I have been combining meditation and gridwork in the mornings which I think works quite well for me. Some mornings, I will also do some clearing methods mainly using EFT on the main issues that are bothering me.

However, I have noticed that I don't feel like clearing any issues when I have just finished my meditation and my gridwork. I am feeling relatively good and I don't feel like doing a clearing session because it brings out negative emotions and I don't want to go there.

Trouble is some of the main issues that are still bothering me come up as I go about my day and sometimes new ones will come up and they need to be cleared up.

My question is, what works well for you? Do you find that it is better to just clear the issues up as and when they come up during the day or have you found that it is better to do a clearing session right after doing a morning meditation and gridwork?

EDIT 03/08/18

The new approach that I am currently experimenting with which makes total sense to me is essentially not to deal with any issues at anytime unless it keeps coming up again and again or it is something that is in my face so much that I really cannot distract myself from it.

For anything else, I don't focus on it or find a way to distract myself from the issue (Eventually, the momentum of the issue will subside and it should just disappear from my experience because I have not given it any attention).

At the moment, this is very much work in progress as my life has moved up yet another gear since I asked this question (not that it was not moving fast before) so I am having to up my game.

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Pink Diamond

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I found that bridging works well and feels nice: from the new expanded after-meditation perspective I look lightly at something I saw not nicely before, and feel for a different perspective on them.

It also is like clearing, but clearing "from above."

Second thing, I would recommend to see the rising "issues" as life things, not something you feel resistance to. Then it could be easier to do with it what you feel like doing, and feel lighter and happier about it all.

What would feel better to you?


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Olga Farber

Thank you for your insights Olga. Will have to think a bit more about your second point.

(02 Jan '18, 15:18) Pink Diamond

I use a Bodyscan Meditation (this one)

every morning and some evenings, along with some Gridwork. This works very well for me, as now I find I hardly need to do any clearing work at all :)

The Bodyscan seems to take care of both: Meditation and Resistance. I believe this is because the Bodyscan entails focusing (without judgement) of different parts of the body where all troubling emotions are stored.

Hope this helps Pink Diamond.


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@Satori, I tried the Body Scan meditation after reading your answer earlier today. It is very good indeed. I am going to include it in my daily schedule from now on to see what effects it has on me. Thank you for sharing.

(09 Apr '18, 11:16) Pink Diamond

@Pink Diamond- Excellent! Your welcome. Let me know how you get on.

(09 Apr '18, 13:28) Satori

@Pink Diamond - Now that ~3 months have passed, how do you think this meditation has impacted you?

(08 Jul '18, 13:20) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty - I thought the meditation was very good when it comes to guided meditations because it focuses internally and puts you more in touch with your body. I tried it as an additional meditation for about a week or so. However, for me personally, I prefer just a silent meditation. I will either focus on nothing at all or on some background noise.

(02 Aug '18, 01:45) Pink Diamond

@WeRadiateBeauty - I feel that I get much more control of my thoughts that way and I can also then meditate anywhere anytime on demand for even just a few minutes if I want to. I also notice that I become much more sensitive to how I am feeling and my intuition when I do a quiet meditation compared to a guided meditation such as this one or an Abraham vortex meditation.

(02 Aug '18, 01:50) Pink Diamond

@WeRadiateBeauty - However, I would say that everybody is different and the same meditation will have different results for different people so you just have to try different meditations and see for yourself which one works best for what you are after. Some people do the Abraham vortex meditation as a replacement for vibrational work (to get in the vortex) whereas I prefer to do a meditation and then do other vibrational work to either get in the vortex or enhance the vortex state.

(02 Aug '18, 01:54) Pink Diamond
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In its most simple terms, "resistance" is simply you "expecting a negative result" on a subject, which blocks what you want from coming.

If you "expected a positive result" the manifestation would be drawn to you.

If you can think about resistance in this easy way, it lightens the load a little bit.

When you see resistance as this big, bad thing that you need to 'fight' to get rid of, law of attraction will amplify it and make it bigger in your life.

Just catch yourself when you feel like you can't do or have something and say 'I am expecting a negative result but I can smile and let that go'. Just try to 'lift' the resistance gently rather than fight it. As discussed in previous answers, meditations helps with this, to raise your vibration a little so that you have access to a more 'positive' perspective.


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Some good insights. Thank you

(03 Aug '18, 03:33) Pink Diamond

@Pink Diamond You're welcome :)

(03 Aug '18, 12:58) Yes

When Is The Best Time To Clean Up Any Issues Or Resistance?

my three point system for deciding when to work on vibrational issues:

1. when you are not in the vortex generally (because when you are in the vortex you dont want to deal with issues i have found from personal experience, so when you are not there- why not deal with issues, it will always be of benefit to you and usually it can get you into the vortex as well so double bonus)

2. when something unwanted pops up in your reality (because if its unwanted- it means you dont want it and if you dont want something you have to deal with it and that means cleaning up the issue at hand that is causing the unwanted thing)

3. when you get a feeling or nudge you should clean up resistance or work on issues (because that usually means your higher self is hinting at you directly that its the right time to clean something up and since it is all-knowing super-intelligence i think its best to listen to it and do what its telling you)

thats my method! works as a charm!

p.s. i do have to mention this also depends at what stage of vibrational clearance you are- if you are just starting out and are just at the beginning of all the vibrational cleaning than i would recommend a systematic every day approach as outlined in the manifesting experiment itself- because it is the time you have to really bite through the resistance against working on those ingrained beliefs- they will do everything they can to stop you- so i dont know if that feeling you have that you dont want to work on your grid when you are done meditating is maybe the ingrained beliefs working to stop you from clearing them out- because usually i dont do anything when i have a feeling that i dont want to do it- BUT that being said, i have cleaned up MOST of my limiting beliefs and certainly the more 'serious' ones- you can never clean up everything but as long as you get those core-limiting-beliefs usually it your life turns around 360 and you start being in the vortex so much my 3-point system is all i need because i just deal with it at those 3 times- but if you are just starting out, i would recommend doing it daily, systematically and certainly always even if you dont feel like doing so- and only after you have cleared out most core-beliefs and you start seeing yourself and your reality change according to that and than settle in- THEN you can start clearing up issues at those three times only- and not every single day as before.


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Thank you for sharing your approach. I have evolved my own approach since asking the question. I have added it as an edit to my question. Similar I suppose to step 1 and 3 of your approach.

(03 Aug '18, 03:45) Pink Diamond

yeah i saw after answering your question that you asked it a long time ago and have already probably evolved but i decided not to delete it as for other members maybe reading it that are just starting out as the question is a good one especially for those just at the start of everything, i thought it was a new question as someone else answered it yesterday lol- but why not better too much answers than none right

(03 Aug '18, 10:03) Januaryfeelings

@Januaryfeelings - Totally agree, the more answers the better.

(06 Aug '18, 03:44) Pink Diamond
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I feel before sleep is the best time. As once you sleep theletting go will become more powerful as you align with your inner-being. That said I prefer to let go with meditation, if you meditate regularly your resistance will fade away by themselves and youll forget them. Or you'll be inspired to new thoughts that will replace them.


answered 21 Sep '18, 05:52

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