Permission slips, is a term from Bashar that is just about doing something that will produce an effect within your belief system. To put it another way, it’s your own personal way, constructed through your beliefs, of allowing something to happen.

To step it up a notch, everything you do in life is really a result of your own permission slips.

For example, it is said from practically every source that meditiating can improve your life. The meditating itself is actually not important- the important part is that by meditiating you’ll believe it to change your life to some degree. That is called a permission slip.

A more real life example would be someone who wanted to lose weight. To lose weight, a typical mind would suggest they exercise more frequently and eat a more balanced diet. That exercise and diet thing does not produce the result of losing weight. It is the belief that doing that action will produce that result. So here, exercising and dieting would be the permission slip for one to allow themselves to lose weight.

A poor sighted person wearing reading glasses would allow them to see better. The glasses act as the permission slip, the lenses or glasses themselves are otherwise useless.

So, here is my question.

At the moment in my life, I am unhappy with some current permission slips I have. This unhappiness was brought about through conflict of my beliefs. I want to gain some muscle, and my beliefs induce that I have to eat alot of protein at rapid intervals throughout the day.

I was watching a video that said humans actually don’t even need alot of protein at all (Bashar, Anthony Robbins). So hence, the conflict!

1) If I start eating alot of protein in order to gain muscle to achieve a goal I have, I feel good in relation to my goal. Yet I feel not so good knowing that my overall health and life would be improving if I would be eating like 80% less protein that would I believe I have to. I vibrate with both of these things! I believe in both! Yet the conflict with one another...What do I do?

2) Hence, if I’m not happy with a current permission slip I have, let’s say it takes too much work to get done, what could I do to change it? How could I make my life easier by getting a permission slip that gives, say, more product for my dollar so to speak?

3) And, is there any possible way of installing something along the lines of, “to give one a permission slip to not even need permission slips”? Or I can destroy and change permission slips quickly just with my conscious will?

These days I don’t seem to be able to articulate things as well on IQ... I hope the core communication is able to be picked up on :)

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Think about 3 for a second. If you were playing a game with no "controls" and no "rules", it would fall apart pretty much instantly. Changing the rules of a game you don't enjoy playing is one thing, but how would you play chess if you didn't have a stable rule saying when and in what way pieces can move?

(21 Mar '13, 00:55) flowsurfer
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Hi @Nikulas, I would vote for number 3, that looks perfect!

I think the overall goal in finding the perfect permission slip is to allow yourself the power to get what you want, and the best way to do that would be by doing whatever you want to do in order to get it.

You are talking about total freedom to create whatever you want for yourself in this life, and I say, go for it. Write your own rules. It's all about you, so write them how you want them to be. Who is there to judge them?

I think the reason you may be feeling a bit daunted by this may be because you are also talking about breaking free of the constructs of a reality so many of us have agreed to live with, which are very deeply ingrained... maybe. But they are nowhere near indestructible.

2 + 2 = Whateverthehell Nikulas says it equals! :)

LOL! Have look at this guy! This is a guy living his life!



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That was a great video! Thanks for sharing.

(25 Aug '12, 08:08) Fairy Princess

Isn't it wonderful? I just love it! I want to feel and live that much love of life. I get so much out of this video - more each time I watch it again, and again, and again! :D

(25 Aug '12, 14:07) Grace

Follow your heart my friend. I think bashars whole point is that you don't need permission. Your heart has the power to create without the brains permission. Just exercise your body, eat what you like and let the path unfold itself. I don't think you're trying to be a professional body builder or olympic athlete, so just have fun. Feel Good, you are doing great! Peace


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It all boils down to what you believe. Like the placebo affect, what you believe is what you get. These permission slips just give you permission to change your belief about it. The meditation brings a sense of peace to the belief that makes it easier to stick. This sounds kinda like using Two Hands Touching with affirmations. I have had major results with changing my beliefs and my reality using this technique.

Two Hands Touching is like meditating, but a fast, easy version. Some people who have tried it who also meditate, I don't, said it takes them a good 20 minutes to over an hour of meditating to get to the same place as a few second with THT.


answered 25 Aug '12, 08:39

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Fairy Princess

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