Hi Everyone,

I've been lurking a few weeks and this is my first post.

I'd like to know what daily processes and practices you folks are finding most useful to raise your vibe/get ITV.

I have looked around the site and tried to determine what the 'latest and greatest' processes and practices are, but am a bit confused. Abraham Grid? ME-5? EFT? Focus Blocks? (I believe Stingray said "A Grid is just a Focus Block"). I'm sure this an individual preference thing to an extent, so I'm just looking for a general consensus, as well as individual opinions.

Stingray, I found your Focus Block Excel spreadsheet intriguing, but I don't have a version of Excel that works with it--and I'm not even sure if you still use it, or if you've discovered 'better' approaches.

Along these lines, is it even necessary to 'clean up' our vibes, or is it more efficient and easier to just concentrate on feeling good/happy and letting everything just fall in to place from there?

Thank you everyone for your time :)

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is it more efficient and easier to just concentrate on feeling good/happy and letting everything just fall in to place from there?

Yes, of course, Get Happy is what it's ultimately all about.

Just getting to that state and generally staying there will bring you all that you want (over time). It might even be enough for you for a lifetime.

There is a hidden problem though with just getting happy...Boredom :)

I noticed this a long time ago (before I knew about Abraham) after years of gradually arranging and rearranging my life so I could have everything in its "proper place" and just live a peaceful non-desireful life of ease and contentment.

After some weeks of achieving this blissful desireless state, something unexpected happened: I was bored out of my mind :)

It was only then that I finally understood what many wise people have said before that life isn't about desiring everything you have (i.e. being as desireless as possible), it's really about having everything you desire i.e. being as desireful as possible. (See the story of the stream in Illusions)

Once you've had that realization at a deep level, you're probably then ready to get your hands dirty with in-depth, precision-level manifesting methods for the right reasons...not to manifest things because you want them or need them, but to enjoy the thrill of molding manifestations into place. This is what Abraham term the feeling of "having your hands in the clay".

The joy is in the journey, not in reaching the destination.

With all that mind, here are the methods/processes I like the best (in no particular order)...

For Vortex Alignment : Method 1

Advanced Focus Blocks (using the vibrational spreadsheet): http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/7040#7077

I've been evolving this method for more than a decade now and have never come across anything more consistent and quick for achieving those alignments. I would struggle to do it without my spreadsheet though because of the speed at which my mind races as I'm doing these alignments. If you don't have that "problem", you could probably just use a notebook.

There is a private spreadsheet users group where I (occasionally) release more powerful versions of the sheet.

For Vortex Alignment: Method 2

Writing Inward Quest answers: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/95022#95032

I've said a few times before on this site that probably most of the answers I write here are for me. In trying to explain concepts to others, I find it's a neat trick to get (or stay) Vortex-aligned.

For me at least, in focusing upon these ideas, I'm (unconsciously) having to "tune into" that Broader/Higher Self in order to get the information to flow. As a bonus, someone else might also benefit from the answer at some point but that's actually secondary - the true emotional reward for writing the answer comes from the creative act of writing the answer.

There's that "hands in the clay" idea again. Is it more of a thrill to passively read an answer written by someone else, or create one yourself? :)

For In-The-Vortex Thrills

Vibrational World Exploration: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/98518#98537

When you're in the Vortex and feeling great about life, that's the time to really turn on the specificness of your desires. (When you're out of the Vortex, you should aim to stay more general about what's bothering you).

VWE is a thrill I can keep going with for a long time (sometimes hours)...until I'm getting so excited that an unstoppable inspired action presents itself and I can't resist pursuing it in physical reality.

Like Advanced Focus Blocks, I would struggle to do this without the spreadsheet because my mind goes into overdrive during this Vortex-driven focused state, and I've designed the software to be frictionless enough (for me, at least) to keep up with it. VWE is currently in an (unreleased) version of the spreadsheet that I'm still developing though you can mimic it manually as I've described in the private spreadsheet group.

For Deliberate Manifesting

Reach For The Emotion method: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/97059#97062 and http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/97159#97183

Also explained visually, and in more detail (along with disturbingly violent undertones, my wife tells me) is my tongue-in-cheek titled Death Star video series on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_120GpLmh2fruJHGrvxSeYnP9-iDJIOI

This method is really the culmination of the Manifesting Experiment 5 branch of deliberate manifesting methods that I've been trying to simplify for some years.

One day, I was randomly listening to an Abraham recording and something they said made everything fall into place for me. I was finally ready to hear it even though I had heard those recordings before and missed it. This method is currently my preferred approach for deliberate manifesting of desires.

It's not really a beginner method because you need to be closely in tune with your emotional state (start meditating if you are not) and be pretty good at switching between your logical/physical mind and your creative/intuitive/feeling mind...keep practicing Vortex alignments (from a mental/logic/verbal-based starting point, like Advanced Focus Blocks) and you'll naturally develop the skill.

"Reach For The Emotion" is a dynamite systematic manifesting method - the most effective I know of, right now :)

For Industrial-Strength Clean-ups

Manifesting Experiment 4: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/14919

The "Rage Against My Wife" Approach: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/94933#94939

If something was bothering me so much in my life that I couldn't even focus on anything else (like trying to feel better), I would employ these rock-solid techniques.

Don't fall into the trap of trying to clean up everything though. That's a game you'll never win. Only use them to clean up topics that are so in-your-face that you feel like you are drowning (vibrationally) in them.

After that, I would switch into using Focus Blocks Vortex Alignments on a daily basis which simultaneously do clean-ups and get you Vortex aligned.

For Building A Habit Of Vortex Alignment

30 Day Vortex Challenge: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/93202

This helps set up your life so that "by default" you move to a Vortex-aligned state instead of a bad-feeling state. For newcomers, it's very likely to be a bumpy ride to set up dominantly-feeling good habits (All Hell Breaking Loose) and it might take you several attempts to finally do it.

The end result of being habitually-Vortex-aligned affects (in a good way) every part of your life in every moment of every day...so I guess it might be worth a try :)

Those are my personal favorite methods at this time and ones that I feel have stood the test of time during many different life circumstances.

But everyone comes to these subjects from different vibrational places, differing levels of background knowledge and experience, and different belief systems.

So, really, the only way to judge whether any particular method is for you is to try it and see whether it generates an effective and repeatable emotional change for you. Over time, you'll probably figure out what works well for you and your particular life situation.


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@Stingray - Wow, this massive collection of methods makes me realize that you really are an incredible nerd :). These are all great tools though and I can attest that they work like a charm :).

(16 Sep '16, 06:04) releaser99

@Stingray This is quite a nice one stop shop for daily processes. It's like the "Vibrational Manifestation Seasonal Isle" in the department store. All your basic frequency needs in one convenient location.

(16 Sep '16, 13:06) Cory

@releaser99 - "you really are an incredible nerd" - Hmmm, I think you've given away my secret...here's a selfie in the bathroom mirror, since I always look my best in the morning...

(21 Sep '16, 04:39) Stingray

@Cory - "All your basic frequency needs in one convenient location" - Yeah, I think IQ is becoming the Walmart of reality creation :)

(21 Sep '16, 04:40) Stingray

@Stingray I emailed you personally about the FB spreadsheet but forgot to thank you publicly. I am blown away by your answers and have been processing them ever since. Can't thank you enough :) I'm also having a lot of fun reading many of your--and others'--posts.

Also, some may be interested to know I got the latest FB spreadsheet to work on a Mac using emulation software, VMware Fusion (pricey but I have it for my job). That said, for much less $ one could just buy a Netbook on ebay.

(23 Sep '16, 18:21) tpgrubworm

@tpgrubworm - You're welcome :)

(24 Sep '16, 14:14) Stingray

@Stingray - In the Death Star video series, the Excel sheet being used has a rather fancy Control Panel which is frequently brought to the forefront and seems to drive many of the features. In later versions of the vibrational sheet, I've not been able to bring up this panel. Was a special version of the sheet used for the videos? Was the Panel deprecated in later versions? Thanks.

Edit: Was intending to post this as a question to one of Stingray's responses, but don't have the points to do so.

(06 Feb '17, 08:08) emptyglass

@emptyglass "Was intending to post this as a question to one of Stingray's responses, but don't have the points to do so. "

You don't need any points to ask a question. I think you are confusing karma points with the requirement of 1,000 characters minimum to ask a question. Just make sure you add enough details to your question to meet the requirement & welcome to IQ !

(06 Feb '17, 13:17) ele

@emptyglass - "Was a special version of the sheet used for the videos?" - It's the version that is currently the latest EA (Early Access) version in the Focus Blocks spreadsheet user group, which I think you're already in. See the posting titled Early Access testing of v2.2 for instructions on how to get it and upgrade to it.

(10 Feb '17, 02:14) Stingray
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OMG....If I post anything after @Stingray 's post, I will truly look a fool.... But fool I am...But a sorrier, but wiser fool than when I arrived.

Stingray is so right...it's the journey!

Figure out what makes you truly happy.....Then do it!

But that has not been so easy for me. I just watched this guy who made a musical instrument out of ice. But ice melts so easily...Which drove this man to design an entire music hall that soaks up the heat generated by musicians, audience, ambient temperatures, anything...To some practical people, this would sound nuts. But he just was following his bliss...And his hands "were in the clay"! I just posted a concert conducted by the late, great Danny Kaye, from 1991....And all these concerts have an intermission. Besides the obvious needs, the instruments of a philharmonic orchestra need to be re-tuned. I played viola once upon a time, played on a stage, and it gets hot under the lights, and almost all the instruments expand...Which, for the strings, means you go flat. So now this man's idea doesn't sound quite so nuts- not to me.

He is going to make a fortune just because he wanted everybody hear the gorgeous, ancient, lovely sound of his ice instrument. I am sure money was not what it was about; it was about bliss- and sharing it. In the process, perhaps tons of performers in the future will not have to worry about the heat. Not that they do- when I was playing in orchestra, I never really noticed how hot I was. I was just really happy to be sharing the music.

Follow your bliss, and share it- pass out your happiness.

My head got screwed up because I was super-concerned with trying to figure out what other people wanted from me- which, as it turns out, amounted to: not a whole lot. But I've wasted lots of time on that. So if you are not happy- listen to your own unhappiness. Do what Stingray explains so well to figure out how to get back to "messing in your own pile of clay".

Always remember, though, that "Quantum Flux" which is Life. You manifest it. It's done. Great! And being contrary humans, just as soon as we have gotten there, we enjoy it for five seconds, and then...We seek out more, I guess. Stingray is right- in the end, it's the ride there that is soooooo great! In my case, I had to remove myself to safety before I could even think straight. Believe it or not, there are people who will hate you if you are happy, and they are not. Flee! Run for your life!

"To thine own self be true."



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