Silence.... There are a number of sources you can go to for different perspectives on this topic. I've heard many people say that silence is beyond spirituality and leads to divinity (True meaning of divinity Please) ect... Some say that it's even beyond energy (Though It might be a form of energy...not sure).

It might even be one of the fastest ways to connect to source and beyond. It seems so simple but so vast that it's apparently beyond all comprehension.

There are a handful of artists.. painters...musicans....ect..... who claim that the silent spaces connect them to something beyond what they could ever comprehend in there lifetime.

Stillness is one thing, but silence seems to go beyond it.

Stillness and silence seem confusingly the same but I think they are different. I think pure awareness is more of a stillness for example.

I'm a little fascinated with this topic and would like to experiment with it in the future.

Maybe stingray could provide us with some insight.

Thoughts please

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Maybe stingray could provide us with some insight.

You're asking someone with possibly the biggest (virtual) mouth on Inward Quest to speak about silence? Hmmmm... :)

I'm not sure it's the concept of silence that you are really getting at here. Silence just means absence of sound that you can hear.

I can wear noise-cancelling headphones in a noisy place, and hear virtually nothing of the noise, but I don't think that "silence" is going to make me any more spiritual.

Aren't you more trying to get towards the idea of "listening" for the gentle nudges and inspirations from your own Bigger, Broader Self.

Isn't that "inner flow" what artists, painters, musicians are really trying to channel when looking for inspiration? See How do I channel experience of meditation to art?

And, if that's the case (which I think it is), it's really not about silence, but about your intention to connect to that bigger, broader part of You.

In my experience, that can happen in a silent meditative place or it can happen in a crowded shopping mall...that connection is always there waiting for's really all about whether you are ready to "let it in" :)


answered 08 Feb '18, 06:15

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Thank you for this beautiful and simple answer. It's feels great to know that you can switch from a state of focus to a state of allowing and inspiration at any time and anywhere instantaneously.

I like the idea of switching rapidly between the two states. It makes everything more interesting and seems super fun.

(08 Feb '18, 14:16) TheCreativeOne

Nope- the ultimate source of inspiration is excitement. Silence just gets all the noise out of the way so you can recognize it better.


answered 13 Feb '18, 09:39

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I agree with everything as presented. I have found that silence does allow for awareness of more than the "it" in this example.

(26 Feb '18, 03:11) The Traveller

silence allows the inward
journey finding soul wisdom,
spirit integrates soul with
physical body


answered 03 Apr '18, 16:20

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I stumbled across this question while reading a book by Eckhart Tolle titled 'Stillness Speaks' and I was (literally) moved to a page which I am going to quote here. Initially I thought this was irrelevant to your question, but upon pondering it further, I think it is very much linked to your question:

Your acceptance of what is takes you to a deeper level where you inner stat as well as your sense of self no longer depend on the mind's judgments of 'good' or 'bad'.

When you say 'yes' to the 'isness' of life, when you accept this moment as it is, you can feel a sense of spaciousness within you that is deeply peaceful.

On the surface, you may still be happy when it's sunny and not so happy when it's rainy; you may be happy at winning a million dollars and unhappy at losing all your possessions.

Neither happiness nor unhappiness, however, go all that deep anymore. They are ripples on the surface of your Being. The background peace within you remains undisturbed regardless of the nature of the outside condition.

The 'yes' to what is reveals a dimension of depth within you that is dependant neither on external conditions, nor on the internal conditions of constantly fluctuating thoughts and emotions.

There is no separation between stillness and spirituality, as there is no separation between our physical bodies and our spiritual selves. We try to separate and place in hierarchical forms because our mind can only take so much.

Through stillness (as a source of inspiration which is always available) one can experience this wholeness without the application of the analytical mind. Through stillness other forms of creation will flow.


answered 16 Apr '18, 05:13

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