While watching Bashar re: beliefs on YouTube, tons of references are made to these diagrams. I'd love to have a copy as a daily reminder. Extremely insightful.

Thank you :)

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Here is the complete list of diagrams on the Bashar website



Since this question is about Bashar's workshop illustrations and diagrams, I though I would add a few links for the "Sacred Circuitry" workshop for anyone who is interested.

Quote from Bashar website:

Bashar introduces and describes the unique glyphs called "Sacred Circuits" that are being given to us as a present from his civilization of Essassani. These glyphs, used with intention, have the potential to activate your consciousness and expand your understanding of who you are and what you what your life potential is. Bashar describes how to use the glyphs and gives a unique way to meditate on them.

Bashar - Sacred Circuitry Part 1

Bashar - Sacred Circuitry Part 2

Bashar's 15 Sacred Circuitry Cards


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Thank you Cory! Didn't think to go there!?! :)

(18 Aug '12, 00:18) figure8shape

@Cory- Sweet...Thankyou champ :)

(18 Aug '12, 03:58) Nikulas

Your both very welcome:)

(18 Aug '12, 14:52) Cory
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