Sometimes when I am using focus blocks to mold the vibration of a particular subject in a better feeling place- and i am thinking of things i already believe that are true to me regarding that issue- sometimes the statements that make me feel better are- not nice or politically correct so to say- im not saying its hateful or something terrible- but for example, i wanted to feel better about hearing that a person i used to be friends with but that clattered out of my experience, was talking about me- and she said some things, and i felt a bit sad because of that- so i was trying to mold it into something else and to be honest the only thing that made me feel better went something like this : 'i know that her name is not the smartest person, and i know she talked about other people to me- so it must not come as a surprise that she would talk about me- but do i really care what stupid people think of me? no i dont- i actually feel more sad for her that she is spending her time talking about me, and having nothing else to do with her time than discussing me, a person she has not spoken to in several months'

so that did make me feel better, and i do believe this statement, and it gave me immense relief

but i did also call another human being stupid and i dont know how i feel about that- i had other statements like- if she was really happy she would not say mean things- happy people dont have time for that- so instead of being angry or sad you should feel compassion towards her- obviously she is not a happy person and that is sad for her.

and i do believe this as well- but the other one was more- lets say the other one REALLY did it for me lol

so my question is- is it ok to occasionally say mean things about other people in your focus blocks if it does make you feel better and are there any consequences to doing that or should you make sure are your statements are only kind and nice and respectful to others?

p.s. this also made me think about abraham's emotional scale where revenge is a better feeling than rage or something i dont remember- but than its ok to use a vengeful thought to climb up the emotional scale- doesnt that interfere with the vibration you are sending out to the universe- you get what you give?

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is it ok to occasionally say mean things about other people in your focus blocks if it does make you feel better and are there any consequences to doing that

As I read your question, especially the bit about consequences, I imagined a world where teams of ruthless Focus Blocks Police roam the planet, bursting randomly into people's homes to meticulously read through lists of belief-changing statements, instantly vaporizing any Block containing political-incorrectness.

Naturally, the only reasonable way to avoid being caught would be to write your statements on used toilet paper, preferably with invisible ink, and flush them away the moment you hear the door being broken down...

Focus Blocks Police

Perhaps such a dark world is on its way to manifesting but...for now at least, I think it's probably fairly safe if your Focus Blocks are not politically correct :)

The truth of it is that even if you dress up your written statements in pretty pleasing language, you are still thinking those politically incorrect thoughts anyway, so you might as well be honest with yourself about it :)

One of the main things that seems to mess people up with vibrational change is this refusal to acknowledge where they really are on the Emotional Scale.

alt text

You might like to try to convince that political-correctness-loving part of yourself that you are only experiencing mild Irritation (#10) with someone whereas the vibration you are actually emitting is pure unadulterated Hatred (#19)...and Law of Attraction always responds to your true vibration.

By not engaging with the true vibrational setpoint you are at, you are making it very difficult to shift it to a better place. There's nothing to "lock into"...there's no starting point. It's like trying to climb a ladder without rungs.

From my perspective, always be honest with yourself in your Focus Blocks even if it makes you uncomfortable to acknowledge how you really feel.

Once you've finished with the Focus Block, you can always flush your statements down the toilet afterwards :)


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loooool the focus block police i cant!!!!! to be honest i guess id have to hide from them because they would probably arrest me for being fake in my own focus blocks because im worried about the universe punishing me for hating on other people ahahahaha

(01 Mar '18, 15:18) Januaryfeelings

but to be completely honest- does it say something about me as a person that such thoughts give me relief? would the enlightened and spiritual person only have focus statements that are pure and innocent and smell like trees and hugging?

(01 Mar '18, 15:19) Januaryfeelings

@Januaryfeelings - "would the enlightened and spiritual person only have focus statements that are pure and innocent and smell like trees and hugging?" - I think there do exist "spiritual" people who only ever have thoughts that smell like trees and hugging...they are called liars :)

I think ideas like this come from millennia of sanitized/censored "Holy Books" written by such people, or the followers of such people, that wish to portray an individual as being "above" the ordinary.

(02 Mar '18, 15:20) Stingray

@Januaryfeelings - I've had the privilege over the years of interacting with many "spiritual" people, even ones that others put on pedestals, and they've all turned out to be human beings with human thoughts...even having thoughts of irritation, anger, revenge etc. from time to time. What makes some of those people into remarkable people are not those thoughts but the other remarkable thoughts they have in addition to them. It's fine to accept yourself as you are :)

(02 Mar '18, 15:27) Stingray
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