Further to the excellent advice I received from here on Inward Quest to my question: Why am I not able to shift sticky beliefs? and seeing how powerful it can be to find the belief under the belief, I was wondering about instances where the belief doesn't come when you sit with it. For example, uncovering the belief "you have to work for money" doesn't make it disappear, so there must be something under that holding it in place. When I sit with that, I just get variations on the same theme, but no new or core beliefs and so nothing actually shifts.

And also, what do you do with situations where there are a whole bunch of beliefs - how do you unravel them? E.g. something like beliefs around money, where there are usually lots of different beliefs that are involved. Like the belief that one has to work to get money, or the belief that money doesn't come easily, and so on. How do you unravel the bits from each other to find the underlying beliefs? And is there usually a core belief underlying that, or is it a group of beliefs?

And another example is where the belief is showing up as a physical situation, but the belief is not clear. For example, I am currently overweight, I eat very well and wasn't always overweight, so there seems to be a belief or a few beliefs that have developed and are underlying the manifestation and I don't know what it is. I sit with the Bashar question (what would I have to believe about myself to attract/hold onto this excess weight), but I am not getting anywhere with it. The same with chronic pain (headaches and back ache) where sitting with it and asking the questions just don't bring anything new. Am I asking the wrong questions?

I was also wondering about language. Many of my early beliefs were formed in my first language, which is not what mostly speak and think in now. Is it important to go back to that language in order to find the underlying beliefs, or do you think language doesn't play a role?

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Hi @Antheia, there is first and foremost the belief that you have a problem to begin with. Yes, you do, but it's not what you think it is. That you have a problem is indicated to you by your feelings, not the belief itself. Beliefs are inherently neutral, until you give them positive or negative meaning.

When you think the thought "I'm overweight", that's neutrally a description based on a belief that there is certain amount of fat that you think should be on your body and that you believe you have more than that amount. In and of itself, fatness is just an arrangement or appearance of form. It's neutral, as are all things. It's the individual belief that determines if something is positive, negative, or neutral. For you, it feels negative. This means there is a belief that no longer resonates. 

To shift, you have to not only feel the feeling, but also look at the thoughts that arise with the feeling.

When you feel bad after you think "I'm overweight", what are you feeling? Regret? Shame? Fear? Embarrassment? If you listen to the feeling, you will start to hear conscious words that correlate to the feeling.

As a possible example: You might feel regret. If you go into that feeling of regret, you will hear words, messages, that seem factual. These are your beliefs coming into conscious form, the language equivalent to the vibrational feeling you're experiencing. You feel regret, and become conscious of thoughts like "I shouldn't have allowed myself to get fat." "Now I'll never be thin again." "I've ruined my body." "I'll never be as attractive as I was." "I didn't appreciate thinness when I had the chance, and I squandered it." Etc. 

You might feel shame. What are the messages that arise with that shame feeling? "Only lazy losers allow themselves to become fat." "Fat people are pigs." "Fat people are ugly, and I don't want to be ugly." "Only thin people get romance and sex." "Fat people are gross, and I don't want to be gross." Etc.

You might feel fear. "I'll get diabetes, and I will have brought it on myself." "Fat people aren't healthy." "If I don't shape up now, I'll die from disease." "If I'm not sexy, I'll never have a great romantic relationship." "If I'm fat, I will always be ignored, and I want to be the most popular person in the room." "I'm nothing without being thin, because fat people are less than thin people, and I want to be as good as they are. " Etc. 

You might feel anger. "I want to eat whatever I want and be thin!" "It's not fair that others can eat whatever they want and stay slim and I get fat!" "Why should something I enjoy so much make my body so cumbersome!" Etc.

Whatever you hear, these are your beliefs becoming conscious. Listen to them, let them arise, and take the emotional hit. If it resonates with you, you can do processes to make yourself feel better. I never do them anymore, because I've found that just going through the negative feelings resolves the issue on it's own, but for awhile processes were really helpful. Be ready and willing to leave behind anything that once helped you but no longer resonates, and to reach for what resonates NOW. As always...just FEEL BETTER. Feeling better trumps all. It is everything. Nothing else matters. 

In your example of "You have to work for money." Well, that's the same as your overweight example, just a neutral fact in your life, until you notice you feel bad about it. It's never the situation or circumstance that is the problem. It's how you feel about it. 

Do you see? It's that you feel bad about "You have to work for money" that makes it not true for you anymore. That's why it hurts. There are other people who think the same thing, and they feel fine about it, or even good about it. It's really your own desire to transcend this belief that's the reason for it feeling bad. Whether you do or do not have to work for money (or believe you do, or believe you don't)  is completely irrelevant. It's how you feel about the belief. 

The action journey...this is when since you feel bad about being overweight, you go do all this stuff, like exercise more, go on a diet, whatever. It's much easier for most people to either DO what it takes to be thin, or to be fat. Most people never consider that the idea that none of this is necessary for you to be happy and comfortable in your body. It's easier to 'do' to change something physically or 'accept' what is unwanted than it is to challenge your belief system! If you clear negative beliefs, your life will deliver up a body that you feel good in. If you change your vibration, your life changes automatically. 

I remember very well about two years ago, I saw a person with much fatness and it hit me hard that it didn't look like fat, it looked like unresolved emotions. IMO, if someone is overfat, they are covering up those emotions, sustaining them. A body with fatness is sustaining something else, other than just a physical body. What is the fatness representing? Look at your undesired fatness, however much or little it is, as a symbol, and find out what fatness symbolizes to you. When you find what fatness in physical form represents to you vibrationally, you will have your answer as to what the belief is.

Know this: You are whole, capable, adequate, and qualified to have the life you want. It's only the negative beliefs you have that keep you from seeing this. Positive affirmations ("I"m good enough, I'm smart enough, and dog gone it, people like me!") are just the same paradigm, and  ultimately useless IMO, if what you want is genuine freedom. You don't have to earn a better life, a better body, a better financial situation; you don't have to become deserving of a better experience, you just have to stop believing whatever it is that is keeping you away from that.  


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@JMA, thank you so much and this makes so much sense. You nailed every one of my underlying thoughts, and each one stung! As I was reading this, I realised that there is even more to it. I think maybe being fat, and therefore rejected romantically, is better than being rejected and not knowing why. I got fat after being rejected, not because of it. The beliefs and feelings of embarrassment and shame and all of those are definitely there - and there seems to be a Gordian knot of more to it...

(03 Dec '17, 08:24) Antheia

2/... So, some follow-up questions, how do I unravel this to get to the emotions and the underlying beliefs and release what is there? It feels so bad and so knotted up that it gets overwhelming. How do I just feel the emotions - I dissociate, without wanting to, so it is difficult to feel and to even know what I am feeling? And some of the beliefs are pre-verbal, and the defense mechanisms are well-developed, how do you release those? Your answers have so much wisdom in them, thank you.

(03 Dec '17, 08:25) Antheia

@Antheia, I don't know if anything more is needed after @cmc's most excellent and comprehensive answer, but if I can think of anything, I will bring it! I know what you mean by the words you are hearing stinging...sometimes my beliefs are so hurtful they feel like a stab in the heart. But I always ask myself "With whose eyes am I looking this?" Because if my belief hurts, then I know I'm looking through a belief that's no longer mine, I just have to catch up to that fact! :)

(05 Dec '17, 12:13) JMA

I just had the thought that negative beliefs and the releasing or transcending of them are like pimples. The presence of all that will become the pimple is in your skin already, but it's below the surface. One day a pimple just manifests. You can scream at it, hide it with cover-up, pick at it, smear cream on it, and maybe go see a dermatologist about it, but ultimately, you have to just go through the entire zit experience, however long it lasts. :)

(05 Dec '17, 12:37) JMA

Here is a process I just made up for you. When you are out and about with your day, find someone who seems similar in appearance to you. As you look at this person, tell them (internally) your beliefs. Tell this person "You are a fat lazy slob and will never ever have love or sex or intimacy or approval. You don't deserve it. You are not thin and only thin people deserve good things. You deserve nothing good, because of your fatness, which makes you a disgusting human being."

(05 Dec '17, 12:54) JMA

(However it comes out in your words). You internally projecting CONSCIOUSLY onto another person may help you see the viciousness that is constantly directed towards your sense of self, as well as probing your beliefs more in depth. :)

(05 Dec '17, 13:05) JMA

@JMA, once again, brilliant suggestion and so simple. I love it. And the bit about the zit!

I am holding all this in my mind as much as I can, because going through is the only way through now that I am this far down the rabbit hole, but the depression is kicking my butt right now. Hard. I am finding this site and your and @cmc's kindness and wisdom so helpful in this. Like a branch to hold on to through the flood. Thank you.

(05 Dec '17, 13:15) Antheia
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I am aware of a lot of different ancient tried-and-tested methods to change your beliefs. I find you can generally divide them into methods that move towards a different experience that overrides the old one, and those that confront the old one and allow it to be filled with a rather shapeless, beautiful positivity. I use both, a lot.


This is the traditional Hawaiian shaman's prayer, as taught to Serge King's books and workshops. He received it from his family, the Kahilis- blessed be they all- who trace it to the ancient shaman's guild of Hawaii, who in turn trace their lineage to the star people- the Pleidians- who, lore has it, were one of many species of humans to intermarry with a bunch of hominids who had naturally developed on earth.

It must have been a weird experience for them.

What I am getting at is how ancient this knowledge is. It has been mind-bogglingly effective for me. Here's what to do.

  1. Imagine something you want in great detail.
  2. While imagining, take the perspective that your imagination is real- just as real as your life experience. Both are dreams, both are real dreams, both are equivalent, both are important, both are effective experiences.
  3. Speak words with authority that state your experience is now so- shout, speak with impressive tonality, sing, be poetic- make it count like a ritual.
  4. Do a dance- move, stomp, shake yourself, clench your fist, reach your arms out, jump- make those movements big, relevant, explosive, meaningful, theatric and expressive- expressive of your new situation.
  5. Energize- breath deeply and slowly, imagine bristling white light coming down on you, sit by energy devices like the cubit wand (get a stick that's 25 pyramid inches or 63.56731 centimeters, give or take a fraction of a millimeter, and feel its field). Bless tea and drink it, or put it in the sun. Bless everything you like in the world. Imagine the stars and the center of the earth is sending you love. Imagine yourself in clouds of pink and green, that represent friendship and love. Do these until you feel a lot more energized than usual.
  6. Wrap your new dream into a ball of light and blow (or otherwise send) that ball upward to your higher self to manifest
  7. Make a closing gesture to say your Haipule is now over and you can go and party. Traditionall, you place your open left hand over your right fist, and say "Pau", which means "That's it, I'm ready to party now" in Hawaiian (technically it means "over").

Do this as often as you can fit it into your day. Manifestation speed will depend on too many factors to be sure, but you will start vibrating the new dream immediately and you will enjoy your old dream a lot more knowing it's malleable. Remind yourself frequently that your old dream is just your old dream- you don't have to worry about it or do anything about it, just find the good in it as much as you can and create new dreams you enjoy even more. Do many thirty-second mini-Haipules during your day.

Word has it the Hawaiians were amused by Christian prayer in that it does not contain breath, or energizing, and frequently wondered why the Missionaries even bothered to speak such a feeble creature as a Christian prayer. A proper prayer, a Haipule, contained breath, and as such energy, and as such power.

The components of the Haipule are contained in the word- I'd have to look up how exactly- but they are basically the all the building blocks of the universe itself, which is why it is so effective:

  1. Images, sounds, touch- experience itself
  2. Words- strongly coded symbols of precisely defined experience
  3. Energy- breath, light, shimmering, buzzing, flowing movement you can feel
  4. Action- dancing and symbolic action, or taking the phone and calling someone with a purpose

If you could only use one technique, this would probably be it.

As for how this changes your beliefs in particular- well, you bombard yourself with an imaginary experience that is so impressive that is just seems more real than your previous belief so you just drop the old one.


This is the exact opposite of the Haipule in that you go directly searching for negative beliefs. There are many ways to do it- generally, it just involved feeling a sticking point and inquiring about it- but the most effective, most precise way I have found to do it is indeed Bashar's method of asking: What would I have to believe in order to feel this?

The only catch I could find is that sometimes beliefs masquerade in various ways to appear less changeable. The key to success here is to interpret the experience of the unchanging belief in a way that makes it changeable after all. Most commonly, the belief will appear to reappear. The traditional explanation for this from Huna is that beliefs are like onions in that they come in layers. Peel back a layer by inquiring, and the next layer will come up and look almost the same. The key is to keep pealing.

A more modern (abstract thought is fashionable in our age) technical description is that each belief usually calls in a bunch of additional similar ones as backup to trick you into giving up eliminating them. It's like your mind plays whack-a-mole with you- you have to trust that eventually, the moles will run out. Mind you, your mind does this with the best of intentions- you hold your beliefs in order to give you a sense of security through a fixed world. If you open yourself up to having inspiration from your loving inner connection to the universe, you don't need the fixed world view any more, so you can embark on dismantling all the * traps and tricks that had the benevolent cause of keeping you safe before you new all this wonderful new information like that you are infinite and part of a wonderful, loving Galactic family. I'd need a dogma or two myself if I didn't know this.

Creative Denial

Bashar insists that you don't need any kind of process after you have uncovered a belief- once you uncovered it, it is gone. He also says you can go through a process if you prefer to.

Personally, I tend to not use a process after uncovering a belief- it's the only way I can get that feeling of a clean slate. In practice, especially to get a quick fix if I'm in some kind of high pressure situation, and social ones count- I will use the technique of creative denial. This is especially effective if you have someone- a well-meaning friend, for example- reinforce your undesired belief.

It goes like this: Your belief says, either internally or by speaking through some external authority figure- You are like this!

Unwaivered, you use your power to take your authority back to yourself and state, with all the power of your own supremacy over yourself: No I'm not.

Power is as simple as that.

Can you do it? If you can't, work on it- either by uncovering related beliefs, using a Haipule to achieve a goal realted to power, or simply repeat your creative denial until it becomes more habitual.

External: You're like that!

You: No I'm not.

This is even more powerful if you add a description of how you really are, because than your assumed authority becomes reinforced by- you guessed it- actual experience you can feel.

External: You're like that!

You: No I'm not. I'm like this...

Here's an example:

External: You're ugly!

You: No I'm not, I'm pretty.

External: But you're fat

You: No I'm not. It's true that I'm not as scrawny as the magazine covers, but I don't intend to be- and I don't believe I need to be to achieve my goals, such as being loved. I also know I could be if I intended to- and I might, at some point- but none of this has anything to do with my great beauty, that exists now, and is recognizable to all who have eyes to see, and it's not matter if some are blind.

External: But you're scruffy

You: No I'm not, I'm actually quite well put-together. It's true that I like to wear a lot of corduroy, and that's to pay homage to a lot of people I admire who had great style, by the way. I also don't plaster my hair to my head with foam, but that's because it is who I am to let myself run free, and people's mistaken assumptions that only the uptight-looking are beautiful don't mean I have to share them. I am beautiful right now in my own way.

Note the relationship to, and the attractiveness of, punk culture. You say what's beautiful, right, wrong, up and down. It's a lot of responsibility, but so much more fun.

Takeaway: Learn to reinterpret reality to suit the opposite of the belief you intend to change, and practice it until you are proficient. This is also a great way to impress all kinds of people. Not you don't need to change anyone elses mind to be successful with this- although if you do state this to other people you will tend to somewhat nudge them in your direction- it's about expressing your understanding of yourself to them with confidence that makes all the difference of your own interpretation of yourself, to yourself. You can then be whoever the heck you want in whatever company you want and feel great.


Whatever you bless, you become. You can repeatedly bless a slender pole or a streamlined Dolphin (or coke bottle) in order to become more nimble, if you so chose. You can also bless confident things, strong things, beautiful things, in order to achieve more of those qualities. At the same time, you also take on properties of those things that you criticize the most, so when you do find yourself critizing, it is good to help yourself bless the same amount and then again in order to offset the criticism.

Regular blessing rampages will do wonders for your general wellbeing- find all kinds of things that you think are really super great and amazing and beautiful and flow with those until you feel thoroughly saturated with positive energy. You'll hardly noticed the more negative beliefs that just slowly fade out of existence, and the new experiences your blessings will attract unconsciously by blessing will have a similar effect as a good Haipule, only that you take a shortcut and attract the new positive experience externally. Both are good. Haipule is easier, blessing requires more trust and is more direct.

Semi-Physically removing gunk

If you have a look at your body and allow everything to express itself (by focusing on various spots in your body and assuming whatever comes to mind is that body part speaking its dream to you) you can realize whether that seems nice or not. If it doesn't, just grab it, dump it into a cloud of energy that contains it (it's your imagination, you make the thing up to be energy-tight- if you can't do it, practice, this will also train your authority). So if something feels like gunk, remove it- follow the easiest path to do that, if it unravels, unravel it, if it's a liquid, drain it- and let it flow into that containing energy field. If you need extra strength, breathe deeply. When you put some of it the gunk into the container, disappear the container in a spectacular way- I like to use an instantaneous flash of light. Keep going until you feel some kind of completion.

By using the hand movements and working on the body, you are much closer to the action side of things when you are working this way. Different beliefs respond better to different approaches, so it is best to you them all. All bodies have a kind of proto-body- like a shadow mold that becomes physical when it's filled with enough energy- and using your own physical body and aura to remove that can pack a lot more punch when a lot of energy has already gone into a belief. The nice thing is, you also don't have to worry about what the belief is, in this case- you just see the symbol, maybe a dragon- decide you don't like it, and get rid of it, and that's that.

If you want to, you can also make up something nice, like the opposite of a dragon- perhaps a beautiful cloud of light beeings? And invite them in to do some more healing. Then bring the ritual to a close, and you, once again, are done with it for now and ready for a party.

These are all the ways I know, off the top of my head. Most have equivalents in most schools of thought that deal with these things, and some in everyday common sense. Pick and chose- take one and play with it for a while, and then play with others. They are all very good and useful, and some are more appropriate to certain circumstance than others. You will know which one is for you. Uncovering beliefs like Bashar likes to do will continue to work for you for sure, but my hunch is, you might try the semi-physical healing to just heap out a bunch of gunk from your body next- but it's up to you, you know best. Enjoy! Dear shaman-in-the-making. (You're only in the making to the extent you're still learning stuff hear- with the stuff you already know, you're already the master)


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@cmc, oh my goodness, this is priceless information. Thank you so much. I am going to try all of these. And I love the corduroy comment :). Thank you so much! I am going to go and re-read this now.

(05 Dec '17, 09:24) Antheia

@cmc, excellent super answer, so much to think about!!

(05 Dec '17, 12:07) JMA
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