This month of November, 2017, is my anniversary here on IQ - it's been one year since I've joined this site. I wanted to express my gratitude for having joined and participated with you people in this great journey of discovering what this "secret" is really about. Since last year, my thoughts on my own journey improved tremendously, and I know that it was all about visiting and searching IQ. So, please, receive this question as a token of gratitude, because the gifts you gave me surpass everything I could have ever done on my own, without your ever inspiring questions and answers.

Since I have gotten in contact with this material - about manifesting success in life (the first book I read on the subject was Napoleon Hill's "The Laws of Success", when I was on my twenties) - I thought success was a sort of "event".

I think I had this in mind because there is a field I have been particularly interested in since childhood: the artistic field. I was particularly enthraled by the idea of becoming a musician and an author of fiction - therefore, I focused on studying music, literature and languages.

My role models have always been the successful artists I loved, and I usually researched about their lives and inspired myself on them.

Because of that, I created in my mind this idea (which now I consider a limiting belief) that, for an artist, there's always a break-through moment - a book that gets to be a best-seller, a particular event when you are finally recognized by others as a good musician and get the opportunities you have been waiting for all your life.

When I started to really invest time and money on my chosen field of study, hoping that it would become a professional career, that was the idea I had. So, I studied and practiced and wrote books... In the beginning, I knew there was a process of learning to go through, and I believed the day would come when I would be good enough to get my own "break-through".

When I watched the movie The Secret, and when I subsenquently started on the Abraham-Hicks material, that vision of a break-through informed all I thought about manifestations. I understood manifestation as a break-through, something that wasn't there and, suddenly, would magically appear in my life, like a successful book written by me, or by my "magically" finding some musical talent that was buried deep inside.

Because I expected manifestations to feel like that (to FEEL like something sudden and magical), I was never satisfied with the small things I was accomplishing through Time.

I spent years and years of my life trying to improve my understanding of what Abraham says. This morning, I had a break-through thought, one I consider to be The Golden Thought I was looking for: everything I want is in the process of manifesting.

It sounds like something Abraham himself has told us hundreds of times, doesn't it? And it is, in one form or another.

But, again, when they said that, the idea I had of manifestations got in the way: I thought that everything I wanted, in the finished form I see these things in my Vortex, was in process of manifesting inside the same Vortex, and that only the results of that invisible process should finally appear on their physical form, out of the blue, like something "finished" - and that would be a book, or my waking up in the morning being able to play a sonata by Mozart only looking at the score, just like a miracle.

What I wanted, in order to finally let go of all doubts, was a big, colorful, miracle.

And then this thought just happened to me, out of the (same) blue: Everything I want is in the process of manifesting.

For some reason, in less than 17 seconds, as they say, it changed everything! I realized, for the first time in my life, that the "process of manifesting" meant my own life and story in Time-Space Reality. I looked at my life and saw that, little by little, every single small event in my life represents an advance towards the finished manifestation I envision in my Vortex. Every day I live takes me a little bit closer to what I see finished there - but because the manifestation is in the process of manifesting, in Time and Space, I can only see these bits and pieces and I thought I would never see the whole picture manifested - the big event, the miracle.

My life, particularly in the last 23 years, changed dramatically for the much better, even though I am not yet living the finished life I envision. It's happening, it's happening every day, but I need to look back years and years to see the real change, the whole of what has already manifested.

The big difference is that, after this single thought, I don't have any doubt whatsoever that everything in my Vortex is in the process of manifesting - and that there will be a time in which I'll have what I dream of now, even if it takes more than one life-time for me to see the whole picture.

So, my conclusion on this is that the process of manifesting in Time-Space reality is the story of our own lives... We are never done! If we take the lives of successful people, if you ask them, I don't think they would say: Yes, I am done, I have everything I want. On the contrary, they would say there are still things they want to accomplish - because the more you get, the more you can get; and the more you can get, the more you want - and not wanting anything really feels like being dead.

So, my question for you is this: is manifestation only that "miracle-event" in Time-Space Reality or is it the whole process of getting there? What do you think?

asked 23 Nov '17, 11:41

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beautiful post. i think the answer to your question is in your post. manifestations are all around us all the time. all events are "miricle events" because we are the creators and co-creators of them - all day long.


answered 24 Nov '17, 05:44

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@myself, thank you for your answer. "Manifestations are all around us all the time", yes, and all we have to do is open our eyes and look at them and reckognizing them as such. Little by little, we get to were we want to go :)

(25 Nov '17, 08:30) VitoriaRegia

Thank you very much for sharing- this has been brilliant, and I finally was able to understand what exactly Abe means with "The Vortex"- I took it to mean "my intended imagination".

I love Serge's take on this- Miracles happen all the time, but they usually happen in practical ways. Which I take to mean that the very shift of vibration that causes the miracle, the very expectation of its occurring, is the very same vibration in which the miracle seems commonplace in.

I solved that problem by occasionally shifting into a worldview where everything is alive, aware and responsive. After a while I could see very dynamic spirits emanating from everyday objects like pens and bookcases. My bedroom radiaator told me stories of his childhood when he was iron ore in a mountain, and got smelted and forged. I consider him a friend now. Now miracles still don't seem particularly interesting compared to my everyday life- everything seems miraculous.

The greatest sense of impressive contrast I ever get is by looking at my imagination as real- not pretend-real, real-real, a dream as real as the dream of my everyday life. I get my most focused sensesense of wonder and miracle just after I've sent a new imagined dream to my high self for bringing into my reality dream. I return to my everyday consciousness with the sense of what I have just experienced, entirely by my own chosing, it seems miraculous that I was able to do this, and I marvel at my own power to chose my vibration. And when the everyday becomes better and better- well then I enjoy that, and get more contrast leaps by imagining something new, or by enthusiastically obsessing over details. Could it really get this perfect?

To directly answer your question, and you know I am very fond of this, it's both. It's an instant, because our entire lives swoosh past in the blink of an eye. In greater terms, of course, we don't unfold, we exist- in our time perspective, on the other hand, we usually move through our moments in this dimension in a process. It's just the way we chose to perceive our moments in this dimension.

Finally, there is the issue of nitpicking beliefs, that are best just ditched- the belief says, I imagine a rigid way in which miracles are supposed to happen, and I use that as an excuse to invalidate that doesn't conform to my preconceived notion as a side effect of an underlying belief that insists that miracles and greatness do not happen to me, only the chosen few. These are best uncovered and exposed and, as part of that process, laughed out of existence.

Thank you very much for the inspiration!


answered 24 Nov '17, 10:23

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edited 24 Nov '17, 10:32

@cmc, thank you for your answer - really Vortex-inspired. "looking at my imagination as real- not pretend - real, real-real" I would add to that a lot of exclamation points - real, real, real!!!! Isn't it amazing to learn how to do that? To feel things as real in our imagination that we don't even need the physicall manifestation of that to enjoy satisfaction? And then knowing that, because we feel that, it is coming, it's coming, it's coming... Wow!

(25 Nov '17, 08:36) VitoriaRegia

the process in 3D is
more taxing, numerous keys
needed, resonance of
projection, positiveness
of 'your right' to have,

lesson learned the hard way,
how far your higher self
lets you drift


answered 24 Nov '17, 18:53

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@fred - well, thank you for the poem! I really appreciate this one, it resonates with what I feel about the whole process...

(25 Nov '17, 08:39) VitoriaRegia

Lovely, lovely post!!!

Isn't it funny how some things come bit by bit, and others seem to have arrived, having perhaps done bit by bit in some other dimension???

I also loved how you described the "Aha!" moment. Wonderful!

Perhaps I should've just commented, but I wanted to say that I am happy for you with paragraphs (lol!!). Good luck with the music. Practicing is lifelong, repertoire is forever, but plateaus come and go, and each breakthrough is wonderful. However, my nemesis is still Bach. Go figure.

Good luck in the future!!



answered 25 Nov '17, 09:17

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@Jaianniah, thank you! You see, I've been absent for a while just figuring these things out - and I'd never have gotten here, where I love to be, without IQ, so I wanted to express that gratitude. I wish you fine moments everyday :)

(25 Nov '17, 10:38) VitoriaRegia
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