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After re-learning from Stingray to never engage in a manifestation/ emotional alignment exercise unless it is done purely for the fun of it, I managed to stumble across this unique website that promises you to grant your wishes.

And it is 100% free of charge and not necessary to fill in any of your contact details.

If you want an alternative way of sending out requests to the universe, or if you are simply curious, I'd invite you to visit this link here and see what you think.

Use it as a prop, as a tool.

There are some ideas in the website that I cannot agree with on the brain side of thinking; but, the fun side of thinking, where less resistance is held if engaged for authentic enjoyment, will ironically bring about more tangible results.

Have fun!

asked 01 Apr '13, 09:15

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Barry Allen ♦♦


7 days to go! going to be fun ;)

(02 Apr '13, 04:06) ursixx

have fun :)

(02 Apr '13, 04:16) ru bis

Do you have to follow all 8 steps in order for it to work or can you simply just visit your wish page 8 days in a row?

(08 Jun '14, 01:51) Jacob Ford

Seems like fun!

(08 Jun '14, 18:20) Perfection
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@Nikulas, thank you for sharing a wonderful link. Since we're on the topic of putting in orders to the universe, I too would like to share a link with the InwardQuest universe:

Happy shopping


answered 01 Apr '13, 11:42

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Hi. I decided to try the fun tool, and am so excited with the results. Ok I sent in a request for our son, who finished high school 3 years ago, passed well but refused to go on to college. for the 3 years, he's been hanging out with 'bad' company and engaged in alcohol and drugs. long story short: my request was: 'wish my son changes his attitude towards us, participates in one of our family businesses and does something on his unkempt hair'.

(08 Jul '14, 14:24) ndwigabn

surprise of surprises, things changed. ok I tried the mirror thing, but forgot on day 2, and forgot all about it. On day seven, he sent a friend saying that he would like to work at one of our shops. He started working on day 8, and today is end of week 2. The accounts he has just sent in today are incredible. yesterday we had a talk, and the changes in him are phenomenal---

(08 Jul '14, 14:38) ndwigabn

---btw he has already done his hair, and says he wishes to go to college in September. Nikulas, thanks alot. My son didnt even know I had sent in a request about him, and it worked. thanks IQ. It works, and am thinking of the next request. Greetings from Kenya.

(08 Jul '14, 14:39) ndwigabn
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