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First of all, you have to understand that Wade and I go all the way back to 2004. We met oniine because we were both taking Magnussa Phoenix Reiki from Elisabeth Frauendorfer in Germany (may she rest in peace). I had a lot of questions about this new, and better form of Reiki, and it was natural to ask Wade. Since I was still married to John, there was no thought of romance or any other such thing in my mind, at least.

In 2005, my marriage began to disintegrate. John had lived in Texas for the past year, with the idea that I would join him there once our youngest graduated from High School in 2005. When I asked him if I could come to Texas, John said an unequivocal, "NO!" I should have divorced him then and there, but I was scared. Unbeknownst to me, he had found love in Texas- a neighbor of his- and he lied to her and told her he was divorced. I found this out later.

John's visits home to Mississippi grew less and less. My inclination was to let things slide, and boy did I pray for my marriage! But it was already broken beyond repair. I was the last to know, and I was very dumb. But you see, John controlled the money. I was very sick, and it turned out to be a horrid trap for me.

Meanwhile, my online relationship with Wade became more a part of my life. Wade would send me cheery stuff, ask how I was doing, and taught me (or tried to) about the law of attraction. In 2007, John asked for a divorce. I was lying in bed with a horrible infection in my right leg, and he went ahead and did this.

I was devastated. I wanted to die, and almost did.

But Wade was a good friend, and now we communicated by IM for the most part. I did not even dream of what was to come! In 2009, Wade persuaded me to join this "way out" website called Inward Quest. I'm afraid that my exposure to IQ, and thus Wade, started turning my fondness for Wade into something much bigger. I was horrified especially that this brilliant man was hidden away from the world. Perhaps that was God's way of saving him for me.

By 2010, Wade and I were on the phone eight hours a night, doing Inward Quest, and also (I think) falling a little in love. But I was stuck in Mississippi, and Wade was in Pennsylvania, so romance seemed far, far away. Then Stingray posted his "Put your Wish in a Box" thing, so I promptly put Wade's name in the box, and let the desire go out into the Universe.

By the end of 2010, Wade and I had graduated to Skype. I am not sure about Wade (he thought he was a loser or something), but I wanted him. On Valentine's Day 2011, I sent him a poem that spelled out, "Will You Marry Me?" down the first lines of the poem. After he got it (which hysterically took a while) he said, "But I don't even know you!!!"

Eight to ten hours a night for a year, and he doesn't know me???

I said, "I am flying up." So in March of 2011, I flew to PA, and Wade and I found out that we were just as happy together as could be. In May, I had knee surgery, and Wade flew to MS to be with me. That was it. We did not want to be apart again, so while I fought a nasty flu, he packed my car, and I left my house, my "stuff"- everything, and came North. John owned that house,and I was so glad to get out of it. Mississippi held nothing but bad memories for me, including Katrina.

The paper in the box worked.I actually had forgotten all about it, until I found it under my desk when I was packing. I giggled when I read, "WADE" on the paper.

So we are proof that if you truly believe, and are patient, The Law of Attraction does work!

I hope this story inspires all you lonely hearts to never give up. NEVER! You just do not know what life, and God, have in store for you.


Blessings and Love,


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Thank you for your beautifull story , you will never know what this has done for me ...Love and Laughter .....SL

(15 Feb '13, 20:41) Starlight

@jai...- this is the most beautiful love story tht i ever heard of.., where u hav proven that "distance is nothing if two hearts are in pure true love. amazing...jai n wade.., u both are meant to be together. lots of blessings ur wayy.. :))

(16 Feb '13, 00:10) supergirl

@Jaianniah I came aboard IQ at the beginning of 2010, not long after Stingray had posted the box experiment. It's been very interesting,romantic and enlightening to be on the sidelines watching your journey

(16 Feb '13, 05:47) ursixx

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story!

(16 Feb '13, 10:00) OceanSize

@Jaianniah, this is a beautiful story indeed. Congratulations!! it is so heart warming to see that you are happy now and one with the person whom you love. I had just one question, sometimes from your comments or questions it feels as if you do not have total faith in Manifesting (your recent question)and at times you think it is not 'good' and here you share your story of this marvelous unfolding through Stingray's experiment. Do you believe in LOA or not?

(16 Feb '13, 21:48) dreamersmiles

@dreamersmiles- Honestly, i try. I really do. My background, though (Pre-Med) leads me to apply the scientific method to everything whether I want to or not...With sometimes really lousy results. But when I just let go, as Wade is trying to teach me (and boy, has his patience been tested lately), I am seeing the truth in the LOA. I just bought my first Secret book. (-cont.)

(17 Feb '13, 23:50) Jaianniah

@dreamersmiles-See my answer to this to see how I am coming along. I have always been a skeptic. Also, I have asked a lot of "devil's advocate" questions here on IQ just to help the site...So i can see how you would get mixed messages. Thanks! jai

(17 Feb '13, 23:52) Jaianniah

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story! ♥

(12 May '13, 12:21) Fairy Princess

You were meant to be together. Loves shines out of you both! When you put a 1 beside a 1, you get an 11!

(13 May '13, 07:57) No Brainer

best wishes!! great story!

(03 Jun '13, 18:11) abrahamloa
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alt textThis is a sweet story for sure, and all along we IQ'ers have been so happy for you!

And it IS possible to manifest a relationship; even if you do not know who it will be with. How do I know? I did it myself! My story is here on IQ elsewhere, although I cannot find it at the moment.

Some years ago now, after my divorce and being on my own for a few years (and I made the best of this time, I should add....really enjoyed it!) I decided I would like to be married again to the right person. I began visualizing through the Silva method and kept at it. In the physical realm, I prepared too in ways that I will not go into here and now. I didn't do anything extraorinary though, other than the visualizing and the preparing in my mind of being married again. I dated for a few months, and met some nice people, but not the right one. After about four months, I met a guy at work. (We didn't work for the same company, but had daily contact.) We started talking, hanging out, then dating, then after about a year I moved in with him and we got married. He was the right person for me! We both love dogs, baseball games and much more. But we are also opposites in many ways which is awesome. I tend to be in my own head a lot and am too introverted if I don't work at it....he is a person of action and has a million friends. So we balance each other out and like each other's traits. Just my opinion, but I think it's a mistake to rule out people who aren't just like you!

We've been married for almost four years and together for about six. Valentine's Day just passed and he surprised me with cards, money on my iTunes account, flowers and chocolate. I love and appreciate him all the time and he's a great guy. And I take good care of him too. We are a good pair!

When visualizing, I didn't see anyone specific since I wanted my options to be open. I was dating someone else at the time, but wasn't sure if he was "the one" or not. He wasn't, and visualzing just him would have been a mistake. I saw myself as happy, doing things together with the right person and having fun. I felt the ring on my finger and the "whole nine yards" as we say here in the U.S. I just didn't imagine the specific face I was with.

Once I decided that I wanted to marry again (and this would work for simply "a good relationship" as well, not just marriage) and worked at manifesting it, it only took a few months for the right person to come along. I was well into my 40's at the time, when many give up on finding love, or finding it again!


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LeeAnn 1

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I tried to add a photo, but I don't think it is working! Sorry

(16 Feb '13, 10:53) LeeAnn 1

Beautiful story. Thank you for the inspiration :-)

(16 Feb '13, 11:11) OceanSize

very beautiful story.. :)))

(16 Feb '13, 12:40) supergirl

What a wonderful sorry Lee Ann! Yes these testimonies need to be told. People need to know not to give in and give up.

(16 Feb '13, 13:41) Wade Casaldi

That's why I posted it, Wade and probably why Jai did as well. Having a great relationship is possible for anyone with a little LOA work!

(16 Feb '13, 20:05) LeeAnn 1

@LeeAnn, truly beautiful story. Thanks for sharing! I hope you get to upload the picture, it would be nice to have more realtime couple pictures on here :)

(16 Feb '13, 21:49) dreamersmiles

Thanks, everyone. Have a great weekend!

(17 Feb '13, 22:18) LeeAnn 1

@LeeAnn1- beautiful pic.., u look awesome together.. :)))

(18 Feb '13, 22:49) supergirl

@LeeAnn-I am so happy for you both. I am glad you figured out the photo- it is nice to see faces with names for once. I have been having trouble with my eyesight the past few days. Sorry I did not comment sooner. the print is so small. Blessings and love to a Great Friend! <3 jai

(18 Feb '13, 23:12) Jaianniah
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Sorry, this is not an answer but I can't help to post...

This is the most awesome thread here in IQ. It vibrates with love and it lifted my spirit.

Admin/moderator may delete this if they want and I am fine with that.


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@Romel - Isn't it wonderful? I love it too. And I'm glad you spoke your mind. :)

(03 Jun '13, 14:51) Grace

@Romel- I am so glad that you spoke up...Your feedback made my day! Love to you, Jai

(03 Jun '13, 15:19) Jaianniah

In 1998 I was coming out of a bad marriage. People asked me what happened. I replied that when I was young a next door neighbor had a dog that would bite you when you stopped petting her. Sometimes I had to say this a few times before it sunk in.

Both she and I were not happy. She often complained that I only did what I wanted to do, i.e., what made me happy. I was recognizing the futility of trying to please her and others.

She chose to leave. We divorced. I began attending executive singles parties and met some interesting, powerful women. An heiress to a patent system that gave her a substantial income and the freedom to involve herself in politics and philanthropies. A woman who owned over a hundred acres of cementaries. She often said that people were dying to meet her and that she was the last person to let you down! A Brazilian princess and Consul based in Atlanta.

I had decided that I would probably marry one of them, or someone like them. So, I was making the rounds. One of the reasons for dating several women at the same time was that they were all led very busy lives and could only go out on rare occaisions.

Somehow this was not very fulfilling to me (lopsided grin). I had made a list of the vital characteristics I wanted in a wife. I had a good friend, a psychiatrist, a surgeon and a Biblical scholar, retired. One of the most brilliant people I ever knew. He wrote articles that were published in major scientific journals and even the Encyclopedia Britannica.

The women I was dating had many of these qualifications. I showed him my list. He looked at me, smiled and said, "Bill, the women who have these characteristics will not be able to have a relationship with you, or anyone else!"

Well, I kept looking, anyway. Many were good for a short fling, but did not work out in the long run. So I had a lot of unfulfilling "fun."

My home was large, over a hundred years old, in Atlanta. In the lower terrace level there was an apartment originally built as servant's quarters. I rented it out. When it went vacant, I would put a small poster on a telephone pole in front and had it filled very quickly.

A young woman and a man came to rent it. Turned out they were getting divorced and her soon-to-be ex-husband was helping her relocate because he was keeping their home.

She was a sweet, unassuming person with a great sense of humor. I thought she was very nice, though she had few of the "qualifications." I liked her, but did not consider her marriage material, so I tried to help her find a boyfriend among my friends.

This did not interest her very much. Being in such close proximity was nice, but I was still looking. I did not think it prudent to form a relationship with someone renting my apartment. Just too close, and if it turned difficult, it could get sticky.

Her positive outlook and great sense of humor gradually turned her into a good friend. I remember her helping me get ready for the "Cemetery Woman" who was having a "Blue Party" in her 12,000 square foot home. I was wearing a tail coat tux, blue cummerbund, blue socks, blue studs and cuff links.

Though she (Cemetery Woman) seemed very interested in having me stay afterward, I felt myself wanting to return home to "Anne from Down Under" as she called herself and her terrace level apartment. Anne was more fun, and she had time to spend with me!

She and her husband were drawing up papers. He told her he would give her $5,000 settlement, but they did not have to put it on paper. Ho! Thought I, yeah, right, I redrew the paperwork and after an asset search decided that $20,000 was more appropriate!

He was eager to begin another relationship and grudgingly agreed.

Anne had a passionate desire to "buy houses." I had a good income from my rental properties and did not want any more. But her enthusiasm swept me away. Gradually I quit going to parties because I was having more fun with Anne.

I showed her now to buy, renovate, and rent properties. I was liking real estate better due to her enthusiasm. It brought back the fun that was missing when I was doing it alone.

One day we were building a koi pond in my enclosed front porch. She was handing me tools, we were laughing, and it hit me hard. I was in love with Anne from DownUnder. I told her and she said that she felt the same way. Three months later we got married, after attending Christian marriage counseling. We consciously made God a part of our marriage, and the three of us talk often.

It was fun! I introduced her to my psychiatrist friend, after talking with him a while, he smiled, and laughed. "You made a good choice, Bill!" My "list" was forgotten.

That was about 14 years ago. Together she and I grew our business, expanding beyond our expectations. Our relationship, based on friendship, fun, common goals - has also blossomed far beyond our expectations.

I am not an easy person to be in a relationship, but our love has weathered and matured. We have never discussed divorce. She evolved from "Anne from Down Under", to Saint Anne, my partner, my love, my wife, my very best friend!

October 2000

October 2010 We lost some weight since then


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Dollar Bill

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@dollar bill- very beautiful story.., and very beautiful couple.., u both look amazing together.. :)))) ur wife is really very prettyy.. :))) thanks fr sharing ..,God bless both of u.. :))

(12 May '13, 13:52) supergirl

m glad tht i am connected with such superbb amazing friends lik u..through IQ...,thnks a ton to IQ fr this.. :)))

(12 May '13, 13:53) supergirl

Thank you @supergirl! We have a nice dog also!

(12 May '13, 16:23) Dollar Bill

@dollar bill- wow :))

(13 May '13, 04:13) supergirl

@dollar bill- yes! Wow! Thank you!

(03 Jun '13, 15:20) Jaianniah

wow thats wonderful!

(03 Jun '13, 18:20) abrahamloa

@dollar bill- I hope you will see this post sometime! I miss you here. Anyway...I have been rereading of questions, and realized that perhaps I did not tell you how glad I was to read your post. Especially important for any young people is the friendship part of marriage. It's lovely to be married to a good friend! I hope this finds you well. Just celebrated 37 years. Whoa. Say hi to Saint Anne❤

(11 Dec '17, 19:58) Jaianniah
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