I guess many people have inspired actions at some particular point of time in their life and it usually leads to something good. But when something is nagging in your head instead to not do something rather than do something, is it also a form of "inspired" action?

Because personally I feel that you can not be "inspired" to not do something.. when something is telling you not to do that particular thing it is usually because of logic/fear/ego/etc

Or can you also be "inspired" to not do something? Like maybe if you felt like meeting a particular friend today but at the last minute you did not feel like going anymore..

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Good question Kakaboo.

(10 Mar '12, 03:14) Paulina 1

Thanks guys for your input, I guess my main problem is still having difficulty differentiating what are inspired actions or that whether they can still be "stopped" after a while. For instance, most students will probably tell you that they are "inspired" not to study at all..

(11 Mar '12, 23:13) kakaboo

kakaboo, it is interesting that 1st commandment is a thou shall not

(12 Mar '12, 21:19) fred
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This reminds me of a question that was posted here - "What's stronger, belief or disbelief?". The answer is that disbelief is also a belief, only in that case it's a belief in something that goes against who you truly are. So there is no such thing really, as disbelief.

So this case is similar. In this physical reality, it's impossible for us "not to do" something. When you are "not doing" X, you are doing Y. In the case of your example, when you are not meeting your friend, what you are doing is staying home. Indolence is an action as well. Even when you meditate, what you are doing is focusing on you breath.

That's an answer from a metaphysical point of view, because I feel this is a point that's important to understand. I did hear stories of people who had a strong, unexplainable urge to stay away from things they didn't want, like people who instinctively knew to leave the twin towers before the plane crashes (again, this was an action that they were inspired TO DO). In my personal experience, I choose many products (mainly nuritional and self develpement) based on how I feel about them - but really, again, It's not source telling me "don't do this", I just DO feel it when it is the right product for me. So again we come to the inescapable conclusion that you can only be inspired to DO:).


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Such wisdom Benjamin this is good.

(10 Mar '12, 03:16) Paulina 1

is this a competition? 3 people answered after I did & no one upvoted any one else... hmmm.... well, I'm going to upvote each one.

(10 Mar '12, 18:10) ele

@ele wait I up vote lots including yours you know. :-)

(11 Mar '12, 23:43) Wade Casaldi
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I think you were listening to your inner voice, boo. Always trust your feelings. If you follow your feelings; they will lead you to their source. Hunches, insight, gut feelings, intuition are also known as inspirations; messages from our souls. Think of it as loving guidance connecting you with a higher consciousness. These feelings are there to assist you; whether they "inspire" you to do something or not.


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That inspiration not to do something often flows from the same place as that inspiration to do something.

When we tap into that place of true power it will sometimes lead us in the direction to do something ( which we will always feel, undoubtedly, is the right next move for us on our journey), but when we tap into that power it will always send a red flag, usually in the form of a feeling, that lets us know that the action we are contemplating is not the right action for us at the moment...in other words it's not a real inspired action but is coming from a place of lower potentiality.

When you're truly inspired to do something, you're not ever going to question it :) When you feel you're inspired not to do something, I think maybe your higher self is cautioning you to look at the act you're contemplating.


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Hi Kakaboo, Your intuition is very importand for if you get a feeling you shouldn't do something than don't do it. You will discover that if you go against your intuition it wont be to your advantage. Listen to that inner feeling and take its advice. It takes some time to figure out which is your intuition and which is just ego-fear but it is worth knowing the differance.

Can we be inspired to not do something? Yes we can although I wouldnt call it inspiration but sugestion. If someone we trust suggests we dont do something than we are more likely to listen and sometimes even go against our own intuition. It happens. Sometimes what we read or see or hear can also have an influance on what we do or don't do.

Yes I supose sometimes one can even be inspired to not do something and feel good about it like for instance if you feel inspired to go on holidy to a certain destination but your friends are all going somewhere else you can inspire yourself to change your mind and rather go with them or they can inspire you to change your mind and you could very well be happy to do so. (inspiration or influence, sugestion).


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This is true, you could be inspired to NOT do something. When we let God in control we get both inspired to do things and to not do things.

Example of not: I am driving home from work and decide to NOT take my usual way home, later I find on the news there was a bad accident on my usual road at around the time I would have been driving home on that road.

Example: I am driving home and get this feeling that I am going a little fast I should not be driving these roads so fast. I slow down and take it easier and around a corner sits a police car pulling people over for speeding.

Example:I am driving home and again get this feeling that I had better slow down. I come up upon a whole flock of deer crossing the roads right in front of me, I have enough time to slow down and even come to a stop and just watch them go by before driving again.

All of these are real examples that have happened to me (many times!) of being inspired NOT to do something.

God guides us always if we are but willing to listen. We at the time do not know it because it just feels like maybe I should slow down I am going a bit fast here. It feels like our own thought and really is but it is not just a coincidence that we think I better slow down and around the corner find a deer that we can stop in time for it is more than that. It is guidance by the Holy Spirit.


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Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - we must be thinkin' along the same lines. Don't be surprised if you see similarities in my answer to another question.

(10 Mar '12, 18:13) ele

@ele cool looking forwards to your answer on another question whatever that one will be. :-)

(10 Mar '12, 23:43) Wade Casaldi

Right as usual, Wade.

(11 Mar '12, 04:58) Paulina 1

@Paulina 1 Thank you so much Paulina! :-)

(11 Mar '12, 12:13) Wade Casaldi
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There is an ease in following an inspiration that is not there when you are struggling to make something happen.

For me it is less of a 'not do' than it is taking a different direction. 'Not's don't register well with me. When I think of a not, it seems to go the wrong direction. If I think about not smoking a cigarette, there has to be a cigarette in my mind.

While I am thinking along these lines, let me parenthetically add that we are here to create new! We are not here to renovate old situations. Create new, better situations. My prayer is more, better faster, joyfully!


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Dollar Bill

What if the urge, feeling or ''motivation'' not to do one thing, is an often ignored sign of or motivation to do the very opposite thing?

As if the light used shadow to help you notice it (the light).


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still a duality question to do or not to do. is a choice the real question is are you able to make a choice and make a change with out pushing the issue by allowing it with faith. i will give you example you might take a choice but not every one will accept your choice will you fight against people that do not accept your choice and stick only to the one that accept your choice. if so what is your merit? every one has free will and should be respected and accepted and helped. but are you doing those 3 things if you pick aside where is your merit? one should not fight against choice of other people he should accept their choice and help them make better ones. the real power is allowing. control is from the ego and you cannot control everything you have to accept free will. simply put go with the flow. you will say how can i go with the flow if someone else free will go against my free will let him be help him if you can. eventually he will go with the flow also. experience and enjoy.

But I say to you, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you in order that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. For if you love those who love you, what reward have you? Do not even the tax-gatherers do the same? And if you greet your brothers only, what do you do more than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect http://bible.org/seriespage/loving-your-enemies-overcoming-evil-good-romans-1214-21


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