I find it amazing how true acceptance of what is actually changes things quite nicely in the direction of more of what I am wanting. Complete acceptance and surrender in the Now of what is, is key, I have and am constantly learning.

How do you live in acceptance of what is, yet only take inspired action?

In other words, as a simple example: I accept that I have the responsibility of attending an important meeting, yet do not feel inspired to go. In fact, the thought of it causes uneasiness. How does one balance the two? And remain vibrationally aligned (outside of meditation)?

Would love your feedback Stingray.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@figure8shape - I don't think you need any feedback from me. There's great information here already :)

(09 Aug '12, 02:19) Stingray

Yes! Great feedback. I am grateful, thank you all :)

(09 Aug '12, 03:23) figure8shape
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Acceptance of what is and taking inspired action mainly revolve around being in the Vortex, or feeling good in your now moment.

The short and simple answer is to accept where you are, feel good just because it feels good to feel good, and let the inspired action through your vortex place lead you in the right direction no matter what is in front of you. I'll get into a little more detail though because it helps to remind myself more as well.

If you are not feeling good in a particular situation, then the inspired action will not occur. The word "responsibility" in your sentence exudes the feeling of a burden that feels heavy on your shoulders. The uneasiness you feel is a definite signpost that you are resisting the meeting.

True acceptance from my point of view means to give up any resistance in this now moment no matter what the circumstance and just feel good. If you are thinking the thought of uneasiness, then you are not accepting where you are right now and resisting the good feeling vibrations that you truly are.

The inspired action will come when you completely surrender (as you already mentioned) to where you are at this very moment. That means no thoughts of uneasiness, or responsibility, or importance, or nervousness. Just accept the situation for what it is right now and start feeling good right now.

A good way to start would be by getting into a good feeling place the best way you know how. If that is by music, or nature, or thinking of things that you want, or things that please you.

Then start using some positive self talk. If this meeting is something that is a job requirement or something you truly think you need to do, then you need to try and soften it up as much as you can.

  1. Accept where you are right now.
  2. Get into the Vortex or good feeling place.
  3. Re-frame your thoughts on the subject.

"Things will work out just fine in this meeting, it's no big deal"

"I exude confidence and can easily handle any situation that comes my way"

"I accept where I am because things always work out just fine for me"

"I really seem to shine when I am around other people"

These are just a few examples of positive affirmations that help to turn around the constant thought stream of uneasiness if this is something you feel you must do.

If you can get into your vortex of feeling good first and then turn your negative thoughts into positive ones, that is when the inspired action will come into the picture. Have zero expectations of that inspired action and who knows what positive outcome might occur.

For some unknown and seemingly impossible reason the meeting could be cancelled or delayed to another time.

Maybe you go to the meeting and everything works out just fine.

Maybe, just from feeling good, you get a dose of inspired action which leads you in a totally different direction all together where the meeting never even occurs.

It's all about the state of being that you and you alone are in leading up to any situation.

If this meeting is something you need to do for whatever reason, get into your good feeling place and think and say positive things to yourself. Truly believe that everything will work out just fine because if you know it will with zero doubts, then it will work out because that is the law of vibration and frequency.

Circumstances don't matter - Circumstances don't create the solid physical matter in our lives.

Only state of being matters - Your vibrations, emotions, and thought forms create physical matter.

So be at peace with where you are no matter what.

Feel good right now no matter what.

Then, through your good feeling state of being right now, you will always get the inspired action that is just right in any and everything you do in this life.


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@Cory, this is fantastic. I've just been jarred out of bed by an earthquake, the first one since joining IQ. My feelings were not where I wanted them to be. It can be very scary, especially when I'm alone. They can make you feel incredibly vunerable, make even the toughest people.... um, not so tough. ;) The worst bit is that you never know if this was a foreshock of a really big one. I turned on the computer (no sleeping now), and found your post. I feel so different now. You have...

(08 Aug '12, 03:02) Grace

....reminded me of everything I needed to remember at such a moment LOL! Great timing! I can accept all that is right now, because that's all I have to accept, all I have to think about. I can definately do this. I'll be just fine. :) Thank you Cory!

(08 Aug '12, 03:05) Grace

@Grace You are quite welcome. It's inspiring to know that you can experience the power of an earthquake and still know the power that is you. Whatever happens to us right at this moment is happening no matter what. There is no reason to continue to feel bad in this moment because it will just snowball into more bad things. In the broad scope of things we are all just fine anyway, no matter what happens in these physical bodies. We might as well feel good just because it feels so good.

(08 Aug '12, 11:11) Cory

....More and more quakes.... I can still definitely do this... :s.... doing this.... :)

(08 Aug '12, 13:01) Grace

I am where I am and it's okay, I am where I am and it's okay, I am where I am and it's OKAY Abraham-Hicks.

(08 Aug '12, 13:30) Satori

I just heard this today listening to Abraham and thought it was relevant here. @Cory Thanks for an amazing answer and reminder :)

(08 Aug '12, 13:47) Satori

@Satori. I am. I am. Thank you Satori. Made me smile. Some local power is out, so I may not be able to respond if it keeps up. But I am ok. Sorry to go on about it. It is.... well, it just is.

(08 Aug '12, 13:48) Grace

Sorry, I feel like I have made too much of this. They aren't that bad, it's just that they are centered right underneath my feet, which makes them a bit rough. It's only enough to rearrange the wall decor and nick-nacks. Nothing some mashed potatoes and a Guinness can't fix...:) I'll shut up now. :)

(08 Aug '12, 14:05) Grace

@Grace- Stay safe Grace, I can't imagine what that's like, quakes are few and far between on my side of the big pond.Yes, some Guinness there would definitely take the edge of ;)

(08 Aug '12, 14:11) Satori

@Cory This is a really great answer and thanks for the explanation about the circumstances and state of being. I had caught the gist of it but it helped to see it explained in the way that you did. I can see from your earlier posts on IQ that you have really been on a journey - it is encouraging for me to see that - maybe one day it will be possible for me to write answers like this!

(08 Aug '12, 15:28) Catherine

@Satori You are welcome. We can never really remind ourselves enough when it comes creating the life we want.

(08 Aug '12, 16:12) Cory

@Catherine It really has been an amazing journey, there is no question. Going from the low darkness to the highest light has been a very joyful and amazing ride. I can understand what the theme of my life may have been now a whole lot clearer when I chose to incarnate in this body at this time. It really is powerful feeling to know that I can make a choice and change my life to what I want it to be.

You have every answer that you ever needed inside of you already. You are just allowing...

(08 Aug '12, 16:21) Cory

@Catherine the information that I am sharing to resonate and reflect back to you. The key is to just feel good in every moment and the allow that inspired answer to flow through you. This is how I have done it and I know you and everyone else can too. Nobody is more special or more knowledgeable than the next. It just depends on what you allow into your life and what you resist from negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. I believe that you have any answer that exists "right now."

(08 Aug '12, 16:26) Cory
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I'll simplify it a bit.

How do you live in acceptance of what is, yet only take inspired action?

Don't care about what is, just about what could be.

True acceptance of things being as their are, is in another words not giving a damn about anything that is. You take NO interest to control, adjust, change or do anything about all that is. You just don't care. The moment you start to care, for anything or anyone - you don't truly accept it or them.

If you want someone to have a good life and you put effort in them having a good life, you don't truly accept them. You positively control their life.

So if you really want to truly accept all that is, and take only inspired action. Do two things:

1) Stop to care

2) Start to dream


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Nice answer Calonlan:)

(08 Aug '12, 13:48) Satori
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