first in helping you make a decision. It really doesn't matter what your current reality is like because your current reality is already history.

Just by way of a personal example, I had another major "surfing the desire" manifestation yesterday. This surfing idea is a rather interesting manifesting approach where I push things to the absolute limit in my life and keep soothing, soothing, soothing any resistance that bubbles up, thereby effectively forcing the universe to comply with its own laws, usually through some bizarre coincidences to make physical reality match up with vibrational reality...which it had to do (and did) in this particular case also.

During the time I was molding this manifestation into place (over a couple of months), I was being told repeatedly by those around me that my course of action here (which was no action) was unwise and foolhardy. Even looking at the hard facts of the situation would back up those fears of others.

However my gut-feeling was that it was the right thing to do. I did nothing physically towards this situation - not one thing - when others were counselling considerable action. However, I did look for reasons to feel good about topics unrelated to the manifestational topic itself.

So, to sum up, for this particular manifestation, I purely relied on gut-feeling alone (even in an extreme situation), did not focus at all on what I wanted. I simply looked for reasons to feel good in my life, soothed any bubbling-up resistance, and let the Law of Attraction sort out all the details.

And the end-result has turned out to be about as good as it gets regarding that particular topic in my life :)

I've laced this answer with a number of links to other postings so I hope something in all of that pile of information provides the feedback you are asking for to help you in your current situation :)


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Pile of information! yay! :)

(14 Dec '10, 11:48) kakaboo

As Always, an informative and helpful answer :)

(14 Dec '10, 12:34) Michaela

Thanks Stingray. Are you soothing resistance with good feeling thoughts? Do you have a specific technique that works for you? I notice when I'm feeling confused & uncertain it knocks my vibe OFF & although I want to, I feel stuck at times. Been using the Abe Rampage of Appreciation which is helping, however at times it almost feels like I somewhat "want" to be in that mode--even though I don't? Might sound weird, but all I know is I'm better than the negative & confusing vibe I'm carrying & choosing lately...

(15 Dec '10, 05:04) figure8shape

@figure8shape - As a general rule for soothing resistance , I use little else but Focus Blocks - Manifesting Experiment 2 ( ) but I use it within the context of the more advanced approach which also integrates Positive Aspects and Rampages of Appreciation ( ). Though I'm also a constant experimenter so I will also try any new method I come across

(15 Dec '10, 08:44) Stingray

Focus Blocks DO work! I will use them in alignment with Rampages of Appreciation (love that process!!). Thanks again!!

(15 Dec '10, 19:14) figure8shape
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It sounds like you're sending mixed signals. I think the Universe will pick up and respond to what you're feeling. And it sounds like you're feeling that this relationship is not right for you.

Whatever your gut or intuition is trying to tell you is the correct answer, it will never guide you in the wrong direction so I think you should listen to it. I think you know the answer - just trust it.


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Yes. Yes. Thank you Michaela!! Appreciate you're kind feedback.

(15 Dec '10, 05:11) figure8shape

You're very welcome :)

(16 Dec '10, 02:22) Michaela

On and off again relationships can take the joy out of life. They are emotional draining. In my own life I had to let her go. I loved her but had a bad gut feeling about her and her honesty. I am glad she is gone now. Blessings Tom


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Thanks Tom. Thank you kindly.

(15 Dec '10, 06:09) figure8shape

I was there where I wanted it to work and would do anything and at the same time still felt like it was not completely right. For me it didn't work out and I am thankful it didn't

This is where my belief that there is more to it than just LOA really proves true to me.


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from where does it get to either or,
you work together,
each with many fine attributes,
are we willing to share


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