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The Resonance Technique

Here is a clearing technique that i came up with a few weeks ago. I can now confidently say that it works for me every time in matter of seconds. It's quick and effective. So i think it could help you also and be another tool in your toolbox. Ready to give it a try? You have nothing to loose, right?

You don't need tapping, writing or anything outside of your mind. You don't even need to close your eyes (but you can if you feel more comfortable). OK so lets get started.

Theory of the Resonance Technique:

Every thought is actually not only 1 part but 2 parts.

  1. Mental picture (impression), movie or sound

  2. Bodily feeling

You don't believe me? Ok, then think of a little issue that you have.

Now what happens inside you? How do you know you have this issue or thought?

If you think about it you just made a mental picture which you call your thought. But you also felt something. It was something in your physical body. The thought comes first and a sensation in the body follows immediately. This happens so quickly that we sometimes don't realize it. We percieve it as being only one thing. Not only we think of it as one thing. We go even further and identify with it as being us. For example when an angry thought comes and the bodily feeling follows we say "i am angry.".

We make something that is in fact 2 parts into 1 and then we become it completely. If we wanted to be accurate we would say "I have an angry thought in my mind and a bodily feeling that matches that thought".

Now think of your issue again and see if you can feel this truth. If you realized it, you can now go on with the 5 step process. If not, try again until you have an aha moment.

The "How to" of the Resonance Technique:

  1. So now identify the mental part and the bodily sensation, that matches that mental part.

  2. Go back and forth between the two parts and focus for 2 seconds on the mental thought and then 2 seconds on the bodily feeling. Do this 3 times altogether. Focus for 2 seconds on each part of your thought every time. You can even count like "mental one, two...", "body one, two...", "mental one, two...", "body one, two..." and so on.

  3. Now speed up the focusing process and focus just 1 second on each part going back and forth. Do this 10 times altogether. "Body one", "mental one", "body one", "mental one"...

  4. Then again speed up even more and go back and forth between the two quickly. Do this 20 times.

  5. Take a deep breath in and out and say "peace... hope... and joy".

If the bodily feeling changes during this process, stop and start again with the new bodily feeling.

That's it! Repeat until everything around your issue is cleared.

Note: Probably there are some sentences in the text that feel and sound odd while reading (I'm not a native english speaker). I would appreciate it if someone could edit them and also other mistakes that stand out. Thanks :)

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thank you releaser99 , for this little gem,something jumped out at me but pointed in a creating not defusing direction :-)

(20 Dec '12, 20:19) Starlight

@releaser99 - This is a clever idea. If I'm understanding correctly, you are bringing your conscious awareness to both sides of the link between the mental picture and the emotional response, and then when you are firmly in tune with both, you are neutralizing the link with a good-feeling state (affirmation). Once that link is broken, your issue is "cleared" because an issue is only an "out-of-control" mental-picture-to-bad-feeling-emotion link anyway. Does that sound right?

(21 Dec '12, 05:53) Stingray

@releaser99 - So then you can test if the issue is really gone by thinking of the mental picture again and noticing if you have any "out-of-control" bad feelings from it? I say "out-of-control" to separate those bad feelings from ones that come naturally anyway e.g. thinking of someone murdering you will generate an automatic bad feeling but on stopping the thought, the bad feeling stops too and you revert back to your normal it isn't "out-of-control".

(21 Dec '12, 06:08) Stingray

@Starlight You are welcome. I'm glad it helped in some way :) @Stingray Your interpretation sounds right to me. Yes, the idea is to first bring conscious awareness to both sides to break the link and neutralize the thought. But honestly i don't really know myself what exactly neutralizes the thought in the end. It could be as you stated the affirmation and its neutral nature. But i don't even need to say or affirm anything anymore when i do this.

(21 Dec '12, 06:45) releaser99

So my first theory was that it's the simple fact that i don't run away ( or don't resist) from both parts of the thought. And by going back and forth i treat both parts of a thought in a playful manner. Therefore i don't take them seriously anymore and "disidentify" with the issue. And i think you are right that you meanwhile stop the thinking process also so that it is under your conscious control.

(21 Dec '12, 06:46) releaser99

It works even better when i introduce a "meta layer" to the going back and forth process. I ask myself "Do i want to change the picture or the bodily feeling?". And then i go back and forth between 3 objects: mentalpicture + bodily feeling + my wanting to change something in any way. It probably sounds a bit complicated. So therefore i wanted to keep it simple.

(21 Dec '12, 06:47) releaser99

"So then you can test if the issue is really gone by thinking of the mental picture again and noticing if you have any "out-of-control" bad feelings from it?" Exactly! When you think of the picture again it should feel like looking at a blank page. You actually see the picture but you feel nothing. Sometimes i even feel better (optimism or hope) when i think of the picture again.

(21 Dec '12, 07:41) releaser99

I think this is because i took the idea from FasterEFT to say "peace" and link a peaceful state to the now neutral picture. But instead i also say "hope" and "joy" which are above "peace" in the emotional guidance scale in abraham's concept of emotions. This idea also worked in FasterEFT for me so i took it for the Resonance Technique also.

(21 Dec '12, 07:42) releaser99

@Releaser99- This is excellent. Well done and thanks for sharing.Gonna give this a go:)

(22 Dec '12, 16:02) Satori

@Releaser99- I sometimes have difficulty linking the offending thought to the physical emotion. This process should help with that..

(22 Dec '12, 16:13) Satori

@Satori You are welcome. I don't know if it helps, but for me daily 10 minute body scans in the morning helped with this issue. Also Eckhart Tolle's concept of always having some attention in the inside of the body during the day i find spectacular and highly effective. "Whenever you do something or someone speaks to you – feel the Inner Body with a part of your attention." That way you train yourself in identifying the mental picture - bodily sensation link.

(23 Dec '12, 07:28) releaser99

@releaser99 and @Stingray- can't this technique be used to manifesting?

(01 Feb '13, 10:42) Zee

@Zee Of course it can be used in the manifesting process. For instance you can use it here as your preferred clearing technique:

(01 Feb '13, 12:08) releaser99
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