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Things have changed dramatically in the last 30 years.

I feel it's too much change for the human mind to assimilate in only one generation.

Before the Internet, we only had books, newspapers, television and radio to spread information. Information got to us in a different way - I would say in a slower, gentle manner, easier to assimilate. It was not this torrent invading all space and time in our lives.

I think that the Internet is a great invention, and I love the fact that I can "google" about almost anything and obtain some kind of answer from people around the world.

But I also find this amount of information hard to digest.

In the past, when I wanted to know about something, I had to buy and read an entire book about the subject - I would take my time to do that. Now, I browse.

Besides, the world seemed to me, at that time, a safer and good place to live - of course, only because I didn't watch the news, I didn't have any interest in knowing about politics and wars and the Cold War between the USA and the Soviet Union. I was not aware that the whole world could be blown up like that...

So, accustomed as I was to that pre-internet world, it took me a few years to get online and connect to this crazy modern world.

There was a time in which I searched the Internet for conspiracy theories, new world order information, stories about aliens, ancient astronauts and ruins of ancient civilizations - you know, all that stuff.

It was so exciting that I put aside my classics, my piano, my family and friends - I thought this could all be true and that it was important for me to know all about that.

In time I came to realize that all these stories could be a kind of folklore of the modern times - I am not saying it could not be true, only that all these stories "behave" as folklore.

I felt my mind full of darkness, negativity - as if all this information were garbage cluttering my brain.

Since I realized that, I have been trying to get back to my books, to my music, to life as it was for me before (media-free).

I've found it difficult, because people don't want to talk to each other anymore - their noses are always on their smartphones. They rarely read books, they never think outside the box, they only know about what they can see and touch, and the news from regular media, and that makes a boring conversation to me.

Slowly, but steadly, I am finding my way back to the life I knew before the Internet, but I feel "one of a kind", isolated, and as if I have to walk this road of enlightenment alone.

I am sure there are other people who feel that way too, while the majority are really satisfied with the modern world as they are being taught to regard it.

I find that walking the streets and taking the bus, looking at real people, is very refreshing to me - that real life didn't change that much (except people are always entertained by their "communicators" instead of talking personally to others).

That leads me to think that all this modern world, this New World Order, is just a media creation - it's still far from happening.

What are your impressions about the Now and the Future of humanity? Does the modern world feel good to you, in general? Or does it feel bad?

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Hello @VitoriaRegia I like the question and particularly statement formation is really good except the one 'walking on a path of enlightenment alone' (categorically it might be correct) but you are in IQ all are enlightenment path just not you alone :)

(12 Dec '17, 13:54) PERFECT GOOD

@PERFECT GOOD - Thanks! In fact, IQ has helped me immensely, since I can ask questions and also try to help people on the path with answers. It's nice :)

(12 Dec '17, 14:52) VitoriaRegia
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Wow, what a question! Why did nobody ask this before?

So much to write on this.

In my childhood and adolescence, the world was a lot simpler, but my own life and my inner state was very challenging, complex and hostile. Now the world is infinitely more complex and one could say hostile, but my life and my own inner state are that of ease.

I have withdrawn myself from those aspects of the world where I saw no benefit for me. I don't follow any news, and don't know and don't care about things that most people (maybe not people on IQ) consider important.

I have withdrawn myself from various areas also because I felt I am yet not strong enough to be in them without getting dragged down by them.

After I wised up about conspiracy realities - which I consider a fundamental rite of passage for anyone who is waking up - I went through a period of depression and paranoia. So I had to withdraw from most of that as well. Not because it's false (it's all mostly accurate), but because I didn't want the world's problems on my shoulders.

Strangely enough, having gone through this whole range of emotions and cycles, and having seen the world through very negative and cynical glasses, I am now relaxed, full of ease, and looking forward to tomorrow with great excitement.


You can live in any world how you wish, regardless of how easy or challenging the world around you is. If you stop to feel sorry for the world, sooner or later you start feeling sorry for yourself, and your immediate surroundings will start reflecting that. The world is not your problem. Let the sleeping dog lie :-)


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@cod2 - thank you. Most of what you wrote resonates with me. My main problem now is that I lost my interest in all those things that excited me before, and it's been hard to find something to match :-) I feel kind of purposeless. Fame, fortune, success... What are those things anyway? What I really wanted was to find the secrets of life itself - and I feel stuck with the Abraham-Hicks material, Bashar, Jane Roberts...

(12 Dec '17, 10:14) VitoriaRegia

@cod2 - I thought there would be a "next level" - that when you got prosperous enough not to be so anxious for material things, there would be a road to new and exciting knowledge. I still didn't find what's next - or if there is some "next" material to study. So, is it all about manifesting what you want? Is there nothing else we can know about what we are doing here? That is driving me crazy.

(12 Dec '17, 10:18) VitoriaRegia

@VitoriaRegia, yes, you need to find a harmless passion so to speak :-) Otherwise life does become extremely pointless. The passion itself can be pointless (i.e. you are not trying to find the cure of cancer); it's just a healthy diversion that you enjoy and can fill your mind and time with.

(12 Dec '17, 10:54) cod2

@cmc, @cod2 - Thanks!

(12 Dec '17, 12:14) VitoriaRegia
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I find the new age of the Internet to be unambiguously positive, but it does require additional skills to navigate.

Spending time with random information such as news sites, social media and random blogs with no particular aim makes me feel queezy- I want to turn it off. I think because the vibration jumble is not very harmonious.

On the other hand, my favorite author Serge King brought out a new book, and I was able to buy and download it right now. Of course reading a physical book is a different experience, but I find reading an ebook is pretty good, too. It's a long, enjoyable narrative. Using an e-reader comes pretty close.

I also very much enjoy a music service called Tidal, which offers a huge selection of music in CD quality- almost good enough for my distinguished tastes. I discover new music, and I have my favorites that I stick to.

I even discovered all the information with regards to manifestation and aliens on the Internet. I did have to discard some ideas, but I can honestly say it would have been much different had I only had access to a couple of books that I was able to procure from newspaper scraps in a local book store. I most likely never would have known about most of the subjects that actually interest me, and I would have thought I'm an oddball, different, strange and alone. Now I know there have been millions like me, and many are becoming so. And I suspect those who are slowly becoming the new mainstream who are open to new friendly ideas are getting their information, to a large part, from the new media.

I also spent more time than I care to think about chasing various rabbits down various holes and it would have been nicer to take a walk, talk to a tree, or spend time with friends and family.

I find that the new skill that is required to use the new information in a positive way without being overwhelmed is that of discernment. The key to discernment is purpose- when I embarked on my spiritual journey I was about 20 and I didn't get along very well with people. I was basically fine with that but I did have an astute interest in girls. My older brother's advice only went so far so I turned to the Internet- what could go wrong? Sure enough, I ran into a lot of downright horrific advice fresh out of Harvey Weinstein's playbook- but it felt so off-putting I just knew this was no way to live. Eventually, someone recommended Abraham and Huna, and my life took off in all sorts of exciting directions.

When it comes to online shopping, I find the Internet to be nothing short of liberating- I have very particular tastes in most areas, and it's rare that shops stock anything that I like. This goes from perfectly-engineered warm socks to British Vegetarian footwear to a particular cell phone with a huge battery to cleaning robots.

When it comes to taking care of tasks I consider drudgery, computers are magical- often I can set things up so that I can trade a couple hours of rather interesting computer work for days worth of pushing paper.

So what I found is this:

  • Dive into new media for a specific purpose
  • Replace only those parts of non-connected life that weren't that great (for me that's mainly monotonous work)
  • In order to use new media effectively, learn to rapidly evaluate very large amounts of information
  • Don't use new media where the disconnected world works better- take walks, drink tea with friends, cook good food. But do buy ingredients online if that works better.
  • Do not use new media for entertainment unless there is a strong pull- Shows like "Mr. Robot" or "Sense8" feel to me like great works of art that I enjoy thoroughly, so those are fine- But when the good stuff's over, random browsing is depleting, so it's time to go back offline. I love watching the Farsight Institue remote viewing youtube show (and their pay programs) but when I'm done watching it's definitely time to get off youtube- the recommendations have that random offputting energy again.
  • Spiritual imagination was the original internet- there is the imaginary place where shamans meet to communicate and teach and learn.

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@cmc - Thank you for the answer. I feel the same way about the positive aspects of the Internet and technology as a whole. I read e-books, too, and I love them, and I love the fact that I no longer have to wait for books from other countries to be brought by bookstores, since I can find them on line - neither am I restricted to books in my mother language, which is Portuguese, since I can also read in French and Spanish, besides English.

(12 Dec '17, 10:01) VitoriaRegia

@cmc - A long time ago I decided I wanted to be a citizen of the world, and learning languages was a definite step towards that. But I feel now overwhelmed by all this... I feel some necessity to shrink my world a little, to go back to that time of juvenile ignorance, as if that could bring back my lost innocence and some sense of mystery to my life.

(12 Dec '17, 10:08) VitoriaRegia

@VitoriaRegia Yes! I supposed I could have condensed my entire answer down to what my very technology friendly 81-year-old used to say: "It has an on-and-off switch"

(12 Dec '17, 10:08) cmc

@VitoriaRegia Yes I understand completely! I took me a long time to realize as well that not everything should be replaced- and after that, what should be kept and what not.

(12 Dec '17, 10:21) cmc

@cmc - I think I've got it now... I have studied Abraham, some of Bashar and some of the Seth material. But I thought there would be some kind of next level, and I am not finding it. Like, what should we do when we are well and happy and want nothing else? Should we just be happy forever, watching others sink down the road? Besides, is there nothing else to learn? No other mysteries? Are these, really, "the" leading edge materials? I find you to be the right person to ask this, don't know why...

(12 Dec '17, 10:47) VitoriaRegia

@cmc - if you find yourself inspired to write about it, please, make an edit to your answer - I would really appreciate this :)

(12 Dec '17, 10:54) VitoriaRegia

@VitoriaRegia aw... thank you so much!!! I love questions.

Others have free will, and we need to respect that- and we can't really wait for them, either, unless we have a specific passion to do that, or we'll start resenting them. But we can be an example, and we can answer questions when people ask.

I think both Abraham and Bashar teachings are meant as the basics to get us in a good place- and once we've done that, we get more into really playing earth like a game, by creating adventures.

(12 Dec '17, 11:50) cmc

Bashar's recipe is "do what excites you"- and there is a really nice Huna exercise- decide your philosophy, your purpose, your goals and your plans. Which is basically the same thing.

I found I've done more and more explaining of Huna to people in the real world as well- nothing I planned, I just enjoy it...

(12 Dec '17, 12:00) cmc

And then, I think I aready had this feel that this would be great for you I think- you could to things like have a shaman journey. Intend to go to Bali Hai, the shaman island... once you're there, take something, leave something there, help someone, and let someone help you.

(12 Dec '17, 12:00) cmc
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Hi VictoriaRegia, just as a little distraction, have you read the teachings from Paul Selig? The first time I saw him on YouTube I found it/him a little spooky and switched him off but now he is one of my favourite channellers and I've read 2 of his books so far.

I bring this up because his guides state how they're not that interested in teaching us to manifest "things" as such, they wish us to understand exactly who we are.

All the best.


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@OpenForBusiness - Thank you very much. I've spent the last hour watching an interview with Paul Selig and found it very interesting indeed, more in tune with what I want to study now. There are also books I can buy on-line, which I'll sure read as soon as I can. Nice suggestion :)

(13 Dec '17, 09:57) VitoriaRegia

VictoriaRegia, you're welcome!

(13 Dec '17, 10:22) OpenForBusiness

I'm currently on my third book of his, The Book of Freedom. I find Paul's "Guides" quite profound. What I'm noticing is that the text "works" on you. I've noticed that dense energies are being pulled out of me or being dissolved. There's a lot of movement inside which some people might find scary. But since I'm an energy intuitive its second nature to me.

(04 Mar '20, 07:59) maverick35

Anyway the books are beautiful to read, and I agree with the message that we're supposed to move from our ego (small self) into our large self and let that higher self guide us. Sounds absolutely fine by me!

(04 Mar '20, 07:59) maverick35
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Hi @VitoriaRegia, when I read your posts and look on the EGS, it feels to me that you are hovering around boredom and pessimism. If you take a look at the EGS, you will see that there is all sorts of emotional states still to come, culminating in passion and joy.

Rather than trying to jump from boredom and pessimism to passion and joy, why not make peace with where you are, and then reach for contentment and then hopefulness? Contentment is feeling good about where you are, even if nothing changes, even if there are no great secrets or treasures, even if nothing that you can feel passion for ever comes along again.

Contentment is actually a very, very empowering state. It is a genuine tipping point. But you have to accept the boredom first. :)

You can channel your inner Eeyore to make peace with your pessimism or boredom. "We can't all and some of us don't. That's all there is to it."

I love love love the EGS. It's everything. It was a game changer for me. It helped me connect Jed McKenna's profound and constant advice of "Further." You can always see where you are, and see where you want to go, and realize all that is in-between, and then you don't ever feel stuck again, no matter where you are emotionally.


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@JMA - thank you for the answer. You are absolutely right - how perceptive! I have been bored to death for years - for many reasons that I cannot even start to explain. But today... Oh, bliss! I've found a piece of my puzzle, I've found a way to go further. I simply cannot sit down on the hill, in the Vortex, and watch other people living in servitude. Knowledge is the only way to freedom, and I am an educator - it's just I was trying to convince other people that knowledge will free them...

(12 Dec '17, 16:38) VitoriaRegia

@JMA - and that's not the way to go. You don't teach people that don't want to be taught. You teach people that are really desperate for the knowledge you have to offer. You simply offer that knowledge, and you certainly will attract your unique pupils. Everything I have ever done in my life has brought me to this moment in time, and everything is aligned now. But I really doubt I will ever get rid of pessimism - not until I see everybody be freed from servitude.

(12 Dec '17, 16:43) VitoriaRegia

@JMA - What I wished for myself - freedom from the bounds of society -, I wish for others. I cannot believe that people live their entire lives without having any clue that life is supposed to be an extraordinary experience. We don't really need any money to live an extraordinary life - because we all have imagination, power to create feelings and experience within ourselves. Money is an illusion...

(12 Dec '17, 16:50) VitoriaRegia

@JMA - and that illusion keeps people in chains. From inside the Vortex, it is possible to teach people imagination - which is a laborious thing, I admit. But it's a meaningful purpose for a teacher, really irresistible. Whatever happens, I really want to act on my highest excitement - and I've just found my way to do so :)

(12 Dec '17, 16:56) VitoriaRegia

@VitoriaRegia, I love that you are following your highest excitement! I smiled big to read that :)

(12 Dec '17, 19:30) JMA
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I feel it is a form of entertainment. We have gone from having to go to a movie or play to be entertained to having our own entertainment. It is good to keep informed to know what the government is trying to pull next. To have answers for questions, we used to need an encyclopedia. Now we can go to Yahoo answers to get most any answer to any question. Also, for spiritual questions, we can turn here to Inward Quest.

It is relaxing to get into nature and I think it helps anxiety. To just quietly hike through some woods listening to animals and seeing animals brings a feeling of peace. But when you want to know something the internet is best.


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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi - Yes, the internet is really about entertainment, and I enjoy it much; I only miss the times of my youth :) But nature can work miracles on us - Thank God!

(14 Dec '17, 19:19) VitoriaRegia

I liked what you said: "Slowly, but steadily, I am finding my way back to the life I knew before the Internet, but I feel "one of a kind", isolated, and as if I have to walk this road of enlightenment alone."

I too feel the same. There is no love in the world [man loves woman for pleasure, and woman loves man for security, and they conveniently call it love]--a fact that is well-attested in the very name of this world duniya (a place where more illogicality and lawlessness are found more than logicality and lawfulness). Interestingly, there are 96 words for love in Sanskrit, yet there is no word for genuine love--loving for its own sake. That means present world is the distorted form of the original, perfect form where genuine love existed.

But this is not a hopeless situation. You can link to your Heavenly Father in the heavens and enjoy all variety of relationship with him in their fullness. Real meditation could be discerned by the original word dhyan (Sanskrit), dhee (intellect) + yan (travel). In meditation, your intellect travel to the presence of God in the heavens, and be seated besides Him (from which comes the word for worship Upasana--upa (beside) + asana (being seated). That means meditation and worship were one and the same in the beginning. Very early in the morning, while it was still dark," Jesus used to go to a lonely place so as to talk to his heavenly Father, as if engaging in meditation daily. (Mark 1:35; John 8:1, 2)

In meditation, I see the reality behind the details--I turn inward and see atma (soul), the driver of this vehicle called body. Though atma is not visible to the physical eyes, I know that without atma, my physical eyes are of no use. It is the atma that sees through the eyes, hence in a way it is the eye of my eyes; hence atma is a thing to be understood (rather than seen with physical eyes). Also, I know that I came through my parents, and my mother's atma built for me a tender body which I, the atma, continued building through my infancy, childhood, youth, middle age and will continue through my old age, and will finally discard it to take another. (Mathew 11:14) Thus an over-all perspective would show that the most important aspect of I, the atma, is KNOWLEDGE:

1) It KNOWS how to build my body. (ANTAKARAN) 2) It KNOWS how to oversee and co-ordinate working, repairing, renewing and replacing of cells--over 70 trillions of them. Some estimates sprawls "over a huge range, from 5 billion to 200 million trillion cells" (http://***.***./2013/10/23/how-many-cells-are-in-your-body/) This is staggering and mind-boggling feat [even if you could count ten cells each second, it would take you tens of thousands of years to finish counting--if so, think of its ability to bring them into existence and manage them all]. It is like a king who rules over trillions of cellular citizens. 3) It also KNOWS what is right and wrong. See how uniformly everyone welcomes qualities such as purity, joy, love, peace and wisdom and disapproves impurity, anger, selfishness, divisiveness and foolishness when they are shown by others. Such knowledge about the vast potential of atma helps meditation. Meditation is all about creating positive and elevated thoughts, and Yoga is all about union; and a Yogi' is always integrated, total or simply merges himself in everything he thinks, speaks and does. Thus during meditation, when I mentally say "I am atma ," (a + tama, against darkness/ahankar/ego), the following things happen:

1) I really EXPERIENCE myself as a divine being clothed in this physical body; 2) I remember that I am antonym of ego and its progeny (lust, anger, attachment, greed, envy and slothfulness); 3) I remember my eternal duty is to live for light, true knowledge (the elevated knowledge about atma and its duties, as taught by God Himself) producing its fruits such as purity, joy, love, peace, bliss, and power; thus becoming an illuminator myself to the onlookers! 4) I visualize my self as knowledgeful atma moving around with my right hand holding the Supreme Father and my left hand holding my subtle children (purity, joy, love, peace, power and balance). This subtle family is my real and eternal family unlike the corporeal relatives who come and go.

This experience take me to the next dimension which God's name stands for. There are Bible scholars who understand that the name Jehovah as the causative form, the imperfect state, of the Hebrew verb הוה (ha•wah, "to be, to become"), meaning "He will cause to become," hence feel that the name Jehovah should more correctly be translated as "He causes to become". He causes Himself to become whatever role needed to benefit His children. That means God's name is an invitation to humans to view Him in various roles that would bring benefit to us. If you view Him as your real Father, He would cause Himself to become your Father making you link with His infinite power. If you view Him as your mother, companion, teacher, spouse, Guru, and Almighty, He will cause to become Himself such and will make you link with His infinite peace, joy, knowledge, love, purity and bliss respectively. Interestingly, this aspect of the divine name too finds its fulfillment in one who engage in a meditation that results in link with our Heavenly Father, the King of the Universe [such meditation is called rajayoga meditation]. Depending upon the need of the hour, in Rajayoga meditation he/she would approach God in a particular role(s) and would derive appropriate quality/qualities from Him and becomes well-poised to take on the day ahead. Bible too presents God in various roles--even in feminine terms such as mother (Deuteronomy 32:11-12; Isaiah 49:15; 66:13; Hosea 11:3-4) and insight into His various roles naturally enabled His children to have deeper and sweeter relationship with Him which kept them always happy and balanced. (Romans 8:28; Isaiah 12.2; 61:10). At the root of Him taking various roles too lies His core quality of benevolence (shivom). (Mark 10:18)

When one says "I know swimming" it means he practices swimming. Similarly, when one says "I know God's name" it means he is practicing benevolence which is at the root of His name, just like benevolence is the character of sun. When one sows benevolence he would also reap benevolence! That means one with sun-like attitude now would feel his/her life as a melodious song. It has its future benefits too. Those who choose to act with sun's qualities are suryavanshis (tribe of sun) and are destined to inherit the recreated heaven on earth whereas those who are choosing to act without sun-like qualities are of asura/asuriya tribe and are destined to take birth only when earth declines again into hell.


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@Jeremiah, thank you for your answer - but I cannot agree with you. There is love in the world, and those who love God, by force of this same love of God, are also capable of loving others. Love between husband and wife is possible when husband offers his wife security and wife offers her husband pleasure. The secret of love is to offer first and be patient until the other corresponds that love. Love cannot be obtained by demanding it. I know my Bible, my friend :)

(13 Dec '17, 05:07) VitoriaRegia

There is one aspect of the modern world that I dislike: Facebook. Since I found our how easily one can be tracked on it, and how anyone can access what you have written in the past, it can work against you; a future employer might look at your FB page, and decide that your politics do not agree with his.

In general, our world lacks balance. If you watch action/adventure movies, they all seem to have too much action... I just watched the newest Terminator movie, and the beginning is nonstop action that only moves the plot a tiny bit. It seems that this is setting the pace for everything. Children have a much harder time sitting still than in the past. They still need to be read to at bedtime, and they still need lessons in patience. The world is moving quickly; the media is pushing us this way. It has already been said that we have a lot of information to digest. I now ask myself when I am tempted to "browse" if I am going to actually gain something from this browsing... or am I just bored, or afraid of boredom itself.

Balance is the key here. Today's world requires that we live balanced lives. It is so very easy to sit on our acetabulums and cruise the Internet, and so hard to get up and do the laundry, or go for a walk, or read a real, hardbound book.

Our world has a great deal to offer, and can offer it to many more people than ever before. Our curiosity leads us to sit at the computer; but ask yourself if your cruising is making someone else wealthier, and stealing your time. That works for me!

Jaianniah ♡♡♡♡♡


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